Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I'm Freakin' for Saprykin

...OK, maybe not. I just think it's so cool that I now have a player who's last name rhymes with freakin'.

So yesterday was the NHL Trade Deadline Day, and the Sens came away with Oleg Saprykin from the Phoenix Coyotes, for a 2007 3rd round pick, I believe. Now, this morning on the Team 1200, they were kind of freakin' over Saprykin, but not in a good way. They were all up in arms over the fact that we didn't even attempt to land someone like Bill Guerin or Gary Roberts. I know I'm not exactly a hockey analyst, and I usually just judge players by how hot they are, but aren't Bill Guerin & Gary Roberts kinda old?? What good are they going to do in the future? Sure, they might help in the playoffs this year, but what if their old brittle bodies collapse? What good are they then? And am I willing to give up my little Patty Eaves to get 'em? No way! I love that kid!

So, on the flip side, we got a guy who's 26 years old, a former first-round pick (11th overall), and who was having a career year in Phoenix as their second-highest point-scorer. (Yes, Phoenix is a crappy team and it doesn't take much to be their second-highest point-scorer, but still...) It sounds like this guy's got a lot of up-side, and he's still young, and he's also already been to the Cup finals, so he brings a little playoff experience to boot. Personally, I'm quite happy with my Deadline acquisition!

(And yes, I did notice that Pittsburgh loaded up yesterday...So maybe they will make the playoffs after all...hee hee...)

Last night, we took on the Carolina Hurricanes, and stormed 'em in the third period for a 4-2 victory. With Marty Gerber in nets. And with Anton Volchenkov scoring his first goal of the season. And with Wade Redden getting the game winner. And I was pumped. I was a little shocked when, with the score 1-0 Ottawa, I flipped over to watch a minute - literally 1 minute -- of Phil's show, and when I flipped back it was 2-1 Carolina. I didn't flip anymore after that. Apparently the Sens don't like it when I watch opera instead of them, and they just quit playing when my eyes aren't on them. Anyways, the re-match is tonight in O-town, and Mr. Saprykin will be in the line-up. So everyone will be freakin' for Saprykin!

...Or maybe not.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sugar Ray Emery RULES!!

OK, so I know this Blog might be a little passé, but I haven't had a chance to post about it yet, and I can't just pretend it never happened. I mean, it was the best hockey game of the season, and probably caused the most buzz around the NHL in a long, long time.

That's right, folks. I'm talking about Fight Night In Buffalo, starring those silly ol' Sabres and the Almighty Ottawa Senators!!

So you've probably already heard all about it, possibly seen the highlights, maybe you even watched the re-match. But I'm going to talk about it anyways. All hell broke loose last Thursday night in Buffalo, after Chris Neil laid out a - shall we call it "debatable"? - hit on Chris Drury. (For the record, I thought the hit was clean. Half-a-second late, but if Drury hadn't been admiring his pass, he would have been better prepared to take the hit, and likely wouldn't have gone careening through the air and smucked his head on the ice. It wasn't intentionally nasty, it wasn't an intent to injure. But that's just my take.)

So then, Lindy Ruff (who I would like to nominate for Most Annoying Coach Ever After Pat Quinn) sends out his goons for the next shift to "send a message" or whatever the hell they call it to justify his retarded actions, and had the likes of Andrew Peters & Adam Mair chasing around one of our best lines of Jason Spezza, Dany Heatley & Mike Comrie. Litereally chasing. Of course, a full-throttle rumble then broke out, with everyone on the ice pairing off, and Ray Emery & Martin Biron meeting each other half-way in a rarely-seen, but much-anticipated, goalie duel. Guess who won? Sugar Ray Emery, of course! But then Andrew Peters came over to tangle with him after Biron was already down and out. Oh, and at this point, I think the coaches were screaming at each other over panes of plexiglass, and might have killed each other if Rob Ray hadn't been standing between them.

So much to talk about. Such an exciting game. I can't even begin to get into it all, but I will say that I was happy with my team and the way they handled themselves, and I was delighted that Lindy was slapped with a $10,000 fine for his thuggery. And even better, we managed to hang on for the win in the re-match Saturday night, and on top of it all, both Chris Neil & Brian McGrattan won decisively in their match-ups against Adam Mair & Andrew Peters.

And if Ray Emery wasn't already a fan favourite in Ottawa, when he dropped the gloves against Biron and wore a smile throughout BOTH of his fights, he won just about everyone over.


OK - so Grey's Anatomy kind of paled in comparison to all of this on Thursday night, believe it or not. I think I have to re-watch it to get the full effect of it. But the good news is Meredith didn't die; her mother did. And while that's I'm sure devestating for her, at least she got to say good-bye to her mom when she crossed into the Hospital Heaven place that Mer had been hanging out in with Denny, Dylan, and a few other dead patients who had an impact on her.

Most touching moment of the night went to Denny, who explained to Meredith that when he & Izzie are in the same place at the same time, he can almost feel her, and they have this moment. Then they actually showed Izzie & Denny having one of these moments, and it was heart-wrenching. So beautiful and bittersweet. I loved it.

On to Survivor: I'm really not that into it yet this season, and the tribe I "picked" have lost pretty much everything. This week they had to eat some crazy-ass Fiji delights to win reward, but apparently because they don't have any spit in their mouths, they can't swallow. And then they had to go down a big Slip-N-Slide and toss a ball into a basket 6 times to win Immunity, but that didn't go so well for them either. Surprise, surprise. Probably because they wanted to drink the water they were sliding in or something. But the good news is this little pipsqueak of a girl made a fire, so they should get some of their strength back now, God love them.

And on the Amazing Race, everyone hates Rob & Amber. Shocker. But they just keep finishing in first. Loving it! I was glad to see Kevin & Drew go. I think that Drew guy seriously wasn't all there or something. After Kevin tied himself to the car to pull them out of a mudhole, and then Drew just kept driving, practically dragging Kevin along, I was like, "Dude! Something's not quite right with that guy!" Mirna and Smirna are driving me nuts. They're shrieky and loud and obnoxious, and I can't wait for them to get eliminated. Aside from Rob & Amber and Eric & Danielle, I don't have a whole lot of love for any of these teams.

Alright, so I haven't really gotten into detail on anything, but I've touched on everything, and that's all I have time for! Everyone have a great day!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Three Different Kinds of Dads

Last night's episode of Friday Night Lights was really a showcase on parenting, and what a father should or should not be like.

We'll begin with Mr. Buddy Garrity, the owner of one of Dillon, Texas' most prosperous businesses, and a real big-shot around the town (or at least he'd like to think so). As a past "high school football hero", he is involved with the Dillon Panthers, and he is like a little birdie sitting on Coach Taylor's shoulder, chirping in his ear all the time about what is right for the team. His daughter, Lyla, is also a cheerleader for the Panthers.

A few weeks ago, he hired Tyra's mom as a receptionist at this car dealership, and since then began an affair with her. However, Buddy's conscience got the best of him, and he confessed his sins to the Coach, who ordered him to end the relationship with Tyra's mom and do what's best for his family, which Buddy promptly did by apologetically firing the mom and wooing his wife with kisses and flowers. What Buddy wasn't counting on, though, was Tyra's mom showing up as he and his family left church on Sunday morning, and she stomped right up to him and smacked him across the face, making a real big scene. Judging from the sneak peek at next week, poor Buddy's got some serious ass-kissin' to do with the Missus!

Definitely not the perfect family man all of Dillon, Texas believes him to be...

That brings us to Mr. Riggins, the father of Tim Riggins, who recently appeared on the scene after Tim sought him out and did some quality bonding time with his estranged dad. Now this guy just had trouble written all over him. First of all, he shirked his responsibilities by abandoning his sons and barely made contact with them for years. Tim had to jump from place to place before he even found someone who could tell him where to find him. When Mr. Riggins first showed up in Dillon, it seemed he was ready to try being a dad again, but he apparently just wanted to make Tim his drinking buddy and he used him to hustle some grizzly looking dudes in a game of pool.

Things got a little sticky when Coach Taylor had to ask Mr. Riggins to step back onto the sidelines at football practice, and then accused him of stealing a $3000.00 camera from the AV room at the school. Tim was clearly upset that the coach would make such accusations, and defended his father to the hilt. However, when he found the camera hidden in a cabinet, Tim was crushed. He demanded that his father leave, and as Mr. Riggins walked out the door, he said, "Just watch. Watch how easy this is for me." That's gotta hurt a guy like Tim, who makes out he's all tough and strong, but really he just needs someone to love him. Tim then went to the bar where he and his father had hustled the grizzly pool players, and pretty much let them gather around and kick his ass until Tyra and Billy showed up to save him.

Mr. Riggins = the definition of scum bucket.

Last, but not least, we have Coach Eric Taylor, the fearless leader of the Dillon Panthers, and dear daddy to sweet little Julie Taylor. Coach Taylor and his wife (and darn it, I have no idea what her name is) are good parents. Really good parents. They are hard on Julie when they have to be, but they clearly love her with all their hearts, and they have raised her well. Even when Julie goes down a wrong path, she quickly rights herself, and takes her parents warnings and advice into consideration at all times. Julie's a good kid, no doubt about it.

However, when Mrs. Taylor caught Julie's boyfriend Matt buying condoms, all hell broke loose. She chose to deal with Julie on her own without involving the Coach. However, Julie decided to go ahead with her plans to have sex with Matt, so the two of them had a rendez-vous at one of Matt's teammates' hunt camp. Matt quickly realized that Julie wasn't ready, so they ended up just hanging out and eventually fell asleep, resulting in Julie missing her curfew. Big time. So, as you can imagine, Coach and Mrs. Taylor were frantic, wondering where there daughter was, sitting in tense silence waiting for her to get home. And you know what Coach Taylor said, the second Julie walked through the door? He didn't say, "You little shit, get to your room" or "Where the hell have you been?" or "That's it, you're grounded, young lady!" He said: "Are you okay? Are you okay??"

Thumbs up to Coach Taylor for being a Grade-A Dad.

And an honourable mention to Mrs. Taylor for handling Julie's situation incredibly well on her own. The speech she gave Julie when she confronted her about seeing Matt buying condoms brought tears to my eyes, and it clearly had an effect on Julie's decision to not go through with it. And it also scared the heck out of me to think of how difficult it must be to deal with a teenage daughter. I hope I have all boys!

Have a great day, gang!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Doing Our Best to Help Other Canadian Teams That Are NOT Toronto

Well, hey there, Sens Fans (and any other fans who happen to be reading today's Blog!)

So last night was spent on the couch, watching the Almighty Ottawa Senators take on our brethren of the West, the Edmonton Oilers, in O-Town. As I've mentioned before, this was also the last game Ray Emery had to serve as part of his underserved 3-game suspension for smacking a Hab in the face with his stick. Poor wee Hab.

Anyways, believe it or not, we actually survived those three games with Marty Gerber in nets. Not only did we survive them, we came away with all 6 possible points!! Miracle of miracles!!

But we didn't make it easy on ourselves last night. Not by a long shot. Taking a 3-1 lead into the last 7-something minutes of the game, thanks to goals from Dany Heatley, Mike Fisher, and Daniel Alfredsson, we let Edmonton get right back in there. To be fair, it wasn't exactly Gerber's fault. He actually had a relatively strong game in comparison to his miserable outing vs. Atlanta on Saturday. But he did allow 2 goals in the last 7 minutes, with the last being scored in a scramble in the dying seconds with the Edmonton net empty in favour of an extra attacker.

It was absolutely imperative that the Sens get the 2 points last night, as we're now in a dog-fight with Pittsburgh (...What??... I know...totally crazy)...and let's face it, folks, the Eastern Conference is so tight right now, nobody can afford to take a night off.

However, as a fan of all other Canadian teams with the exception of the Toronto Make-Me-Laughs, I also knew how important it was for Edmonton to get some points, as they are battling to make the playoffs in the West.

So, we, the Sens, did the only decent, fellow-Canadian, hockey-to-the-core thing we could do. We let Edmonton secure it's much-needed point in regulation time, then went on to spank 'em in a shoot-out!! See, Montreal?? See what nice guys we are?? (OK, I'm not a guy, but I'm speaking on behalf of my get what I mean.)

After the OT period passed with end-to-end action but no scoring, it was Antoine Vermette, Dean McAmmond, and Mike Comrie leading the charge in the shoot-out. Rather an unlikely trio to pick for the shoot-out, but after watching Heatley, Spezza, and Alfie try and fail time and time again, one couldn't blame Bryan Murray for taking a different approach to this particular shoot-out. Vermette had Markanen (no idea how to spell the Oil's goalie's name) down and out, but the puck rolled on him at the last second and went wide of the net. Next up for the Sens was Dean McAmmond, who made scoring look all-too-easy when he shot the puck over Markanen's shoulder and into the net.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the ice, Martin Gerber decided to become Mr. Super Goalie, as he stopped both Edmonton shots with what looked like apparent ease. For a guy who always looks shaky and uncomfortable in the net, he suddenly looked right at home between the pipes, all calm, cool, and collected. And then, Mike Comrie was up next, and he put so many moves on Markanen that the dude couldn't have known whether he was coming or going, and badda-boom...He scores!! It seemed only fitting, too, that Comrie got the last laugh, after listening to the Edmonton faithful at Scotiabank Place boo him relentlessly all night long. (For those who are unaware, Comrie used to play for Edmonton, and left amidst contract disputes, which fans never take lightly...Hello, Alexei Yashin). He silenced them pretty quickly with his nifty moves, and for one night, he was my hero.

So that was the icing on the cake of Coach Murray's 600th NHL victory, and tomorrow heading into Buffalo, we'll have the Razor back between the pipes. We survived, we helped our fellow Canadian team in the process, and now we're back tied with the Penguins in the standings. For one day, at least, life is good!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Meredith Drowning

OK, so on Grey's last week, Meredith drowned. Really, seriously drowned. But thanks to McDreamy's perceptiveness, she's probably going to be OK. I have to believe that the little girl pointed him in the right direction in the nick of time. I mean, the show is called Grey's Anatomy. There can't be a Grey's Anatomy without Grey, right?

That doesn't mean I wasn't all red-faced and sobbing, though, when McDreamy pulled Meredith's blue, lifeless body from the water. Or when he was sitting in the hall crying outside her room after Bailey and the Chief booted him out while they tried to save her life. Or when all the other doctors, including Burke & Addison, showed up to help. Or when McSteamy sat next to Derek & squeezed his arm in silent support and sympathy. Or when the rest of the interns gathered to wait for news on Meredith. Or when George broke down into tears. Or when Izzie gave them all a tearful pep talk, which will forever be known as the "I Believe" speech.

At the end of the episode, Meredith woke up to find herself in a room with Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights. I did a double-take, and was like, "Hey...What the hell is the Coach doing there?" Then I remembered that before he was Coach Taylor, he was Dylan the Bomb Squad Guy who got blown up on Grey's last season. And Denny was there too. So yeah...Meredith's officially dead, I guess, but there's just no way it's for real. She's going to be fine. Don't worry, guys. One thing is for certain: This is all definitely building up to one hell of an episode this week, I can promise you that!!

Now, I'm screwed with the Survivor re-cap, because I only caught the 10 minutes, and now I can't even remember who got the boot. Was it Bossy McBossy Architect Lady? I think it was her, but I really can't remember...

And as for the Amazing Race, the All-Star Edition kicked off Sunday night, and my early favourites are Rob & Amber, and Eric & Danielle. My main problem with the show after Episode #1 was that I don't feel half these teams deserve the title "All-Stars". I mean, that Kevin & Drew team...No way are they "All-Stars". And Dave & Mary. C'mon, people, they're so far from "All-Stars" it's not even funny. Some of the teams I don't even remember. So I think rather than call this "Amazing Race: All Stars", they should have called it "Amazing Race: Former Teams Who Are Still Together and Want to Do This Crazy-Ass Race Again".

Moving on...Tonight is the last night of the Ray Emery Suspension, and so far we're 2-0 without him, after the Sens bailed out the miserable Martin Gerber Saturday afternoon, scoring 3 unanswered goals in the 3rd vs. Atlanta to take the game 5-3. Very excited to be meeting the Oilers tonight...And even more excited to have Ray back for the back-to-back games against Buffalo on Thursday & Saturday!

Hope everyone has a great day!! Take care.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

It's All About TEAMWORK

OK, so the theme of today's Blog is all about teamwork.

Last night, the Sens needed some serious teamwork to survive the potentially-disasterous suspension to our #1 goalie, Ray Emery. While I still disagree with what I consider a rather harsh 3-game benching for my boy Ray after he shoved a Montreal crease-crasher in the face with his stick Saturday night, it looks the Sens might actually pull through this gut-check time after they trounced the Florida Panthers last night 4-0. That's right, Sharon...Martin Gerber not only got the win, he got the shut-out!!!

Now, to be honest, the game was not televised, so I really have no idea how this one played out. But 2 points are 2 points, and we took advantage of a Florida team that was playing it's second night of back-to-back games, and coming off a huge 1-0 victory over Montreal on Tuesday night. So granted, the Panthers were likely drained and an easy target for the well-rested Sens. However, with Gerber in nets, no game is ever a gimme, let alone a shut-out, so we'll consider this a huge moral victory, not only for Gerber but for the entire team! So now only 2 more games to survive without Rayzor - Atlanta and Edmonton. They will probably be much more challenging games, so fingers are crossed that the teamwork continues!

Over on FNL, it looked like the team unity of the Dillon Panthers had all but disintegrated after Smash and the other black players walked out on the team in protest of the assistant coach's unintentional racist comments. Coach Taylor was really at his wit's end, trying to decide if he should fire Mac or not. Mac beat him to it, though, presenting a letter of resignation, but the coach refused to accept it, further angering the black community of Dillon, Texas.

Now, you'd think dealing with this racism issue would be enough for Coach Taylor these days, but nope...he's also got a rebellious daughter on his plate. Julie's gone a little wild thanks to her recent friendship with Tyra, and the coach and Mrs. Taylor are struggling to deal with this new, saucy, bad-ass daughter of theirs. This week, Julie got her butt tossed in jail. OK, so it was just a Juvenile Holding Cell, and Matt, Landry and Tyra were all with her. And the only reason they were in the clink was because Tyra had to get something from her sister at the strip club, and Landry wandered off and got busted. And this all led to Jill's Favourite Moment of the Night: When the other parents bailed their kids out, the coach & Mrs. Taylor just hung in the parking lot for awhile after Mrs. Taylor explained that she wanted her "perp to sit in there and think about what she's done!"

On a good note for Julie, though...She and Matt made up after he bought her a beautiful pendant with her birthstone, and the he "officially" asked her to be his girlfriend. Not too cute!!

Back to this racism thing for a sec. I'll tell you one thing, Smash is a lucky boy. Why's that, you ask? 'Cause he's got a really good mother. Mrs. Williams is a tough-love kind of lady, but she's always got her boy's best interests at heart. She praises him when he's done good, and she kicks his ass when he needs a good ass-kicking. This week? Time for an ass-kicking. This Waverly chick he's been hanging with put all these notions in his head about how he had to stand up and be a role model for the black community, and prove a point that was above and beyond football. However, Smash's mom is a wise person. She knows that for her son, there is nothing above and beyond football for him. For Smash to have a future, he needs football. He needs football to get into college, to further his education, and to get ahead in life. So she basically sat him down and told him all that, and told him there was no shame in gathering the troops and going back to the team.

So Smash did, and he was welcomed back to the team with a terse nod from Coach Taylor. Then the football game got crazy and they had to end it after the third quarter while the fans rioted, with Dillon taking the win. For some reason, I guess because of this big walk-out thing, Smash was the target of their abuse, and even while en route back to Dillon, a couple of police officers stopped the bus and tried to take him in on charges of assault resulting from the on-field brawl. That's when Mac stood up to defend Smash, demanded a warrant from the police, and basically said, "You gotta go through me to get to him." Yep, folks, you got it...another FNL Hallmark Moment, brought to you by yours truly!

OK...So that's about it for today. Kenny, hope you enjoyed the FNL update, and everyone else, have a great day!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Lots to re-cap, so let's get right into it!


Things got pretty intense over on Friday Night Lights last week when the assistant coach, Mac, referred to the black players on the team as "junkyard dogs" in an interview with local reporters. While I don't think he intentionally meant to demean the black players, it immediately sent the entire school into an uproar, with kids fighting in the halls and causing friction in the Panthers locker room. Smash tried to talk to Mac about it, but Mac refused, and that's when Smash snapped. He rallied the other black players on the team, and they staged their own rebellion during practice by ignoring Mac's orders and walking off the field. It'll be interesting to see how Coach Taylor deals with this latest controversy!

This episode also featured the Powder Puff game, when the rally girls and cheerleaders all take part in an exhibition game, with one team being coached by Tim Riggins, the Powder Puff Nazi, and the other being coached by Matt Sarracen, Mr. "Please Girls, Just Try A Little Harder". Matt's still in Julie's bad books, and even more so after he chose her third to play for his team. But once he made Julie his quarterback and her dad gave her a few tips, she won the game for her team and she and Matt seemed happy together, if only for a moment.

And of course there was lots more to talk about, but seeing Kenny's my only FNL fan, I'd better move on to...


The kick-off episode to the Fiji season featured sea snakes. Lots and lots of sea snakes. And yet another ethnically-diverse group of people, ready to tear each other apart. It's still way to early for me to know everyone's names, or even their tribe names, but we did seem to be seriously lacking in the HOT department, that I am sure of! My current favourite is the dude who looked like Rocky, but that can all change very quickly.

This season, we've got two camps - the luxury camp that everyone helped to build, complete with sleeping quarters, kitchen, and potty; and the empty beach, which the losing tribe was sent to after the Immunity Challenge, where they received just one machete and one pot. (Rocky happened to be on that team, poor guy. Already, I'm loving the losers...) The girl who was voted out...meh, not much to say about her. She was non-descript. I'm not even sure what her name was. She was basically just voted out because she wasn't strong, and she didn't establish a strong enough alliance.

It's still too early in the game to say what this season will be like, but with 2 hidden immunity idols and the big twist being that they're NOT hidden on Exile Island, it should get pretty interesting pretty quick!


Holy Hell, I love this show.

One of Derek's beloved ferry boats blew up or something, and the young docs of Seattle Grace were sent to save some lives at the scene of the accident. All but Cristina, who was left back at the hospital to wait for patients, and you just know that didn't sit well with Cristina.

Might I just say that this episode pushed Alex even further up the ladder of Mr. Incredibleness? He found a pregnant woman who was severely crushed under a cement pylon, and he saved her. He stuck with her until he was forced to leave her side, and even then, he kept going back to check on her. Seeing how she whimpered when she saw him and grasped at his hand showed just how much she trusted him and wanted him with her. It was really sweet and touching. And Alex was just so calm and soothing and reassuring. God, I love him...

Callie and George were having difficulty dealing with their relationship at work, as Callie kept reminding George that she's his boss, not his wife, once they're within those hospital walls. I don't get what the big deal is. All she has to do is watch Burke and McDreamy to see how it's done!

Izzie had by far the worst episode to deal with, as she had a man trapped under a car far away from the rest of the carnage, and his group of buddies demanding that she save his life. All by herself. The chaos of the accident scene left her all alone, without help from search and rescue. To give Izzie credit, she did pretty well considering how nerve-racking the situation was. I really hope her guy lives.

And last but not least, we have Meredith, who was not only trying to save lives, but she also had to trail around a little lost girl who was separated from her mother when the accident occured. Meredith decided to use that little lost girl as her assistant, to keep the child pre-occupied and not thinking of all the blood. However, Meredith's patient became frantic and at the end of the episode, he knocked her into the water in his attempt to get up. And that's when we fade to black... And that's when I start screaming at the TV!! Nooooooo!!!! Of course, Meredith is going to be OK...The show's called Grey's Anatomy. Without Grey, there is no Anatomy. There is no show. But I just can't wait to see what happens!

OK, so those were some pretty lame re-caps, guys, and I apologize, but I did my best! I'll be more thorough this week, I promise!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Guelph Blog

Good Tuesday morning, to one and all!

Alright, so this is the Guelph Blog, and I'm just going to randomly run through some of the highlights and funny moments of my trip to visit Lindsay in Guelph! I'm still not sure when I'm going to fit in my re-caps of FNL, Grey's, and the latest kick-off to Survivor - maybe tomorrow!!

So here it goes...

  • Trains are cool - I only wish I'd had a buddy to share the adventure with! However, I did have a pleasant lady sitting next to me on the journey home and she was very nice to chat with.
  • Arriving in Guelph on Wednesday, Lindsay promptly took me to the University to water her grass. Then we crashed for the afternoon to rest up for her class Pub that night. The pub was pretty cool, there were some very hot bouncers. It actually reminded me a lot of high school dances, except that you could buy booze if you were wearing a pretty pink bracelet that the hottest bouncer was slapping on people. Oh, and that was another interesting thing for me - I had to show I.D. everywhere we went...I was a long way from Gavan's, I guess!
  • Most Awesome Cheeseburgers can be found at the Portly Penguin, a Kelsey's-type bar & grill in Guelph where we ate my first night there. SO GOOD!!
  • The Hip Concert was INSANE...Although the travel arrangements left something to be desired. At one point, I was afraid we were never going to make it to Toronto, and then later on, I was fearing we'd never get back to Guelph. (Ask me sometime about the scary drive in the snow.) But the show was awesome, and I got to sprinkle bad luck all over the ACC - I literally oozed venom towards the Leafs, and judging by their OT loss to Pittsburgh they suffered on Saturday night, my hex must've worked!
  • I think I have now travelled by every means possible except for plane. Within a span of 5 days, I was on a train, on a Subway, on a Go-Bus, and in a cab. All I need to do now is motorcycle, and I'm set.
  • Friday night was my favourite night - we went to the Guelph Storm game with a bunch of Lindsay's friends and classmates, and it was pretty cool. Although I did get attacked by a security guard who wouldn't let me take pictures. Guelph lost 7-2, but afterwards we hit the downtown bar scene, and that's when the fun REALLY began. We went to Bobby O'Brien's, Trappers, Van Gogh's, and the Palace. Most were dark-dance-club-type places that I would normally cringe at, but after a few of these rye-n-cokes that had more rye than coke in them (and at $2.50 a pop at one place - Nick's ripping us off, guys!!) - not only was I having fun, I was up dancing with Lindsay, Jason, Rebekka (Lindsay's roommate), and one of their friends. And I mean dancing!! Like a homie or something. Wicked!
  • As you all know, when I drink too much, I get stupid. So while upstairs at Van Gogh's and dancing like a homie, I took the notion to knock Jason's yucky Leaf hat off his head repeatedly. Of course, that turned into a bit of a war with me pretending to kick him in the head several times until Lindsay & Rebekka got my attention and warned me to settle down. Little did I know, I had caused the bouncers to jump up and they were starting to surround me, and God only knows what might have happened if I hadn't stopped swinging my leg in Jason's direction! I was a little more careful after that. If I'd been at Gav's, Nick might've laughed or possibly shot me the "Settle Down" look himself, but I think these dudes might've kicked me right out or tackled me or something. On my way out, I shook hands with one of them and apologized for my rowdiness, and he just laughed, so all's well that ends well!
  • The even funnier part of this story happened the next night, while watching the hockey game, and Lindsay & I got giddy. Then Lindsay took the notion to re-enact my kicking episode, but she slipped and fell flat on her ass. I'm not sure I've ever laughed so hard in my life (after making sure she was OK, of course...)
  • I learned pretty quick that the only way to end a great night in Guelph is to stop at Sun Sun's for some chinese take-out. I, personally, never ate any Sun Sun's myself, but I smelled it many times in the car rides home from downtown after our night-time adventures. It's just fun to say it. Sun Sun's.
  • Saturday we went to see the movie "Because I Said So"...Girls, it's a must-see. I absolutely adored it! Best movie I've seen in a long time!
  • Saturday night was Ranch Night - Lindsay, Rebekka and I went, and it really is like a bigger, more packed version of Gavan's. Lots of two-steppers, lots of cowboys, lots of hootchies. By this point, I'd already had my "wild night" the night before, so I was pretty tired and I didn't even partake in any dancing or anything crazy, but at least now I know what Lindsay & Jared are talking about when they mention the Ranch!
  • The train ride home was rather uneventful, although I did spy a hot boy in the lounge in Toronto. However, I think he must've been in a bad accident or something, because he had a cast on one arm, and he walked with a cane, and his arms were just a maze of scars. He did have a sexy face, though!

OK, so that's all I can think of right now, and that's probably more than anyone cares to read! Lindsay's probably reading this and thinking that I missed a million stories, but the Blog would just never end if I wrote about it all. I had a great time, and I can't wait to get my pictures developed. I didn't meet any boys who wanted to get married or move to Quyon, but that's alright. It was an awesome trip anyways!!

Glad to be back! Take care, gang!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

There's A New Kid On the Block!!

I just posted this on the other thread, but I think Madyson deserves a spot on the Main Page!

Stacy & Ricky have a baby girl! Stacy's grandmother just called and spoke to Bill. She was born at 10 AM and she is 9 lbs. I don't have any other details, but I'm assuming her name is Madyson unless they changed their minds at the last second or something! Also, she apparently has black hair, blue eyes, and is just adorable!

So as far as I know, both Mom & baby are doing well. Very exciting!!

Monday, February 05, 2007

I Hear the Train A-Comin'...

Hey Gang!

Just a quick note to say Hello & Goodbye!! Tuesday is my last day of work before I head off to Guelph via train Wednesday morning to visit Lindsay. Plans include taking in the Tragically Hip concert Thursday night at the ACC (how will I ever survive in the home of the Toronto Make-Me-Laughs??), a Guelph Storm game on Friday night (Go Guelph Go!...I guess, unless they happen to be playing the '67's!!), and a li'l two-steppin' Saturday night at Linds' favourite bar, The Ranch. (That should be cute...Me, trying to two-step...By myself...Oh boy...)

So hopefully when I get back I'll be engaged or something like that. At the very least, I hope I have some exciting stories. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

** Special Note to Kenny: Please leave a sticky note on your desk to remind Luke constantly to tape my (our) shows. I'm going to make him a list of what shows & times, but if you could just tell him to tape, tape, tape every time you see him, that would be muchly appreciated!!

OH - and also, we could have a new baby on the block by tomorrow!! Stacy is currently up at the hospital being induced, so if any baby news comes my way before I leave work tomorrow, I'll be sure to pass it along to the Bloggers!

Have a great day, guys, and wish my luck on my scary train ride & on finding a nice Guelph boy who will hopefully want to move to Quyon with me and live happily ever after.

Take care!! ;)

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Just Call Her Callie O'Malley

OK, so I told you guys all about the big proposals last week on Grey's Anatomy, and how I thought both girls would probably say no.

We found out pretty quick tonight that I was wrong where Callie was concerned! Not only did she say yes to George, they already got married!!! UNBELIEVABLE. In Vegas. I'm still reeling! So George and Callie returned to the hospital to share their good news with the rest of the docs, which led to the best line of the night (maybe the season), from the oh-so-studly Dr. Alex Karev: "Dude. She's Callie O'Malley." I'm still giggling. Priceless.

Anyways, this week the doors also opened to the Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic, which Izzie funded with her whopping $8 Million inheritance, and she was a little concerned with their lack of patients. So concerned, in fact, that Dr. Bailey sent Izzie and Alex to poach patients from the ER. Until George landed in, not feeling so swell, and they all assumed he was having panic attacks over his impulsive marriage. But then Nurse Olivia arrived suffering the same symptoms, and then one of the technicians. George figured out pretty quick that they had all been in contact with a patient's toxic blood, but before he could send out an alarm, an entire room of surgeons and nurses, including the Chief and Alex, were passed right out on the operating room floor. (Don't worry, they were all OK, but pretty much everyone got sick at some point. Except for McSteamy. He's too pretty to do the messy stuff).

Meanwhile, Meredith's mother was given "the gift" - she woke up temporarily lucid, rather than in her confused state of Alzheimer's. But instead of embracing the precious moments of having her real mother around, Meredith avoided her. Because she was afraid her mother would call her a disappointment. And when she finally did go and face the legendary Ellis Grey, that's exactly what her mother called her. A disappointment. Talk about a slap in the face! By the time Meredith had composed herself enough to confront her mother again and tell her exactly how she felt, the elder Dr. Grey had already slipped back into that "other world" and she didn't understand a thing her daughter said. Moral of the story: Embrace the moment, people, 'cause ya never know when it might all just disappear.

Alex is hot, guys. Seriously. Very, very hot. When he was lying next to Addison on that hospital bed in just a black muscle shirt and his blue scrub pants...Man, that was nice. How she didn't jump him right then and there, I do not know.

So that basically leaves Cristina, and whatever did become of her and Burke? Well, she was considering his proposal, and he was very impatient, but finally at the end of the episode, she told him she didn't want a ring. And that she's a surgeon. And that they'd have to hire someone to be the wife. "So..." Burke said, "Is that a yes?" And after a dramatic pause, Cristina said, "Yes." And then she and Burke did that fun thing where they both get giddy and laugh and jump around hugging each other, which hardly ever happens. It was very cute, and it officially proved my Grey's Proposal Predictions wrong...Both girls said yes!

But there's no way Cristina Burke will get the laughs that Callie O'Malley did.

Callie O'Malley.

Hahahahahahahahahahhahaha!!!!! I love it!


Friday Night Lights. Seriously, people. Start watching it.

Last night's episode was absolutely amazing. But then again, they all are.

I'll start the re-cap with Jason & Lyla. Lyla's dad Buddy is dead-set against them being together, and he's been treating Jason like the scum beneath his feet, just because he's in a wheelchair. And needless to say, he was furious when Jason announced that he and Lyla are engaged. Now honestly, if I was a parent, I can somewhat understand his hesitation in watching his beautiful, young daughter wrap herself up in a relationship with a guy who is a quadreplegic. However, Buddy should also know Jason well enough to know he has ambitions and goals and intelligence, and that he's not going to make a waste of his life. I hope Jason stands his ground with this one!

Smash Update: He was working his ass off to get back in Coach Taylor's good graces following the whole steroid fiasco, and the Coach wasn't making it very easy on him. That is, until his wife told him he needed to straighten things out with Smash before the kid lost all of his confidence, and that set up my favourite scene of the night: After having a heart-to-heart with Smash, the Coach and his star joined in a game of pick-up football with some of the neighbourhood kids, and there's nothing that makes you smile from the inside out as much as watching men playing with kids - it was so sweet! Of course, Smash has stayed clean and has done everything he's been ordered to do, so Coach Taylor told him he'll be back in the line-up for playoffs.

Then we have Tim Riggins, who needed his dad's signature on some court documents or else he would lose his driver's licence. So Tim took off to find his estranged father, and he ended up spending a few days with his old man despite his brother Billy's warnings to steer clear of him. While I've never been Billy's biggest fan, I really liked seeing how much he worries about Tim and cares about him. In any case, Tim was soaking up the father-son time he was spending with his dad, until he asked his dad to come to his game. Tim was heart-broken when his dad told him he couldn't go back, and he must've felt that the bonding time he'd put in was all for not, until the night of the game arrived and there was Mr. Riggins in the stands, ready to cheer him on. Yet another lovely Friday Night Lights Hallmark moment!

So this brings us to the whole Matt & Julie situation. Now, I'm not sure what the deal is with high school football in Dillon, Texas, but apparently once you make the playoffs, all of a sudden the other football players and rally girls decide to kidnap the star quarterback every time he turns around. And that would be Matt Sarracen. Shy, quiet, nervous, awkward Matt Sarracen, who would really rather just hang out with his girlfriend, but instead he's getting hustled off into cars with screaming girls who want him to strip down in hot tubs and kanoodle with them while taking photos for the school calendar. The first time Matt was kidnapped, Julie was very understanding, and hitched a ride home with Tyra. Then he ditched her so that he could make an appearance on a local TV show, and again, she was very understanding. She even agreed to "baby-sit" his Grandma for him. (And she invited Tyra along. I'm not liking that friendship at all. I know a few weeks ago I said I had gained some respect for Tyra, but now she's lost it again. First she took Julie to a strip joint, then she shoplifted while in her company. And then she gave Matt's Grandma wine and painted her toe nails. Black. Ugh.)

The straw that broke the camel's back was the last time Matt was kidnapped and taken to a party where the rally girls were snapping photos of the football players for their calendar. Matt didn't tell Julie about this particular kidnapping, but she found out about it when she saw the rally girls passing around the photos. Undoubtedly, she wasn't impressed seeing her boyfriend stripped down to his boxers in a hot tub with the cheerleaders. (I, on the other hand, loved it). Julie just looked so hurt, especially when Matt lied about where he'd been. The thing is, though...I feel sorry for him, too. I understand why she's mad, but she must know Matt well enough by now to know that the whole time he was there, he was uncomfortable and wishing he was at home with her. It's just...Well, he's QB1 and sometimes he has to take part in these silly football parties. Surely to God Julie can understand that! I hope these two can work it out...They really are one of my favourite TV couples!

So that puts a wrap on this week's FNL re-cap. Stay tuned next week...From the preview they showed, looks like it's going to be intense!!