Thursday, July 23, 2015

Things that are making me smile (or giggle out loud)

The week before going on vacation is generally a feel-good week for me… so maybe that’s the reason I’ve found myself smiling or laughing so much this week.  But here are a few of the things I’ve had a good giggle over so far this week:

twitter feud

  • The video of Sam pulling Gabby the cat’s tail.  I wish I could share the vid, but I don’t know how.  Earlier this week, my friend Lindsay’s little guy Sam was staying with his grandparents, and NanaBev posted a video on Facebook of Sam pulling the cat’s tail.   He starts out gently tugging at it, while Bev warns him to be nice and gentle and stop pulling the cat’s tail… and yet, each yank is harder and harder.  Literally the most patient cat I’ve ever seen – it just lay there, sliding closer and closer to him with each pull.  I honestly thought he might pull the cat’s tail right off! LOL  I’ve gone back to watch it several times, and it makes me giggle each time I watch it!

Sam at Nana's Instead of the video, here’s a pic of Sam’s innocent look - “What? Me, make a mess???” – also while visiting his nana – photo lifted from Bev’s Facebook

  • Speaking of Facebook videos… I smiled from ear to ear last night when my friend Stacy posted a video of her 3-year-old Tanner singing her a lullaby.  It was one of the songs the kids love to sing at church with Rolly, “Halle Halle Halle-lujah”.  It was pretty priceless to hear Tanner’s rendition for his mommy!

Tanner silly Such a silly boy!  Photo lifted from Stacy’s Facebook

  • I had stopped in at my mom’s on Monday night, as she had my niece and nephew for a few days, and I wanted a quick visit with them.  They had just returned from a day out, and Mom had unloaded the car and was out watering her flowers, while the kids came ahead in the house.  Caden was down on the landing at the back door, and all of a sudden I heard him say, “Uhhh, I got water all over me.”  It turned out my mom had her sweet icicle pickles sitting there in an old ice cream pail (I have no idea WHY they were there on the steps)… Caden saw “Chocolate Swirl Ice Cream” on the lid and opened it, spilling a bunch of the pickling liquid on himself.  And on the steps.  It wasn’t until he had walked through the house that we realized it was pickle juice he had spilled, not just water.  And then there were sticky footprints through the house, as well as a sticky pickly mess on the landing.  It was the priceless look of innocence on his face that got me, though… “I thought it was ice cream… why does Grandma have PICKLES in an ICE CREAM CONTAINER?!”

Caden silly Silly Caden!  A pic from the camp last summer… and I have camp on the brain.

  • I always giggle when I’m watching Jimmy Fallon, but my favourite moment so far this week was when he and Adam Sandler did a “Lip Flip” – especially the part when Adam explains how Jimmy hurt his hand! LOL

  • I had ordered a few books from Amazon last week for some new vacation reading material, and they arrived last night.  When I opened the box up, I was shocked that the book “Grey” by E.L. James was so massive… Like, giant-Bible-sized huge.  (but obviously not Biblical in nature…lol)  Then I flipped it open and realized the print on the pages was MASSIVE.  I was like, “What the heck…?” Upon looking at the cover more carefully, I realized I had accidentally purchased the Large Print Edition of the book.  So I guess I’m not bringing it to the camp with me.  I can just imagine Caden and Danica peering over my shoulder and trying to figure out what I’m reading…sounding out the words…eeeep.  I remember friends saying when they read the 50 Shades books that they tried to hide the fact that they were reading them.  No way I can hide this one! Bahahahaha!

grey book

What has made you smile this week?  Hopefully you’ve had plenty of giggles, and if not, maybe this post provided you with one! :)

Happy THURSDAY friends!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Good morning, folks.  How about some randoms on the dreary Tuesday?

  • I’m exactly one week away from 32.  ugh.  There is nothing cool about 32.  Especially not when you’re in the stage of the game that I’m in.  The single and child-less stage.  This is the stage when people really start telling you you’re kind of too old to be “waiting”.  Waiting for the right guy, waiting for the right time to have children… But wait I must.  Ugh.  Stupid 32.
  • I say “stupid 32”, and yet I’m a firm believer that age is just a number, and having a birthday is better than not having a birthday, so… whatever.  Bring it, 32.  Just bring it.
  • On to happier things… I may be a week from 32, but I’m also LESS than a week from holiday time!  Only a few more days, in fact!  Woo hoo!

Camp 1

Camp 18 

  • Getting up early in the morning to work out is so much easier when there’s something to be excited about.  For instance, this week, my alarm goes off at 5:40, and I lie there feeling pissed off for a few seconds – how dare you go off, alarm… how dare you! – but then I remember.  Ah.  Only a few more days until vacation.  And then I hop out of bed as if it were Christmas morning.  (well, not quite… but almost)
  • It has definitely reached that point in the summer when I’m craving down time… time away from the office, time away from the daily grind and routine.  It happens every summer. That little break becomes very important.
  • I can’t wait to be at the camp.  To look out at the river, relax with a book in my lap and a drink in my hand, to take a deep breath and soak up the peace and tranquility.  (as much peace and tranquility as one can find with a 9-year-old and 6-year-old running around, of course.)

Camp 11

  • I also can’t wait for camp food.  I know, I know… I’m supposed to be concentrating on NOT eating everything in sight, and working on making sure I still fit into those bridesmaid dresses… and yet I find myself fantasizing about camp food.  There’s just something so delicious about it, I can’t even explain it.  Corn on the cob, burgers and dogs, chips and treats, s’mores, Jiffy pop… mmmm… I can’t wait.

Camp 25

  • You know what else I can’t wait for at the camp?  NO air conditioning.  The office is exceptionally cold today. brrrrr.  I know I’ll be dying to be back in the luxurious AC after a few days there (it can get uncomfortable sleeping at night, especially), but right now I’m anxious for warmth & heat.
  • Trying to find something else to talk about… Oh! I was a little bit sad to hear the Blake & Miranda split news yesterday.  Not entirely shocked, but… still, a bit sad.  I’m a fan of both of them, and thought they were a spunky fun couple.

blake & miranda

  • A chunk of my vacation will be at the camp, but I’m also looking forward to other things when we come back – maybe going to the movies, maybe a supper or two out, a pool party with friends, hopefully a bit of shopping… I’m so looking forward to whatever the week brings.
  • I also love kicking off my vacation with the annual company golf tournament.  It has coincided nicely with my holidays for the past several years… getting to leave early Friday afternoon to head to Mickey Creek for a few drinks and a yummy meal, listen to the guys from work jam with their guitars, banjos, fiddles, mandolins… it’s always a good time, and puts me in a celebratory mood.

MVT Golf 2013

Ready to get this vacation rollin’… can ya tell? ;)

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Simple Summer Pleasures

As you can probably tell from my blog posts since returning from hiatus, I’m digging summer right now.  Digging summer hard.  

And yet, when I let my mind wander too far into the future, it happens… I start to crave fall.  I know.  RIDICULOUS.  But I really am a fall & winter girl at heart, so I can’t help myself from daydreaming about cozy sweaters and scarves, pots of hearty soup and chili, crunching coloured leaves and bright orange pumpkins.

So yeah… I kind of have to snap myself back.  Remind myself to live in the present, and enjoy this season instead of wishing for the next.

And for that reason, this morning I’ve been thinking of the simple summer pleasures.  The little things about these hot dog days that I adore.  And here they are, in no particular order:

  • Light suppers.  The days have come when it’s generally too hot to turn on the stove, and my appetite is (believe it or not) less than normal.  For that reason, my suppertime selections have been pretty basic.  Those toasted tomato sandwiches I so adore this time of year, usually with just a side of veggies and dip, a few pieces of cheese, and maybe a pickle.  And then usually just a small dish of fruit – strawberries or watermelon – to satisfy my sweet tooth.  These light suppers remind me of being a kid, having lunch on Grandma’s summer porch.  I’ve been thoroughly enjoying them.


  • The song “Cheerleader” by OMI.  I feel like I “discovered” this song before anyone else, because I was groovin’ to it during the cold winter days when I was alone in the office a lot of the time and listening to Spotify.  It does now seem to have become a hit, a song that I believe will define Summer 2015.  And months later, I still like it, so that’s saying something.

  • Working out in daylight.  This goes both ways – morning and night.  I’ve finally taught myself to get up earlier in the mornings and work out before getting ready for the day, and I admit that waking up at 5:45 AM is much easier when the sky is already bright and the sun is rising.  It’s also nice to take an evening walk at 8 PM, knowing full well that the daylight isn’t going to fade for a while yet.  Working out in the winter will be tougher… dragging my butt out of bed in the cold darkness… I’m already dreading that part.
  • Big Brother.  Oh, I know, it’s trash TV at its worst, but I’ve been a Big Brother fan for years, and it is definitely something I look forward to every summer.  I admit that so far, this summer’s cast isn’t doing it for me the way last year’s was (I miss Derrick…and Cody…and Caleb… and even Frankie!) – but BB is just part of my summer routine, and I’m so glad it’s back!

bb-cast-pic 17

  • Banana-flavoured Popsicles and Ice Cream Cones.  I confess that I haven’t enjoyed this summery treats as much as I’d like to so far, but they just scream SUMMER to me.  I may just go down to the store for a banana-flavoured popsicle tonight!

banana popsicle

  • Tanning.  My mom has been scolding me for sitting in the sun too much, but as far as I’m concerned, the sunblock is there for a reason.  I’ve been working on my tan, always under the protection of a hat and a low-UV sunscreen.  The hope is that I’m getting lightly tanned while not getting skin cancer… (I did enough burning in my younger days, I figure if I’m going to get it, the damage is already done.)
  • The smell of chipstand.  This one is both a blessing and a curse.  I live just up the road from our town’s beloved little grease factory, and sometimes, if the wind’s blowing right, I can smell it from my own front yard.  If not, I definitely get a whiff when I’m out for my walk, and it could literally make me drool.  I really do associate the smell of fries and burger’s from Mae’s as a smell of the summer.

fries chipstand

  • Lemonade.  Again, not something I’ve had a ton of so far this summer, but I think I’m going to buy some the next time I’m at the grocery store.  I’m craving this little taste of summer.


  • Sunday evening movies. Okay, it’s true, I love watching movies, and I do it all year long.  But there’s just something so summery about a Sunday evening movie to wind down the weekend and relax before kicking off another work week.  I’ve been working my way through all the “summery” movies on my shelf and it’s become one of my favourite nights of the week.

So tell me, what are your simple summer pleasures?

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

What I’m Loving Wednesday

It’s a peach of a day out there today!  Perfect day to take a quick look around, take stock, and share what’s making me smile today :)

  • I’m loving summertime!  We’ve had some nice hot weather here over the past week.  Last night some storms and rain blew through, clearing the air a bit, and today is just gorgeous.  Bright sun, blue skies, nice breeze… I love the hot days, but these “cooler” days are also a nice part of summer around here.  I can’t wait to go for my walk at lunchtime.


  • Lovin’ that Sarah’s wedding is now only a month away… and Sue’s is just over two months away!  Crazy how these months have been flying by… I’m excited for the fun times ahead celebrating the marriages of two of my dear friends!  Dress alterations are tonight (fingers crossed that they fit!!!), Sue & Adam’s Mixed Party is this weekend… we’re rollin’ on full-steam-ahead to wedding time!!!
  • I’m in love with the fact that I have some holidays to look forward to in the near future.  I’m now less than 2 weeks away from my week off, when some of my famjam and I will hopefully be heading to our “home away from home” at the Draper Camp for a few days, and I also hope to take the kids to the movies one day, maybe do a little shopping, perhaps a little daytrip with my Momma, and enjoying some downtime with friends at a pool party.  Then, later on in September, I’ll be heading to Nova Scotia with one of my besties Lindsay for a long weekend trip.  It will be my first time travelling East (or travelling ANYwhere lately!!), and I’m SO excited.
  • I’m loving Jimmy Fallon!!  My poor babe, he hurt his hand really badly a few weeks ago (almost lost his left-hand ring finger, actually) and spent 10 days in ICU.  This is his first week back to the Tonight Show post-injury, and I was so happy to see his handsome smiling face on my TV again.  Ohhhh how I love me some Jimmy.  I missed him.


  • Oh, and I also LOVE Ed Sheeran.  His new song “Photograph”? Love it.  LOVE IT.  I think I love it even more than I loved “Thinking Out Loud”.  And I didn’t think that was possible.  Seriously, though, how cute is Baby Ed?!?!

  • Mmmmm… I’m loving toasted tomato sandwiches.  I hit this stage every summer, where all I want is toasted tomato sandwiches, for breakfast, lunch and supper.  I daydream about them.  Eventually, I’ll get sick of them, but so far, they are my summer food du jour.
  • Reading on the back deck.  Yes, I love doing that.  And I’m super-loving the fact that I’m now reading the THIRD book in a row that I can’t put down.  This, like, never happens.  I started The Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins last Friday, and if I get time to read tonight, I will be done it, I’m almost certain.  I’m not a really fast reader usually, so you know this must be a good one!

girl on the train

  • I’m just loving my family and friends.  I don’t think we say it enough – express our appreciation for the people around us who fill our days, who are there for us, who put a smile on our faces.  Even if some of us don’t always see each other that often, I hope my family and friends know how important they are to me, and how much I value them in my life.

Happy Wednesday, guys :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Best Foot Forward

I once read something on-line about how one should not use words such as “busy” or “exhausted” because they carry such a negative connotation.  Even if you ARE really busy, or  really tired, you should eliminate those words from you vocabulary to ensure you have a more positive headspace and a lighter attitude.  At the time, I couldn’t have agreed more – in fact, I still agree whole-heartedly.  Nothing drives me more insane than people whining about being tired or busy.  I always feel like saying, “Suck it up, buttercup!  Everyone’s busy and tired and the world keeps turning, so deal with it!”

And then, I became one of those annoying people.  I started throwing those words around left, right & centre.  At first, I didn’t even realize it, but lately, it’s become crystal-clear to me:  I have become one of those “busy, so tired” whiny people who I used to shake my head at.

I really haven’t been putting my best foot forward lately. I’ve been a bit of a Negative Nelly, if I’m being entirely honest.  I’ve had difficulty finding the positives.  I haven’t tried as hard to bring myself around to a happy frame of mind as I used to.

And really, for what reason?  It makes no sense.  There’s no plausible explanation for me to be in a rut, or to feel unhappy with my lot in life.  If anything, I should be giving thanks!   Life is good, really it is!

For the past few weeks, I’ve been forcing myself to try and be more conscious of what I’m saying, and how I’m outwardly portraying myself.  I don’t want to be this mopey, cranky girl that I’ve suddenly discovered I am.  I’ve definitely been putting forth an effort to drop the word “busy” from my vocab.  Because, quite frankly, who isn’t busy these days?  Everyone I talk to has a million things on their plates right now, and I’m actually not as busy as most of them.  I’m just single ol’ me, no kids, no man… I have more time & freedom than most of my family and friends!

I’ve been trying to breathe deeper & be more grateful.  Yoga helps, and I’ve resumed that practice, which was definitely a step in the right direction.  I hadn’t been doing much Yoga so far this year, and once I started again, I instantly became more self-aware of my bad feelings and habits, and the need to try and correct them.  My negative words, the way I clench my jaw, the heavy sighs, that lethargic feeling that deadens my limbs.  What for?  There’s no need for that!!

I’ve resumed evening walks whenever possible.  I hadn’t been doing that as much, and I’m now remembering how the fresh air, activity and time to think brings me to a better frame of mind.

I’m learning to be more accepting  of myself – less harsh in my judgments of who I am.  As we all know, I lost a pile of weight a few years ago, and after Christmas I discovered I had somehow gained quite a bit of it back.  I was sulky about it.  I’ve been mad at myself, and carrying it like a burden.  But over the past few weeks, I’ve come to a realization:  My weight has fluctuated within the same 5 lbs for the past 6 months.  When I try harder, I can drop a few pounds, but for the most part, I’ve stayed in the same 5-lb zone, and that is with working out daily but not eating as healthy as I used to.  So… maybe this is just where I’m supposed to be?  Maybe this is the natural weight my body should be at?  It frustrates me that I don’t fit in most of my clothes from last summer, but is it really so bad to be up a size, enjoying treats, working out, and just being OK here where I am?

Positive thoughts.  Looking forward with a smile in my heart.  Being excited for things that lie ahead, yet content and peaceful in the present.

It’s time to start putting my best foot forward again.

I am a lucky girl :)

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Summer Movie Marathon

Everyone knows I’m a sucker for a good movie marathon.  I love to pick a theme and watch as many movies as possible that stem from it – Christmas movies, scary movies, old-school movies, Twilight.  You name it, I can “marathon” it.

A few weeks ago, I got the urge to have a Summer Movie Marathon.  I dragged every summer-related DVD off my shelf, posted a pic of them on Facebook, and asked for opinions from my friends – which flicks would make their cut?  (There were 18 of ‘em, I couldn’t watch them all!)

Summer movie marathon

As it turned out, that very weekend was the perfect weekend for a Summer Movie Marathon.  I had come down with a bit of a cold – nothing major, but it did result in me completely losing my voice.  With Canada Day & Sarah’s bachelorette coming up the following week, I decided to lay low, rest up, get healthy, and get my voice back.

And watch a whack-load of movies.

I watched 2 on the Saturday evening, and another 4 on Sunday.  Here are the movies that made my Summer Movie Marathon cut:

Dirty Dancing

dirty dancing

It was the overwhelming #1 choice when I canvassed my friends on Facebook.  And really, how could it not make the list?  Family vacation to a summer resort, sweaty grinding dance moves, forbidden love, great music, Patrick Swayze at his finest… As we all know, nobody puts baby in the corner! 

27 Dresses


OK, so…this one really isn’t all that summer related, except that summer is “wedding season” in my mind, and this ones definitely got a few weddings in it!  The beach wedding at the end is pure summer bliss.  Also, I adore James Marsden, and take any opportunity to watch this one, because he’s sooooo adorably sexy in it.  I’d give anything to dance on a bar with him singing “Benny & the Jets”…

Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead


I’m pretty sure I also selected this one for my Old School Movie Marathon, but really, I could watch this one once a month and it would never get old.  Mom heads off to Australia for the summer and leaves her five kids under the watch of a cranky old babysitter.  Not long after Mom’s departure, the old gal kicks the bucket.  Rather than cry out for help, the kids decide they can handle this on their own.  And a summer of hijinx ensues.  It’s a frigging classic, dudes.

Safe Haven

safe haven

Set on the North Carolina coast, this Nicholas Sparks story that went to the big screen is filled with beautiful beach scenery, a thriller-slash-love-story-slash-twist-ending, and the ever-delectable Josh Duhamel.  If that dude isn’t the perfect summer romance, I don’t know who is!

Wedding Crashers


Again, more “wedding” than “summer” (can you guys tell I have weddings on the brain right now?!) – but like I said before, summer is wedding season.  And I think I must’ve seen this one for the first time on a hot summer’s day, because that’s what it makes me think of.  And it’s still really, really funny.  I have a soft spot for Vince Vaughn.

Magic Mike


Summer just isn’t summer with at least one viewing of Magic Mike.  I chose it also to prepare myself for XXL, which I hope to see very soon!  I know the acting sucks.  I know the storyline is stupid.  But the dancing… ohhh, the dancing.  Channing makes it all.worth.while.

And there we have it!  The ones that made the cut for my Summer Movie Marathon.  I admit there are more I’d still like to watch before the summer is out – including Weekend at Bernie’s (because…how can you not?), Major League (summer = ball season), Summer Catch (summer = ball season), and 50 First Dates (I love the Hawaiian vibe throughout one of my favourite Adam Sandler movies)… but I doubt I’ll have another chance to watch ‘em all at once, like I did that weekend.

So tell me… what movies say “SUMMER” to you?  What flicks have I missed?!

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

What I’ve been up to…

Well, hello there!

It’s been a while, eh?  I never intended to go on a bloggy break.  Didn’t plan on taking a hiatus.  But the past couple of months have been… busy.  I’ve tried to stay as organized and in control as possible, because when I’m organized and in control, I’m a more calm and sane person.  I’ve stayed on top of work, social activities, responsibilities, family time, friend time, keeping house & cutting grass, quiet time… the one thing that fell by the wayside, though, was writing. 

I let the blog slip.  And trust me when I say, I have missed it.  Writing is therapy to me, even when it’s about silly & mundane things, and I think it’s high time to finally get back to it.

Not that you’ve really missed all that much by me taking an extended break from blogging.  My life is rolling along, same-ol same-ol.  Nothing big or earth-shattering to share, and perhaps that’s why I let it go so easily.

But here are some of the things I’ve been up to.

Working.  It’s been a busy season thus far here at the turf farm.  In fact, maybe the busiest I’ve ever remembered it (at my desk, anyways).  That’s a good thing, because the days fly by quickly and it keeps me on my toes!

Enjoying the summer & all of its fun activities.  Summer is here, and I have to say, thus far, it’s been kind of perfect.  I shake my head at that girl back on May 8th who said she was kind of sad to let the winter hibernation days go.  The weather has been beautiful, and even though the summer is still young, it’s already been so jam-packed with fun.  I honestly don’t know if I’ll remember how to hibernate once winter rolls around again!

Planning & celebrating wedding activities with friends.  Two of my close friends are getting married – Sarah in August, and Sue in September.  I am Sarah’s maid of honour, so the past few months have been filled with planning & executing:  mixed party, shower, and bachelorette.  I had lists coming out the ying-yang.  Each event went off without a hitch, and we all had a blast!  Festivities for Sue are getting ready to commence now, with their mixed party coming up next weekend.  I also attended my cousin Kayla’s wedding at the end of May, and it was such an awesome day… it reminded me of how much I LOVE weddings!  I’m so excited for Sarah & Sue’s big days to get here :)

Sarah's bachelorette Pic from Sarah’s bachelorette on Saturday, courtesy of Stacy

Fundraising & celebrating Canada Day. The last time I posted, we hadn’t even had our Canada Day Committee Golf Tournament yet… It was held May 23, and then we spent the month of June gearing up for our little town’s big festivities.  We celebrated a day early, on June 30th, with a community BBQ, parade, flag raising ceremony, entertainment for the kids, fireworks, and partying to awesome music all night long in the hall.  Everyone knows Canada Day is one of my favourite days of the year, and this year did not disappoing!  I decided that this would be my last year on the Canada Day Committee, as I’ve been with them for over 10 years now and I have to say my last one on the Committee was awesome.

Canada Day 2015 2

Canada Day 2015 3

Canada Day Committee 2015

Hanging out & enjoying time with family.  I love family time, and I’ve been making time for that as often as possible.  My little nephew Noah is growing fast – already 3 months old, and such a cute little lug!  We’ve had some wonderful family gatherings over the past few months, both immediate and extended, and I cherish those days.  Any time spent with Caden, Danica, Neve & Noah is valuable and I treasure it!

Kids 2 June 7 2015

Jill and Noah June 2015

Eating too much.  Yes.  It’s true.  I’ve been SO off track with the healthy eating thing that it’s not even funny.  Eating junk, and lots of it.  *sigh*  If there was ever motivation to be careful, you would think it would be two bridesmaids dresses… I’m unhappy with what I see in the mirror, cringing every time I realize something no longer fits, and dreading trying on those dresses that fit a few short months ago.  The good news is, I still have time to get this under control before the weddings.   I got rid of all the junk in my house the first of the week, and I’m going to my damndest to myself back on track now!

Reading.  I set a goal to read 20 books in 2015.  I set the same goal last year, and failed miserably (I got to only 14).  I’m determined to do it this year, and I’ve been flying through some good ones lately – I finished Me & Emma by Elizabeth Flock last week (easily one of the most traumatizing books I’ve ever read, with a twist ending that shocked me), and now I can’t put down The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty.  Seriously, this book is like crack.  Been a long time since I’ve enjoyed two books back-to-back like this!

Watching Seinfeld.  And Big Brother.  I’ve always declared myself a Friends fan, which meant that I believed I could not be a Seinfeld fan.  I thought you had to pick one or the other.  No room in the heart for both of them.  But I decided a year ago that I needed to give Seinfeld a shot, if for no other reason than to understand the Seinfeld references people throw around all the time.  I borrowed all the seasons from my brother-in-law, and ploughed through the first few seasons slowly… but now that I’m into Season 6, I’m finally on-board.  I have to watch a couple of episodes every evening now.  That is, when I’m not catching up on PVR’d episodes of Big Brother… Summer wouldn’t be complete without Big Brother!


Cutting an old bad habit of mine.  I’ve mentioned here before that one of my worst and most annoying habits is picking my lips.  I don’t know when exactly I started doing it, but I imagine probably around the time I quit sucking my thumb (age 7).  I’ve been a lip-picker for years, and when in stressful situations, I could damn near peel my bottom lip right off my face.  I saw a picture of myself recently where I could be seen in the background picking my lip.  I think it was the first time I’d ever actually seen what I look like when I’m doing it, and I wasn’t impressed.  Yuck. So for the past few weeks, I’ve been making a conscious effort to stop.  The first few days were tough.  I’d catch myself going for the lip.  It was just like an automatic reflex.  I’d tell myself to stop. Sit on my hands if I have to.  I’ve been slathering on lip balm all the time so that they don’t get dry and easily-pickable… and so far, it seems to be working.  Knock on wood, I may have kicked this habit to the curb once & for all!

June 7 2015 3 I hate the pic, but it opened my eyes to how awful the lip-picking looks!

Wishing for a camera.  My digital camera died a few months ago, the camera on my phone sucks, and I’m missing out on so many fun occasions and not being able to photograph them.  Luckily, my sister-in-law is an amazing photographer, so I’m glad she’s around to capture moments for me!  I’ve asked for a new one for my birthday, so fingers crossed!

Oh there’s more… but as you can tell, I haven’t lost my long-winded rambley-ness…

Hopefully I’ll be back again. Hopefully not 2 months from now, either. ;)

This one was for you, Mom!!