About Me

What can I tell ya?  I'm a pretty simple kid with pretty simple dreams, just trying to make them come true, one at a time...

My name's Jill.  Welcome to my world.

I'm a daughter, a sister, an auntie, a friend.  I cheer for my Sens, and bleed red, black & gold.   If I could make a living writing novels, I would, but a long time ago a very wise person told me to never quit my day job.  So if I have to work for a living?  Well, I don't think I'd want to be anywhere else but here, at my desk at Mountainview Turf, surrounded by sod fields and great people.  I'm a very mediocre guitar player with a voice like nails on a chalk board, but I still sing & play.  Know why?  Because I love it. 

My blog is my space to create, to vent, to entertain, to share.  Since 2006 I've been rambling about my hockey team, my favourite TV shows, Wade Redden, my favourite bands, my favourite books, and so much more.

Take some time to explore my world.  I hope you enjoy your stay!

And don't hold the Bieber stuff against me.  It's just a phase, I'm sure.