Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Confessions

It’s Friday!!  HALLELUJAH!!

Now.  Let’s confess.

Friday confessional high heeled love

Linking up with Aubrey @ High-Heeled Love :)

I confess… that I thought once Golf Tourney weekend was over, things would settle down a bit and I’d have so much more time.  I was wrong. *sigh*

I confess… that it really sucks when the grass grows three flippin’ feet a day, and there’s ABSOULTELY NO DAMN TIME TO CUT IT.

I confess… I’ve had it just about up to HERE with mosquitoes and allergies.  Seriously.  The mosquitoes in our town are always nutso, but this year seems to be especially ridiculous.  I skipped the Flyers home opener last night simply because of the damn things.

I confess… that I’d really hoped to have my “50” post up this week, but it just hasn’t been in the cards.  Hopefully next week!  It will work out well that way, actually, because I have only 3 days left in my TurboFire schedule, and it will be fun to write that post and reflect back on the  past 20 weeks!

I confess… that I’m still a little amazed that on Sunday, I will be able to say I actually stuck with a work-out regime for 20 weeks.  I like to think I have all kinds of faith in myself, but back on Day 1, I really didn’t think I would ever be able to stick to that 6-days-a-week routine for 20 FRIGGIN’ WEEKS.

I confess… that things in the weight-loss world haven’t exactly been 100% rosey this week.  I mean, it’s great that I’ve lost 50 pounds and I’m super-ecstatic about it.  But for some reason, out of the tons of wonderful and supportive comments I’ve got from friends & family on reaching the “magic number”, and despite how good I’m feeling inside, I’ve been letting the the few not-so-wonderful comments gnaw away at me.  Why is that?  WHY???

I confess… that I need a tougher skin. Fo reals, yo.

I confess… that I sat down last night and drafted up my own schedule to follow for the next four weeks, and it kind of makes me nervous.  It’s sort of a hybrid of TurboFire and the beginning stages of training for a 5k.  Notice that I still can’t just come right out and say “training for a 5k”?  I still stick that disclaimer in there - “the beginning stages”.  Because I’m still not entirely confident that I can ever actually run a 5k.  I’ve been doing this lunch time 15-minute hydro pole jogging for a few weeks now, and it’s not seeming to get ANY easier. And the “running in public” thing still scares the BEJEEZUS out of me.  I can’t help but picture an elephant clomping along…

I confess… that I’m very excited to be travelling with members of our church congregation to St-Anne-de-Bellevue tomorrow for our minister Nancy’s Ordination!!

I confess… that I kind of can’t believe Relay for Life is NEXT SATURDAY.  Wow.  Things just keep creeping up on me!!!  So very excited for it!!!

I confess… that if you were a fly (or a mosquito) on the wall of my car this week, you would likely find me belting this song at the top of my lungs:

I confess… it’s an odd choice, considering I haven’t been doing much beer drinking and ripping and tearing and painting the town red these days, but it makes me long for summer.  Oh, and also, Kip Moore is a sexy sexy boy.

Have a fabu weekend, gang :)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WWTKW: Grab a coffee, let’s chat…

You know how, on the odd occasion, a dreary rainy day is kind of welcome?  It’s one of those days.  A chance to sort of catch our collective breath around here; a slightly slower pace, a few less phones ringing…  and maybe a moment or two to answer the We Want to Know Wednesday questions!


Linking up with Scriptor & Kenzie.

1. If we met up for coffee what would we talk about?
2. What is one great thing that has happened to you this month?
3. Where is the last place you went?
4. If you could meet up with one or two bloggers who would they be?
5. What are your pet peeves?

My answers:

1. If we met up for coffee what would we talk about?  Honestly, that could be any number of things, depending on the day.  The book I’m reading, my current favourite TV show, how my hockey team is doing (sadly, this topic is null & void now until next season. *sigh*), TurboFire, Yoga, the cute things my nieces and nephew do, popular headlines in the news, how hot Adam Levine is… I love to chat!


2. What is one great thing that has happened to you this month?  May has been a pretty wonderful month!  I could choose any number of things, but just yesterday, stepping on the scales and discovering that I had officially lost 50 lbs. (actually, OVER 50 lbs.) was a moment I’d been waiting for – and hoping for – for a long time :)  Felt like I was walking on sunshine all day long!!!

3. Where is the last place you went?  My mom’s.  For breakfast.  Like I do every morning!

4. If you could meet up with one or two bloggers who would they be?  I always find this question so tough!  I’ve made so many wonderful friendships through blogging, and I think it would be so cool to someday meet them – so it’s hard to pick and choose just a few!  Nicole and I are keeping lists of things we each want to do if we ever visit each other’s respective hometowns; I’d love to sit down with Date Girl and meet her new baby boy!!; Stacie is someone that I think I’d really get along with; I feel like Steph and I would probably be great friends… That’s just to name a few!!!

5. What are your pet peeves?   I have many. LOL.  This week, though, the main ones would be mosquitoes, bitter Hab fans, and Ryan (that’s Lindsay’s hubby) coming up behind me at work when I’m sitting at my desk and MESSING MY DAMN HAIR.  He knows I have a meltdown over it, and yet, once every couple of months, he does it anyways.  And each time, he can’t understand why I don’t laugh and find it hilarious.  ugh. ;)

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Too busy for a real blog. So here’s some pictures.

It’s too busy around here to even take a second to pee.  And for a girl who pees about eighty thousand times a day, that’s a BIG PROBLEM.


So, yeah.  This isn’t even a real blog post.  I just wanted to let you all know that I’m still alive, just too busy to do any real blogging.

How about some pictures from the weekend?  It was our annual Canada Day Committee Golf Tournament, and as per usual, it was a BLAST!!  Check it.

Golf 2013 Stole this one from Lindsay’s blog!  I didn’t get a picture of my whole team – here we are at our traditional picture-taking-spot on #4

golf 2013 3 Brenda, Sarah & Sue working the registration table

golf 2013 4

Party time back at the hall!  Garry, Glen, Wayne & Randy

golf 2013 6

Group shot!  Sarah, Graham, Sue, Brenda & Adam

golf 2013 10

Dance floor fun with Sarah, Linds & Brenda

golf 2013 9  

I was in such a good mood, even the Penguins fans didn’t bother me!!!

golf 2013 7

A hug from my fave celeb, Gail Gavan… and Dougie too!

golf 2013 12  

My bro Luke and his beautiful wife, Amanda

…aaand there were more, but now my Facebook is being a noob and won’t let me open any more of the pictures I uploaded there last night. So I guess that’s all she wrote for today folks!

Oh.  One more thing.  If you didn’t already catch it on Facebook or My Fitness Pal this morning… I have officially lost 50 lbs. 


Celebratory post to come.  Someday.  When it’s not so busy. ;)

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Friday, May 24, 2013

I confess that I’m a ball of stress.

Normally, Friday is the day to start relaxing and unwinding.  Instead, I seem to be winding up!  And here’s why…

Friday confessional high heeled love

Linking up with Aubrey at High Heeled Love!

I confess…that I wish I didn’t become a ball of stress leading up to fun events.  But I do.  Especially ones that I help to organize, like our Canada Day Committee annual golf tourney tomorrow.  Wound up tighter than a bobbin.  You’d think after being involved in as many of these things as I have been over the years, I’d eventually relax.  *sigh*

I confess… the Sens probably aren’t helping me relax today.  It’s do-or-die time tonight.  I had such high hopes after they beat the Penguins in an exciting double-OT game 3.  But then game 4 was kind of a disaster.  7-3.  Yikes.  We’re back in Pittsburgh tonight with our playoff lives on the line.  I don’t handle that kind of tension very well.

never say die

I confess… that you can tell me over and over again that it’s just a game, but it doesn’t change a thing for me.  I’m a basketcase.

I confess… that it’s not normal to be already looking forward to Sunday.  Is it?  No, it is definitely not.

I confess… that usually, working out helps me to feel more calm.  But I got up earlier than normal to get my exercise out of the way today (with a busy evening of cutting grass, setting up for golf tourney, and watching hockey ahead of me after work today), and it did diddly-squat to settle my jangling nerves.  God love me.

I confess.. that this was the first time I got up earlier than usual to complete a work-out, and all it really did was reinforce the fact that I am soooo not a morning person.  It takes me a really, really long time to wake up in the morning, so I kind of felt more like a zombie going through the motions lack-lustrely than anything.

I confess… that when I hopped on the scales this morning, I was inwardly squealing with excitement to see that I’m creeping ever-so-close to that next “magic  number”.  Next week?  Maybe??  Eeeeek!!!

I confess… that I’m finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel with Stephen King’s The Stand.  I think I’ve finally hit the last quarter.  I’ve only been reading it since February.  Sheesh!!  I’m actually finding it quite interesting, but it’s SO SO SO LONG!!!!  I have so many books on my shelf that I’m looking forward to reading… Soon.  Soon.

the stand

I confess… that I wish Mother Nature would figure her shit out.  It’s seriously freakin’ freezing out today.  It better not be this cold for golf tomorrow!!!  I mean, usually that’s the day I get my first sunburn of the summer!!!  It is supposed to be a sunnier tomorrow, but not so warm…sunburn is looking doubtful.

I confess… that I’m really going to try to golf more than five holes this year.  Maybe six.  I’m also going to try really hard to not get in trouble for driving my cart in places that carts aren’t supposed to go.  That’d be a first…

OK.  I think that’s all I’ve got for today!  Wish us luck with our tournament tomorrow, and …


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

WWTKW: How connected am I?

Hey everyone!

Sorry I haven’t been around lately – busy time of year at work, busy week gearing up for our Canada Day Committee Annual Golf Tourney on Saturday, and with a long, relaxing long weekend thrown in there, I haven’t been spending much time in the blogosphere!

But I’m taking a quick break today to take part in Scriptor & Kenzie’s Wednesday Q&A!


This week’s questions:

1.) How connected are you to your phone? Do you always have it on you?
2.) Would you be able to be away from your computer for an entire week?
3.) If you had to get rid of one of the following, which would it be and why? Cell phone, computer, or TV?
4.) Do you think you could ever live "off the grid"?
5.) Tell us about a time you disconnected from technology/the world and how you dealt with it. Was it good or bad?

My answers:

1.) How connected are you to your phone? Do you always have it on you?  Oh, my Blackberry and I… we’re pretty connected.  Not that I usually have anything important going on with it, but it’s usually at my side.  On the odd day that I forget it at home (it’s happened, like…twice in the past five years) I kinda feel like I’m missing my right arm…


2.) Would you be able to be away from your computer for an entire week?  Hmm.  There’s a big part of me that says yes.  I mean, I’ve gone entire weekends (including this past long weekend) without even turning a computer on.  But then… I had my phone with me, with Facebook and Twitter access.  When I went to Cuba for a week in 2011, I didn’t bring my phone with me, but I did use their computer room at the resort a few times to send emails home.  So depending on the circumstance, I think I could go a whole week without a computer.  But maybe not without a phone.

3.) If you had to get rid of one of the following, which would it be and why? Cell phone, computer, or TV?  Ummm… well, technically, I’m already kinda half-assed living without a TV because it’s so temperamental and only works when it feels like it.  But I still use the DVD player, and I go to my mom’s to watch hockey games and The Voice. lol!  If I had to get rid of one, I’d say the computer.  If I had full wifi service on my phone (which I don’t), I could use it to do pretty much everything I can do on a computer.  And despite my current asshole TV problems, I don’t think I could live without one completely.  Of course, at work my computer is essential, but otherwise… the computer could go.

4.) Do you think you could ever live "off the grid"?  Nah.  I don’t really have any interest in going “off the grid”.  You know people who often talk about deactivating their Facebook, or taking a Twitter hiatus, or a blogging break?  People who relish life without a phone or email?  I don’t have those impulses.  These forms of social media and technology keep me feeling connected - keep me feeling in the loop, and I rarely find them a hindrance.  I don’t like the thoughts of being “unreachable”.  I need to stay “on the grid”.  Fo sho.  Otherwise, I’d get panicky.

5.) Tell us about a time you disconnected from technology/the world and how you dealt with it. Was it good or bad?  I attempted to do this as much as I could that week I spent in Cuba in January 2011.  One of the goals on my 101 List was to go a whole week without checking Facebook, and I was successful in doing so that week.  I didn’t even bring my Blackberry with me on that trip.  The only time I logged on to a computer was to send a few emails to family to let them know all was going well.  At the time, my grandmother was quite ill in hospital as well, so I was nervous about leaving at that time, and the emails from home reassured me that she was okay.  How did I deal with cutting way back on technology and disconnecting from the world that week?  Oh, it wasn’t so hard… the bottomless drinks, sandy beaches, and beautiful sunny days by the pool or ocean helped, I suppose… ;)


Thursday, May 16, 2013

This week, I became a runner.

Okay, not really.

I kind of became a half-assed jogger.  Sorta.

But you guys.  This is big for me!!!! 

I’ve been threatening to start jogging for a good 2 months now.  Back on January 7th, when I embarked on my “30 Before 30 Project”, I made a list of hopes, dreams, and goals that I wanted to achieve along my journey.  One of the long-term fitness goals I had was to be able to run a 5K.  And for weeks now, I’ve been trying to psyche myself up.  Unfortunately, I’ve always been a pro at finding excuses, and I’ve been using my share – the weather, the fact that my shoes are too old, the worry that I would further damage my already-sore heels, the reality of not having time to do it when I’m still following a rigorous TurboFire schedule…

It should be noted, here and now, that I have NEVER – EVER – been a runner.  I’m one of those people who firmly believed that no one should ever have to run unless they were being chased.

The last time I remember running and enjoying it?  Probably when I was in Kindergarten.  I think I actually won the girls 100-metre race in my class that year at Track & Field Day.

And from there on, my desire to run dwindled and faded fast.  To the point that, by Grades 5 & 6, I think I faked sick to avoid Track & Field Day altogether.  (There are only so many purple participation ribbons a kid can bring home before they start to wonder what the hell the point is in even being there.) 

In high school Phys Ed, we used to have to “run to the 7th Line” – I have no idea how long that run actually was, but how would I, since I never actually did it?  I’d argue with my Grade 7 Phys Ed teacher, Mr. Holmes.  “Sir, I caaaan’t!!!”  I’d purposely forget my running shoes.  (He once made me “run” in my black loafers.)  I’d forget my gym clothes.  (He once made me “run” in a turtleneck and jeans.)  I think I even once went to school with no BRA on to try and get out of gym.  (Didn’t work.  That one backfired royally.)

I never ran anywhere.  Turtleneck and loafers and bra, or not.  I walked.  And I whined about it.  A lot.

There have been a precious few other times in my life that I attempted to start jogging.  When I was in college, I joined the gym there, and right in the last few weeks before I graduated, I was doing short spells of jogging on the treadmill.  But only because the boy I had a mad crush on worked in the gym, and he kind of made me do it.  And I thought he was hot, so I did it to try and impress him.

In the past few months, there have been no determined teachers or hot boys pressuring me to run.  As my “30 Before 30” became “50 Before 30”, I realized it was something I really wanted to do. 

It’s all me this time.  My wish.

I want to be a runner.

I remember hearing about so many of my friends who were running in the Army Run last year, and I thought it sounded like an experience I’d like to be a part of some day.

So when I started losing weight, I decided to change it from “some day” to “maybe this fall”.  As I began to notice myself gaining more energy, and getting better at my TurboFire work-outs, the dream of running suddenly didn’t seem so far-fetched anymore.  I downloaded the Couch to 5K app on my phone, and thought, Maybe when I get down to THIS many pounds, I’ll start running.

And that’s as far as I got.  I reached that weight loss goal, and another 10 pounds after that.  But still, I didn’t run.

Until Tuesday.

On Tuesday, I went for my usual 15 minute walk after lunch.  And as I was tramping along the gravel road towards the highway, I found myself thinking, This feels effortless.  Try running.  Right now.  Just do it.

And I did.

And I’ve been doing it ever since.

No, I’m not running the whole time.  Far from it.  I start out walking, and when I reach the first hydro pole, I jog.  Then at the next hydro pole, I walk.  The jogging parts are literally probably only about 20-30 seconds long.  Today, I got really ambitious and for the last jogging part, I went for two hydro poles instead of just one.  By the time I got to the end, I was huffing and puffing so hard that I was seriously questioning whether TurboFire has done anything to help me cardio-wise.  I thought I might be dying.

It’s not easy.  I thought, at the current weight and physical point I’m at now that it wouldn’t be this hard.  But it is.

And yet, I also find it exhilarating.  Five months ago, I don’t think I could’ve run for 20 seconds even if I WAS being chased.

Now?  Well… Now, if I was being chased, and my life was in the balance, I think I could give ‘er a good few minutes before collapsing and giving in.

What a relief.

The 5K?  It’s still far away.  And I’m still not entirely sure I’ll ever get there.

But at least I finally made a start.

This week… I became a runner.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WWTKW: School Day Treasures

Good morning, folks!  And Happy Wednesday to all of you!

Time to link up with Scriptor & Kenzie for their weekly Q&A…


This week’s questions, all about school:

1.) How were you as a student?
2.) What was your favorite subject and did you excel in it?
3.) What - if any - is your fondest school years memory?
4.) Did you attend college and if so, how was that experience?
5.) Would you go back to school - be it in person or online - if you could? (Or to earn another degree?)

My answers:

1.) How were you as a student?  I’d say I was a good student, but I was an expert at procrastinating, and I loathed homework.  I think I had the potential to be better.  I didn’t mind working hard in the classes I loved, but when it came to something like Math, I avoided it like the plague.  God, I hated Math.

i hate math

2.) What was your favorite subject and did you excel in it?  I loved English and Art, those were easily my favourite classes, and I did fairly well in both of them.

3.) What - if any - is your fondest school years memory?  Aside from hanging out with friends, I’d have to say it was the fun I had teasing/tormenting one of my teachers, Mr. Deogun.  He was my Physics and Chemistry teacher in Grade 11, and I think I drove him bananas.  I recall once taking my pencil and twisting it all up in my hair on top of my head.  Then I sat there, staring, while he wrote notes on the blackboardfor us to copy.  At one point when he turned around to explain something, he glanced at me and asked why I wasn’t writing anything down.  “You are just sitting there, looking like a monkey!”  I gave him a very serious look, and said, “Sir, I cannot find my pencil.  I have looked every where.  It’s just not here, so I can’t copy down the notes.”  He stood there just looking at me in disbelief, shaking his head, and finally said, “Jill!  It is right here! In your hair!  You MONKEY!”   I haven’t seen him in years, but my mom runs into him from time to time, and she said he always asks about my older sister and younger brother, and then will say, “And what about the monkey?  How is she?”

4.) Did you attend college and if so, how was that experience?  Yes, after graduating high school, I spent the next two years at Heritage College, a Quebec CEGEP, where I completed the Liberal Arts program.  I loved my college experience – it was just a bit bigger than my high school, I made some really great friends, and I honestly enjoyed everything about it.  My intentions were then to get a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in English from the University of Ottawa, but I quickly decided that wasn’t the right path for me.  I ended up taking an Office Administrator course from a local business college – did I love it?  No.  But it was a means to an end.  I had dropped out of university and I needed a job.  I had decided office work was what I wanted to do with my day-job, with the intention of writing that “best-seller” on the side. ha.

5.) Would you go back to school - be it in person or online - if you could? (Or to earn another degree?)  I’ve toyed with this idea, especially with on-line correspondence courses.  I know my mom suggests it from time to time.  She’d really like me to get a degree.  But honestly, furthering my education doesn’t really interest me much.  If I were to take any kind of classes, I’d want them to be more in the field of creative writing.  But there’s a big part of me that knows I just need to do it.  Write something.  Anything.  I have to start somewhere.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy Days :)

It’s Tuesday, and I have so much happy to report on… Randomly, of course!

  • I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend – I know I sure did!  I kicked it off on Friday evening, joining my mom, my sister, and my aunt for dinner at a local restaurant called Bateau Royale – we had a delicious meal, a great visit, and had fun celebrating so much, including my aunt’s birthday, Mother’s Day, AND the Sens ousting the Habs from the playoffs! :)
  • Saturday morning I was up with the birds to meet up with my Relay For Life team, The Slipper Sisters, for our fundraiser yard sale.  We were joined by the Little But Strong team, who were also hosting a bake sale.  I think we can consider our day a huge success!  Despite dreary, cold weather, we had a great turn-out, lots of laughs (who knew a yard sale could produce so many funny moments!!!) - at the end of the day, we made $400 with our yard sale, and Little But Strong collected over $200 with their bake sale.  Thank you to all who came out to support us!  Your donations towards our efforts for the Canadian Cancer Society are so greatly appreciated.
  • After the yard sale was over, I felt like I’d been hit by a truck.  I have no idea why.  I mean, sure, I was on my feet all day at the yard sale, but I was just… standing there.  Perhaps it was the cold, damp air that had seeped into my bones that left me feeling like crud.  I’m really not sure.  All I know is that after weeks of feeling absolutely the BEST that I have in years, I was acutely aware of it when I wasn’t feeling top notch.  My first plan was to have a hot bath, eat supper, and then relax on the couch for the rest of the evening.  But by the time I got home and un-packed my stuff, I felt absolutely useless, and the thoughts of a taking a bath and cooking supper didn’t float my boat at all.  Instead, I changed into comfy warm clothes, piled on the blankies, and slept for two hours straight.  I woke up still feeling extremely out of sorts, but forced myself to eat, go rent a movie, and then came back and crashed on the couch again, sleeping through most of Argo.  It felt like a hang-over.  And I didn’t like it.
  • Thankfully, I woke up Sunday morning feeling much better.  I did my work-out, had my shake, and got ready for church.  It was a wonderful morning as we celebrated not only Mother’s Day, but also our minister Nancy, who has finally dropped the “Student” part of her title!  She graduated from the Atlantic School of Theology over a week ago now, and it was our chance to congratulate her as her church family.  We have a celebration jar at our church to raise money for Mission & Service for the United Church of Canada, and so when anyone has anything to celebrate – birthdays, anniversaries, new babies, etc – they put money in the jar and we sing a blessing song.  Unbeknownst to her, they had arranged for everyone to jump up at the same time – everyone in the whole church – to put money in the jar to celebrate Nancy’s graduation.  It was so special to see everyone standing and filing up to put the money in the jar that she stood at the front holding.  I’m a crybaby at the best of times, so I was a blubbering mess of course! haha!!  Congratulations, Nancy – we are SO proud of you :)
  • After church was over, my whole family headed out for brunch in Norway Bay, and then we went on to my sister’s house for a BBQ.  It was such a great day, I enjoy every opportunity to spend with my adorable nieces and nephew!  Of course, it was also a wonderful day honouring the beautiful mommas in my life – especially my sister Kara, my sister-in-law Amanda, and my very own Mom!


  • Everyone knows one of my biggest wishes in the world is to be a mom myself someday, but I feel very blessed to have these wonderful kiddos in my life.  I’m a lucky auntie, I love them all so much!!


  • As I’m sure you can tell, aside from not feeling too hot on Saturday afternoon/evening, it was an AWESOME weekend!  And then yesterday, it was back to the grind – and time to DETOX!  I’ve come to think of Mondays as “detox day” – weekends are hard to stay on track when it comes to food and drinking enough water, and this past weekend was definitely not one of my best!  I’ve come to look forward to “getting back at it” on Monday.  I never thought I’d look forward to guzzling water and filling up on fruits & veggies, but I honestly have…
  • Some of you might be expecting me to weigh in on that epic little ol’ Toronto/Boston Game 7 that went down last night.  And trust me, there’s a very big part of me that wants to.  However, as I said on Facebook & Twitter last night, the Leaf fans that I know & love have actually been pretty nice to me these past few weeks, so I’m choosing not to dance on their grave…
  • Tonight is the first game of our Round 2 series against the Pittsburgh Penguins.  I have Yoga at 6:15, then I’ll head up to my mom’s to watch the game for 7:30.  I’m pretty sure it will be the most pointless Yoga class I’ve ever taken, as there is NO way I’ll be able to calm those pre-game nerves & butterflies! haha!
  • GO SENS GO!!!


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Friday, May 10, 2013

I confess that I love my hockey team. SO MUCH. But you already knew that.

It’s that time of the week again!  God bless you, Friday!  And this one in particular!!!

friday confessional

Linking up with Aubrey @ High-Heeled Love.

I confess… that I’m absolutely walkin’ on sunshine today!  My Sens pulled out the big win last night in Game 5 over the Montreal Canadiens, and we’re HEADIN’ FOR ROUND 2, BABY!!!!

sens beat habs 2013

I confess… there’s nothing quite like the feeling of your team winning.  And making you so so so proud.  God, I love everything about my team!!!

I confess… that I said going into this series that I thought it was going to be fun, and boy, was it ever!  Maybe not so much for Habs fans, but for us?  You don’t get much better than that!  I’m glad it ended quickly in 5 games so that our guys have time to rest before the next round, but I was a little sad to see it come to an end so soon.

karlsson subban handshake

I confess… that I don’t know if I’ve ever loved my players or my coach as much as I love these players and this coach.  OK, maybe the 2007 squad that went to the Cup Finals would compete.  And it would be better if we still had Wade.  But other than that?  This is a group that I’m very – VERY – proud of!!

team photo

I confess… that I almost didn’t wear my Sens sweater to work today.  And I almost didn’t bring in the little soapstone sculpture of a walrus that my aunt gave to me.  But it was just too awesome to resist.


I confess… that I’m pretty sure it won’t be a cake-walk from here on out.  Chances are quite good that we’ll face the Pittsburgh Penguins in the next round, and I don’t know if we’ve got the scoring talent to beat them.  But with Craig Anderson in nets and the pesky never-say-die attitude of these players here, I think we can at least give them a run for their money!

I confess… I giggled this morning when I thought of Team Walrus vs. Team Penguin!!!!

team walrus

Have a GREAT weekend, everyone!  And Happy Mother’s Day to all of you beautiful mommas!! :)

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Watch for me on a future episode of Hoarders. Seriously.

This is the tale of a pack-rat who couldn’t find anything to bring to a yard sale.

And that pack-rat would be me.

On Saturday, my Relay for Life team, The Slipper Sisters, is hosting a fundraising yard sale in conjunction with a bake sale that the Little But Strong team are holding.  When we first started talking about this fundraiser over a month ago, I was all on-board.  Go through the house, find stuff that I don’t use, put it in a box and try to sell it, with all the proceeds going to my Relay for Life team.  Easy-peasy fundraiser in support of the Canadian Cancer Society, getting to hang out all day with some great ladies, and maybe clearing out some of the junk that I have accumulating in every corner of the house?

It was a no-brainer.

Right up until this week, when I started casting my eye upon all the junk in my house, and realizing I have pretty much nothing that I’m willing to part with.

Except for four mugs.  FOUR MUGS. 

That’s IT.


My mom has been calling me a pack-rat since I was a kid.  I used to hate each summer when Mom would decide we were having a garage sale.  She’d force us to go through our belongings and pick out stuff to sell.  Give away MY stuff??  That I LOVE even though I never use it?  Hell to the NO, Mother!!

I’ve always a hard time letting things go.  I like holding on to souvenirs and other things that I’m going to use “someday”.  She claims that I STILL have stuff stored at her place, even though I moved out almost five years ago. (For the record… I think she’s lying.  She’s now trying to pawn her crap off on me.) 

She also doesn’t understand why I can’t box up all of my books, DVDs and CDs and just sell them.

Um. No. Just…no. Those things are precious to me.

I’ve always denied that pack-rat label that my mother likes to stick on me.  I like cleanliness and order as much as the next guy.  I watch “Hoarders” and I cringe.  Just because I have a penchant for buying books and DVDs and CDs and hanging on to every newspaper article where Wade Redden’s name appears doesn’t mean I’m a pack-rat.  Right?


But the fact remains that I have my “treasures” hidden in every little nook and cranny around the house.  Not to mention one whole spare room that is stocked with my useless crap.  And, after a quick perusal last night, none of which I’m prepared to part with, apparently.


When lamenting this dilemma to a friend recently, I was told to sweep through my closet, which is in desperate need of an upheaval, and bring all of my now-too-big clothes to sell.  Not a bad idea, except that there’s still that big ol’ fat girl inside me who thinks, “What if I need them again someday?”  And also, nobody ever seems to be looking for fat girl clothes, they probably wouldn’t sell anyways.

The only other thing I can think of that I have too many of are Glad and Ziploc and Rubbermaid lunch containers.  But I’m pretty sure used, slightly tomato-stained old containers aren’t going to be a hot seller.

Oh, and my old dining room table and chair set, which is residing partly in my garage, partly in my basement.  But it’s too big and heavy to move.

So I guess this brings us to the moral of this story.  Because every good tale needs a moral.  And that moral is:  Never invite a pack-rat to take part in a yard sale.  Because they won’t bring anything.

Except for maybe four old mugs. 

And on second thought, I’m not sure I’m ready to let them go either…

See you Saturday, ladies. ;)

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

WWTKW: A little bit o’ everything.

She’s a peach of a day out there today, kids!  A PEACH of a day!!

OK.  So maybe it’s not just the sunny, hot weather.  Maybe my good mood is directly related to the Sens’ big pesky comeback win in OT last night over the Habs.  That could be it.

Just try to wipe the grin of my face.  It’s not even possible. :) 

Not even my allergies can bring me down today!! (Although they are trying!!)

But the series isn’t over yet – we still have one more game to win – so I won’t start the celebration too soon.  Instead, how about some We Want to Know Wednesday Q&A?


Link up with Scriptor & Kenzie and join in the fun!

1. If you could be great at any sport, which would it be?  My first instinct is to say hockey, because it is by far my favourite sport to watch.  But honestly, I really wish I’d become a softball player.  A good one.  We have a local women’s team that plays competitively, and I’ve often wished I could play well enough to join them.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t even cut it in a 3-pitch league, and we all know that story of my dad cutting me from his Little League squad when I was like 10 years old… Sadly, I can’t run fast, I can’t throw far, my aim is terrible, I rarely connect bat to ball, and when a ball is sailing towards, my gut reaction is always to duck instead of catch it.  A ball player… I am not.


One of these things just doesn’t belong here…

2. How do you like your coffee, or what is your go to for ordering from a coffee stand?  I adore my Keurig.  My current fave is a Hazelnut light roast blend with a dash of fat-free French Vanilla Coffeemate in it.  No coffee stands close by, but I do enjoy it when someone brings me one from Timmy’s – used to like a large double-double, but now I go with sweetener and a little milk!


3. What is your favorite TV show, and why?  This is such a difficult question for me.  I’ve had many favourite shows over the years.  Of course, in recent months, I would 100% tell you it’s Prison Break.  (And no, I haven’t followed through on my threat to re-watch it again already… kinda been tied up in the NHL playoffs!!!!)


Other big all-time faves include Friends, Grey’s Anatomy, Friday Night Lights, Sex & The City, and the one I’m currently re-watching – The Big Bang Theory!

tv shows  friday-night-lights-061010


4. If you could get, or give, one thing for Mother’s Day what would it be? Considering I don’t have kids, I don’t get Mother’s Day gifts. lol  But if I WAS a mom, I think just spending the day with my children and family would be present enough!! (Right, MOM?!?!?! hahahaha!!)

Honestly, though, if I could give my mom anything for Mother’s Day, it would be tickets to a Sens playoff game – in GOOD seats.  I know she loves the atmosphere of being at Scotiabank Place, but I don’t think she’s ever been there for a playoff game, and I don’t think she’s ever been out of the third level.  Maybe some year, Ma! ;)


5. Do you have any special plans for Mother’s Day?  We’ll go to church and probably out for brunch, and then the whole gang is gathering at my sister’s place Sunday afternoon for a BBQ.  Very much looking forward to celebrating my wonderful momma, as well as my sister Kara and my sister-in-law Amanda (this will be her first Mother’s Day!) 

Very lucky to have such great mothers in my life.  Especially the ones who let me sometimes pretend that their babies are mine. ;)


Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Tuesday This & That

  • Something’s wrong with me this morning.  I woke up feeling very tired and groggy, which is very usual for me these days.  I’m not normally an “I NEED COFFEE” kind of girl, but this morning, I needed it.  And I’m sitting here debating a second.  In fact… Yes.  I think I definitely need a second.
  • I’d understand this groggy fuzzy cobwebby feeling if I’d been up late last night, or if I was hungover… But I went to bed at my usual time, slept well for a good 8 hours, and of course I wasn’t drinking on a Monday night (or any night lately, for that matter)… It doesn’t make sense.  The only thing I can chalk it up to is that I took a 24-hour Extra Strength Reactine before I went to bed because my allergies have started (ugh.)  … perhaps that is what’s doing this to me?   Still doesn’t really make sense, since it’s the non-drowsy kind, though.  Mystery.
  • Despite feeling kinda outta sorts, I saw this on Facebook this morning, posted by The Assertive Girl, and boy did it resonate with me.


  • No, I haven’t quite got to the “run faster” part – or even the “run” part at all.  I thought about it again last night, but it ended up being just another fast walk around town.  I think I’m getting there, though…
  • Last night, I had my measurements & progress pictures done, as I’m entering the final 4-week phase of my TurboFire schedule, and it was by far the biggest results I’ve seen so far.  I had lost 8.5 inches overall since my last measurements four weeks ago, and a grand total of 25 inches overall since I started on January 7th.  Feeling really really good these days!  (Except for this morning, of course. lol)
  • I don’t feel I’ve devoted enough time lately to telling you all how much I love Adam Levine.  I really, really, really love Adam Levine.



  • Problem I’m currently having:  I can’t seem to get through The Stand by Stephen King.  It came to my highly-recommended (“You like Stephen King?  This one is a MUST!”) – and I started it over two months ago.  I’m still only about half-way through.  It’s not that I’m disliking it.  It’s just that it’s so bloody long.  I have other books on my shelf crying out to me, but I feel like a quitter if I don’t finish this one.  What’s a girl to do?
  • This song.  Love.
  • I’d be remiss if I didn’t bring up the Sens/Habs game on Sunday night.  Folks, this was one for the ages.  The kind of game that really made me proud to be a Sens fan.  After all the years of people mocking my team, calling them “soft”… We finally had a night to lay all of that to rest.  This playoff rivalry with the Habs has been intense – a big hit in Game 1, some nasty comments coming from both teams (the most famous of which had Brandon Prust calling our coach a “bug-eyed fat walrus”), etc – and it all kind of blew up all over the ice at Scotiabank Place on Sunday night in Game 3.  At the end of it all?  We had a 6-1 victory, a 2-1 lead in the best-of-7 series, an infamous full line brawl that saw the Sens winning ALL FIVE fights on the ice, a new hero born with our rookie JG Pageau scoring a hat trick… and a night that Sens fans won’t soon forget.

Sens Habs 2013


  • Oh, and was I ever proud of the Sens fans who took that annoying OLE song that Habs fans sing all the time, and changed it to “Pageau, Pageau, Pageauuuu…Pageauuuuu…Pageauuuuuuu…”  A thing of beauty, that was.
  • Game 4 goes tonight in Ottawa.  In case you’re wondering… I’m just a teensy bit excited. #TeamWalrus #PeskySens

sens fans


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Friday, May 03, 2013

Friday Confessions. On hockey. And other things.

Friday.  Time to confess.  Linking up with Aubrey @ High-Heeled Love!

friday confessional 

I confess… I’m on my second cup of coffee this morning (I usually only have one) and I am WIRED for SOUND.  Buzzing. gkhaherutruoghjkqghjdfg uw.

I confess… that I actually started out the day with my very first Keurig-brewed Iced Coffee.  And I think I need to tweak the process of making Iced Coffee.  It says to “brew over ice”, but by the time the hot coffee is brewed, all the ice is melted.  I then added more ice (because I like my iced coffee icy).  And then IT all melted, and thus I was left with one very watered down coffee treat.  Which kind of just tastes like sweet coffee water.  Which is kind of blech.

I confess… that I’m really happy we beat the Habs in Game 1 last night.   Things looked pretty dicey in the second period.  We were severely out-played, and then there was… “THE HIT”.  The Hit that everyone in Habs Land and Sens Land and probably all of Hockey Land is talking about today.  I wasn’t sure we could bounce back from it (and the subsequent 5 minute penalty to Eric Gryba).  But Craig Anderson was amazeballs, and Erik Karlsson was amazeballs, and we did it.  4-2 Sens.  I’ll take it.

sens vs habs may 2 2013

I confess… that I turned away from the TV after The Hit as the camera showed blood pouring on to the ice from Lars Eller’s face.  (If you want to see it, go here.  I’m not putting the video on my blog, because my sister might puke if she sees it again.)  Nobody likes to see a player down on the ice like that.   And if I were a Habs fan, I’d probably be pissed.  It was ugly.  Really, really ugly.  The fact still remains that it was a clean hit – Gyba never left his feet, his elbow was tucked in, and Eller’s head was down as he took a bad pass.  Gryba’s no goon.  It was a clean hockey play that resulted in a terrible mess.  Unfortunate.  But not dirty.

I confess… that despite all of this, I won’t be one bit surprised if Gryba gets a game for it.  Even though all the Habs fans in the office here this morning agree that he shouldn’t.

I confess… that listening to my mom shout at Bob Cole all night is high-quality entertainment.  I’ve actually become quite good at tuning him out, personally.

I confess… that I giggled last night when my sister called post-game and reported to my mom that after the Habs went up 2-1, my four-year-old niece Danica declared, “THAT’S IT!  I’m not cheerin’ for the Sens ANYMORE!!”  Sore loser like her Auntie, I do believe. ;)

I confess… that I’m STILL kind of glowing from Wade Redden’s goal/assist/first star of the game performance the other night.  STILL.

wade bruins

I confess… that there are things about losing weight that really suck.  OK, NO THERE ISN’T, I feel amazing.  BUT, trying to find clothes that fit as I drop sizes every couple of weeks kind of sucks.  And half the damn time, I’m in between sizes and that sucks even more.  Things are always too big or too small.  *grumble*grumble*

I confess… that discovering a stash of “small” clothes in the closet of my old bedroom at home last night that I haven’t been able to wear in, like, six or seven years, was like finding a frigging pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  So I’ll be the one walking around looking way a tad out of style in the next couple of weeks… Whatever.  They fit. I’m wearing them.  Losing weight is expensive.

I confess… that being able to wear flip-flops again is just rad.  But I’m not a big fan of the fact that I’m soon going to have to cut grass.  I’m also not a fan of bugs.  Specifically, the ones that fly in my mouth when I’m walking and TRYING TO BREATHE.  Ahhh, springtime.

I confess… that I’m excited to babysit Nevie tonight!  Even though I’m pretty sure she’ll be asleep before her mama and daddy leave! LOL!


I confess… that I’m so looking forward to heading to the city tomorrow night with friends to celebrate our friend Sara’s 30th!  I don’t think any of us are too thrilled about turning the big 3-0 this year, but hopefully being with friends and sharing a few laughs and yummy food will make it a little easier. ;)

Have a GREAT weekend everyone… And GO SENS GO!!!