Thursday, May 29, 2008

Back to the Ball Field

I didn't think I'd be playing ball this year, after it seemed my team from last year had completely dismantled and nobody had signed up to play. Then I found out that most of them had been recruited to play for another team, but I was not included in that select, elite group. (hee hee...Totally kidding...Would I pick me to play on a ball team? Hell no! I suck!!)

Anyways, I guess after the team captains met on Monday night, it was determined that one more girl was needed to fill out a line-up, so I got the call. They really must've been scraping the bottom of the barrel, but anyways...I agreed to play. This year I'm on the old guys' team. That's what everyone calls them. It's kind of an unfair nickname, considering that at least 5 of us that I can think of are under the age of 30. And two of them are under 20.

Doesn't really matter though, 'cause our nickname should be "The Fun Ones"!! OK, my team last year was fun too, but there were a lot of laughs last night on the bench and out in the field. No pressure, no yelling, just joking and giggling. The biggest argument was deciding who would get to sit each inning - because everyone wants to sit.

Well, we played the young lads (also an unfair nickname - 'cause half of them are my age, and no one calls me a "young lad") - and we beat them!! It was great. Especially considering that in the past, they've had a reputation for being a little cocky and arrogant, and I'm sure they thought they'd have no trouble beating us "old guys". We showed 'em!

I never got on base. The toilets still aren't working. The mosquitoes were wicked. Aside from me switching teams, not much changed at the good ol' Quyon ball park!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Mr. Perfect"

You guys all know how much I love Elvis.

You all know how much I love Irish guys.

You all know how much I love guys who can play guitar.

OK. So I've found my real-life Mr. Perfect. If I find out he plays hockey, I can elevate him to god-status.
Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Jonathan Rhys Meyers!

I first "discovered" Mr. Meyers a few years ago when he played a young, smokin' hot Elvis Presley in the made-for-TV movie "Elvis". I fell in love with him then, but after I watched my tape of the show a few hundred times, I kind of forgot about him.
This past weekend, I saw another movie which he starred in called August Rush. It's kind of a far-fetched romantic fairy tale which I absolutely adored about a young boy who was given up for adoption as a baby. He has a love and keen interest in music. A child prodigy, he can pick up any musical instrument and become a master of it within minutes. His sole purpose in life is to find his long-lost parents through his music.
JRM plays his father, Louis Connelly, an Irish musician. (I did a little research on him today, he's Irish in real life too. YUM! My love Irish guys was re-kindled big time this weekend, as I also watched PS I Love You again. Ireland, here I come!) So throughout the movie, I was constantly reminded of how his beautiful face was almost identical to a young Elvis'. Then came the scenes where he was on-stage with his rock band. So hot.

My favourite scene of the movie was when Louis, who doesn't even know he fathered a child after one romantic night with the lovely Lyla Novacek (played by Keri Russell), comes upon his son playing in Central Park for tips by chance, and the two of them sit down and jam together and discuss their love of guitars.
August Rush was truly a magical film, and I'm so grateful it reminded me of how much I adore Jonathan Rhys Meyers. My next mission in life is to borrow Kristen's copy of Season 1 of The Tudors television series. I can just imagine how sexy he is playing Henry VIII!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Long Weekend!!

Hey gang!

It's been another crazy-busy week, no time to Blog...But I just wanted to wish you all a Happy May Long Weekend! If you get a chance to watch some of the hockey World Championship, be sure to take it in - Canada has been playing awesome, especially Dany Heatley. At first, it annoyed me that Dany was scoring so many goals when he couldn't get any towards the end of the Sens' dismal run this season, but I've decided to be happy for him, and proud to call him a Senator.

Also, things in the NHL's Conference Finals got a little more interesting in the past few days - I haven't been paying all that much attention, but Detroit had a 3-0 lead over Dallas and Pittsburgh had a 3-0 lead over Philly before both "underdogs" finally battled back. They're both still a long way from becoming only the 3rd team in NHL history to come back from a 3-0 series deficit, but at least they decided to add a little spark to liven things up a bit! I'll be taking note of those games over the weekend, also.

Aside from that, it looks like it could be a pretty quiet weekend - there doesn't seem to be a whole lot going on, and the weather report isn't sound too crash hot. Regardless, enjoy the rest & relaxation, and enjoy having 3 days off! :)

Thursday, May 01, 2008

I Can't Believe It's Already May!!

OK, so I've got some disgruntled fans of the Blog out there. I know I've been silent for far too long, but let me just explain.

First of all, my last Blog was sort of my farewell to Wade. I was emotional when I wrote it, and to be honest, I haven't gone back to read it since. Because I still don't want to say good-bye to him. It makes me sad; it chokes me up. So I wasn't entirely sure how to follow that one up. For the past few weeks, I've been in a funk...mainly because of Wade. I mean, how else can I explain bursting into tears after I lost at the Canada Day Committee Poker Tournament two weekends ago? I made it to the final table, but when I was the first one put out, I had an emotional break-down of some sort. (Alright, so maybe the rye had something to do with it, too...)

Anyways, moving right along... The next obstacle between the Blog and me has been the fact that there's been no Spring this year. We went straight from Winter to Summer; from snowbanks to heat waves. Which means that we here at Mountainview didn't get the opportunity to "ease into things", like we normally would. Things have been kinda crazy. Little time for Blogging.

Last but not least, I can fairly say that last week was my week from HELL. I twinged something in my back blow drying my hair on Monday morning. Then my Simply Accounting program went retarded on me when we updated to the 2008 version. Tuesday, I stayed home, flat on my back all day, doped up on Robaxacet. Wednesday was spent trying to figure out what was wrong with my Simply Accounting program and switching it back to the old version I'd be working with. Thursday, I had computer issues again in the morning, which left me only the afternoon to complete 3 1/3 days work before leaving for Quebec City for the Karate tournament.

Sheesh. What a week. And clearly no time to even think about Blogging.

But don't worry, guys, I never forgot about you! Today, I'm wiping my slate clean. Yes, things are going to get even busier here at work over the next two months, but today's a new day, a new month. Welcome to May!!

I seriously don't know where the time has gone; Christmas feels like it was just a few weeks ago. But here we are, in the month of May, and there's so much to look forward to. I hopefully won't even have time to think about what it was like last year at this time, watching my team storm through to the Stanley Cup Finals.

A new month, a fresh start. And a renewed promise to pay more attention to you, my faithful Bloggers.