Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sebastian Goes Out With A Bang

I was sad to see Sebastian Pigott get voted off Canadian Idol last night.

Not surprised. Just sad.

The good news? Sebastian didn't seem a bit sad. In fact, he almost looked a little relieved to be done with this show. So there were no tears or sad good-byes. He high-fived his fellow competitors, took to the mic, and rocked out to "Lucille" one last time.

It was an explosive farewell. He jumped and writhed all over the stage while everyone danced and laughed along with. He wailed on his harmonica with more joy on his face than I've seen from him since the audition rounds.

When Sebastian was done, the crowd stood and cheered wildly. Even the judges were on their feet.

Something tells me I haven't heard the last from this guy, or from his brother. In an earlier Idol episode, their mother spoke of how happy she was that they decided to take on the Idol experience, because it had brought her boys back together again. This morning, on youtube, I watched a performance someone recorded at Holy Joe's in Toronto of Oliver & Sebastian singing "Dream" by the Everly Brothers last week. It was amazing. So my hope is that they continue on together, working together, singing together.

Because they brought magic to Canadian Idol this season. If it weren't for them, I might have stopped watching a long time ago. And if nothing else good comes of this show this season, at least I have Idol to thank for introducing me to the Pigott brothers.

Can't wait to see what they do next.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sebastian Gets His Game Back

Last night, the faded jeans were back.

The leather jacket was back.

The harmonica was back.

The curly hair was back.

The hat was back!

Ladies & gentleman...Last night, for the first time since the Top 10 commenced, Sebastian Pigott was back!!

And oh, what a relief it was!! While my support of Sebastian has never wavered over the past few weeks, clearly the judges have not been impressed, and neither has the voting public, as he has been a member of the Bottom 3 for 2 weeks straight.

There's no guarantee that he won't be back there tonight, but for the first time since the Elite 10 were chosen, Sebastian finally showed why he was put there. He was sexy and cool and sang "Lucille" with all the bluesy-soul that wowed the judges in the audition rounds.

This was the Sebastian Pigott I've been dying to see again, and was afraid we had lost. I wasn't sure he still had the confidence or the joy of performing on the Idol stage to pull off what he did last night.

But last night, he showed that cocky swagger - he was back in his groove, and for the first time since making it to the Top 10, the judges (for the most part) finally commended him for something other than just looking good. Only Zack, of course, had to pull him down a little, telling him that while he was much better than he was the first two weeks, hopefully tonight Canada will send him home so that they get down to the serious business of finding the next Canadian Idol.

I always take what Zack says with a grain of salt, so it didn't bother me much. The truth is, I feel Sebastian actually could be in the running for this if continues on in the same vein as he did last night. Of course, the "unplugged" sessions this week were more up his alley, taking him back to his busking days. Hopefully he's rediscovered what works best for him as an artist, and I get the chance to vote for him again and again and again!

Sebastian is the first Idol contestant I've felt this passionate about. More than Ryan Malcolm, more than Chris Daughtry, more than Greg Neufeld. Hell, even more than Lukas Rossi, from my Rockstar: Supernova days. He's the first Idol contestant I've voted for this much, and I have my fingers crossed that it pays off again tonight.

My hatred for Mark Day last night grew ten-fold when he sang one of my current favourite songs, Sugarland's "Stay". When I realized what he was singing, I cringed. He completely ruined it for me. Made me want to puke. If there is an Idol God, he'll be in the Bottom 3 tonight and voted out. I don't know if I can stand watching him one more week!

If I could pick a Bottom 3 for tonight, I'd put Mark, Mitch, and Drew down there. I'm still fully expecting Sebastian to be there, though, and probably because last night was his best performance, of course he'll end up going home. That's usually how it works in this unjust competition.

But if that does happen, Sebastian can rest assured that he went out with a bang. Because even though the judges gave the "performance of the night" to Theo, for me, it was all Sebastian.

He was finally back.

Monday, July 28, 2008

In Memory of Buzz

Good Monday morning, everyone!

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who came out to help me celebrate my birthday this past weekend. Today I turn a quarter of a century old, and while I wasn't exactly looking forward to it, my friends & family have made it a pleasant experience thus far. So thanks again!!

On a more somber note, today I'd like to take a few minutes to remember Tim Kilpatrick. He was better known to Ottawa sports talk listeners as "Buzz", a popular voice on the "Three Guys on the Radio" morning show and "The Buzz on Junior Hockey" at the Team 1200 radio station.

On Friday morning, Buzz passed away at the age of 41 from complications of a lung infection. He had gone to the hospital while on vacation over a week ago, suffering from shortness of breath. Last Monday, he reported to his boss at the Team that he expected to be released from hospital the following day, and back to work by Wednesday. Unfortunately, his condition deteriorated rapidly, and by Friday, he was gone.

I only get to listen to TGOR every morning for about half an hour while I'm getting ready for work. I've never met Buzz before in my life. But when I heard Saturday morning that he had passed away, I was floored. Absoultely shocked. I hadn't heard he was sick. I thought he was still just on vacation.

I cried. I struggled to deal with this odd feeling of never having met a person, and yet somehow feeling like I lost a good friend.

Buzz was a funny guy, and while his undying support of the Leafs would have me madder than a hatter one minute, in the next, he'd have me laughing out loud. He was always getting teased by his co-hosts for his mispronunciation of words and misuse of the English language. I always looked forward to hearing about his adventures with "The Date" (what he referred to his current girlfriend as), and hearing the other guys bug him about having to go to lame concerts with her (he was not looking forward to seeing George Michael in August).

There are countless jokes and "Buzzisms" and stories. This morning, I sat in my room with tears in my eyes as I listened to Steve and Stuntman Stu reminiscing and talking about all of them. I commend the two of them and the rest of the staff at the Team for putting together a fitting and bittersweet tribute to Buzz this morning. I have no idea how they remained so composed and calm. I expect that this morning's on-air celebration of Buzz's life might be one of the hardest things those guys ever have to do in their lives. But Buzz deserved it, and they did it well.

Things won't be the same without him in the mornings anymore. I think the thing about Buzz that I'll miss most is his unmistakable, infectious laugh. You just couldn't help but laugh along with him.

I lifted this picture of Buzz with Spartacat from Stuntman Stu's Blog - Buzz hated being photographed, and as the guys said this morning, pictures of him are about as rare as pictures of Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster - but Stu captured him at the Santa Claus Parade in Ottawa last year , and I think it's a great photo. Also, for more tributes to him by the two men he talked to for four hours every morning, check out their blogs:

We'll miss you, Buzz.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Funky Sh*t Goin' Down in Genoa City

Last week, I was right into the Young & the Restless because the storyline was focusing quite a bit on Daniel & Amber, my new favourite couple on the show. Well, not so much a couple anymore, because Daniel found out that Amber had cheated on him while he was away on tour with his dad. Anyways - the whole week, I was glued to the show, watching the fall-out after Amber finally told her beau that she had slept with Professor Adrian Korbel while he was gone.

This week, I wasn't so interested, because that storyline had slipped into the background, and to be honest, things were getting a little dry and boring on the Y&R.

Ah, but then came last night's episode. It was one of those episodes where you finally get a sniff of interesting things to come - it seems were on the cusp of something big. Definitely some funky sh*t goin' down in Genoa City!

I don't read spoilers, so I'm not sure what exactly is going to happen. You guys have mentioned car crashes, killing off characters, some commotion at the gala - not sure what exactly is going to take place, but if last night's episode is any indication, any or all of those things could occur.

First of all - can I just tell you how much I hate the character of Chloe? She's such a little twit! Apparently she's taken the notion she's in love with Cane, and she's not about to let his girlfriend Lily stand in the way. Last night, while Cane was in the midst of actually proposing to Lily, Chloe marched right up to him and told him she was pregnant with his baby! Now, as I've said, I kind of drift in & out of what's going on with the show, so I don't even know if they ever actually even did the nasty, but something tells me Chloe's not really "with child", and if she is, it's definitely not Cane's!

Then we've got that snake Jack Abbot, whom I loathe even more with each episode. He altered the article in Restless Style to slander Victor's new wife Sabrina just so he could sell more magazines - and by doing so, threw his business partners Nick, Phyllis, Sharon and the author of the article, Adrian, under the bus. Victor's been on a rampage ever since, looking for revenge. I was shocked last night when Jack just waltzed right up to Sabrina and admitted it all to her! I hate that pompous, sneaky weasel!!

But the really, really interesting storyline - and because I've only got bits and pieces of it along the way, I'm not entirely sure what's going on - is that Nikki's husband, David Chow, is up to something big. And I'm pretty sure whatever the big turn of events is that's coming down the pipe at us, he's going to be behind it all. Last night's episode ended with him slipping something in Nikki's drink, and we've got Paul Williams & JT Hellstrom feverishly trying to prove David had something to do with Ji-Min's death. One thing is becoming clear - David is dangerous, and Nikki is in trouble.

I'm assuming things will start snapping into place and fireworks will start going off tonight. I love it when all hell breaks loose in Genoa City!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Look

That's right, guys...I'm tryin out a new look for the Blog! Like it? Let me know! If not, I can switch back, or I can try another one - there's a few to choose from! :)

Hanging on by a Thread

As I mentioned yesterday, I was fully expecting Sebastian Pigott to go home last night on the Canadian Idol results show.
I had planned, prepared myself - I was going to be OK with it.
So when Sebastian was brought down into the Bottom 3, I certainly wasn't surprised. I was a little surprised to see Amberly Thiessen down there, though, after I thought she did a beautiful job with Bob Marley's "Redemption Songs". However, with this talented crop of contestants this year, as one of the judges said, someone had to be down there with Sebastian & Katherine St-Laurent.
(In this picture, I love Amberly's look of complete disgust. It's as though she's looking out at the Canadian public and saying, "What the F&$@ is wrong with you people???")

But c'mon, people. The missing piece of that Bottom 3 puzzle was not Amberly. Mark, Mark, Mark!!! Why is he NEVER THERE??? Arghhhhh!!!
In any case, Amberly was quickly sent back to the safety of the couches, leaving Sebastian and Katherine left to face Ben's final verdict.
After watching the re-cap of the night before, I had decided that Katherine was my only hope at keeping Sebastian alive in the competition. The judges have taken such a severe hate for him, and to be fair, he wasn't among the elite on Monday night. But I didn't think he was nearly as bad as they painted him. Katherine, however, wasn't exactly a stand-out either, but mainly because, of all the Joplin tunes she could have selected, she picked one I didn't even know, and I had the feeling maybe other people would feel the same way. At least Sebastian's take on Elvis' "Love Me" was recognizable (and hot).
So finally, it was time for Ben to make his announcement. He began by saying: "Sebastian..." and then he followed it up with a long pause, during which Sebastian put his head down and waited to be sent home. The pause grew longer...and longer...and longer...
And somewhere inside my head, a little hopeful voice cried, He's safe!!!
...and then Ben said the magic words himself: "You are safe!!"
Sebastian's head popped up and, as half the crowd screamed with joy and the other half booed in dismay, there was a look of complete bewilderment on his face. I don't think anyone was as shocked as Sebastian that he was staying and Katherine was going.

So while I did my little happy dance and squealed with glee, Katherine did a graceful job of accepting her fate, smiling and nodding as though she knew all along, and hugging Sebastian before he headed back to the couches.
Her safe Idol counterparts did not do such a smooth job of hiding their disbelief. They stared at each other in shock, mouths hanging open. Atta make a guy feel good about himself, eh?
In any case, I'm thrilled that he's been given another chance so that he can go "unplugged" next week with Gavin Rossdale. And there's something gratifying in knowing I didn't waste 45 minutes the night before hitting redial for Sebastian. Makes me feel like I accomplished something!
The only other note I took on last night was that at the end of the show, with the Idol music playing and credits rolling, they showed the remaining competitors taking turns giving good-bye hugs to the departing Katherine. When she finally got to Sebastian, he held her close and was whispering something in her ear, and she kept nodding and smiling through her tears - I have no idea what Sebastian was saying to her, but all I could think was: Man, I wish I was her right now!!!
And here's the Top 8 of '08!! (One more thing - Kenny mentioned yesterday that Sebastian was singled out on E!Talk as the worst dressed of the contestants. Yesterday, I completely disagreed - I've loved Sebastian's style all along - but that hideous teal blue blazer last night? Me no like. Good thing he's hot enough that I was able to ignore it. )

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Confidence Killers

Well, last night, I was fuming in front of my TV again.
Want to know why?
Because the flippin' Canadian Idol judges SUCK!!
They've clearly taken a major dislike for my boy Sebastian. I thought last night, he did a pretty good job. Of course, it was right up my alley that he chose to perform "Love Me" by Elvis Presley on Rock & Roll Heaven night. His performances are always honest, genuine, and how can you not love the hips?? Maybe he could push the vocals a wee bit, but otherwise, I thought he sounded great, looked great, and the whole performance was great!!
Now, brother Luke did make the comment last night that Sebastian could come out on-stage and fart the alphabet and I'd think it was great - that may be true. But honestly - the judges are wayyyy too harsh on this guy. If I could see anything wrong with Sebastian last night, it was that he might have seemed a little bit stiff and nervous.
Geez! Wonder why! After last weeks' comments from Jake, Sass, Farley & Zack, he was probably second-guessing his every decision. In the audition rounds, I thought Sebastian oozed confidence. His strength was smart song choices, and he brought sexy charm to every performance. The judges continually praised him for understanding his limitations and maximizing them with the right songs for his voice.

Maybe when big brother Oliver was booted from the show, Sebastian lost some of his swagger. Maybe he was more comfortable playing the cutesy sideshow in Oliver's shadow. Maybe now, with his brother forced to play the role of cheerleader, Sebastian feels a little lost & alone out there on that big stage.
Who knows. But one thing is for sure - Sebastian just doesn't seem like he's having much fun up there anymore. Can you blame him? After last week's episode, when the judges seemed to gleefully drag him through the mud, they probably killed his confidence. Stamped out his joie de vivre.
I thought they were there to give constructive criticism and help the contestants better themselves. They haven't done that with Sebastian. And it's obvious that the "You can't sing...but hey, you look good!" comment is starting to wear a little thin with him. After hearing it again from Sass last night, he replied cooly, "Thanks, Sass, that's what I was going for", tongue clearly in cheek.

The biggest problem with it all is that I know Sebastian can sing. And he didn't sound nearly as bad last night as they made it out to be. I thought his voice was smooth, and hit the right notes at all the right times. Beyond that, I've checked out his Myspace page, and the music he has on-line is really, really good.
Still doesn't seem fair that that pudgy, goofy pain-in-the-ass Mark Day gets big praise for his Drama Queen theatrics while a truly soulful, passionate artist like Sebastian Pigott gets stomped on all the time.
I voted my butt off again last night, but I'm once again preparing for the worst.
The only consolation if Sebastian is voted off tonight -and I'm fully expecting he will be - is that I know he's better than that silly show, and I look forward to seeing what he brings to the table after the Idol glow has faded away.

Friday, July 18, 2008

To Be, Or Not To Be? That is the Question...

I'm in a dilemma.

For years & years, as long as I've been a Wade Redden fan, people have always asked me, "If he ever got traded, or left the team through free agency, would you still be a Sens fan?"

My standard answer has always been, "Well God forbid, but if it did happen, I'd still be a die-hard Sens fan; however, I'd still follow Wade's career as closely as I can."

As you all know, the dreaded day came on July 1st, when Wade Redden, as an Unrestricted Free Agent, finally cut his ties with the Ottawa Senators - the only NHL club he's ever played for - and signed a 6 year deal with the New York Rangers.
There were no tears or tantrums. I was fully prepared - I'd have to be a dummy to think the Senators would sign him after the turmoil this season. And to be honest, I was almost a little relieved. For such a long time, I'd lived in fear of this happening, and then when it was finally done, it was almost like a weight off my shoulders.
Besides, Wade's last few seasons in an Ottawa uniform could not have been entirely enjoyable for him either, what with the fans and media all over him every time he made even the tiniest of mistakes. Oh yes, and how could I forget, Bryan Murray repeatedly trying to trade him when he didn't want to go? Atta make a guy feel welcome and loved.
Truthfully, I'm hoping that a new team in a new city will give Wade a new lease on life, and that his game will be rejuvenated. It irks me when I hear people saying he's done, and that he never lived up to his potential - that he was over-rated.
For a lot of years here in Ottawa, Wade Redden was a star. He was the assistant captain of this team, he was an Olympian, and he was considered one of the best defencemen in the league. What went wrong? I have no idea. I could speculate until the cows come home, but I'll never really know. I'd just love for him to go into New York and be that player that I know deep down Wade Redden can be.
So thus, my dilemma. To be an Ottawa Senators fan, or not to be? Should I follow Wade to New York, get myself a nice blue Rangers jersey with REDDEN on the back, and become a full-fledged follower of the New York Rangers? Or do I stick by my Sens and let my feverish following of Wade die down until it's almost non-existant?
In my heart, I know I can't turn my back on the Sens, even though I'm not impressed with a lot that has gone on over the past year. With news of every new signing, I can't help but feel that this isn't my team anymore - so many new faces, so many of the old ones gone. It's a little heart-breaking for me.
But at the end of the day, with or without Wade Redden, they're still my team, and I know that once the first puck drops, I'll be back in my Red-Black-n-Gold, cheering for them 'til I'm blue in the face.
I'll just be trying a little harder to get tickets when the Rangers are in town, that's all!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nothing to Say

I have nothing Sebastian-y to say today. That's disappointing in my world, but I'm sure the rest of you are relieved. I'm willing to bet you're all just about Sebastian-ed out. I glanced down the page today and realized that almost all of my blogs this summer have involved him to some extent. Not sure if that's healthy, but my self-diagnosis is that I'm in Wade Redden withdrawals, and the only thing helping me get through each day without him is Sebastian Pigott.

Alright. I just read that back, and it sounds sick and obsessed, even to my own ears.

I promise, I'm not getting that wound up about a dude on Canadian Idol.

But honestly, I have nothing to say today. About Sebastian or anyone else.

So today I give you the "Nothing to Say" blog, with a promise to do better in the future.

And in the meantime, why don't you look at yet another smokin' picture of the boy.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sebastian Survives

I honestly would not have been surprised if Sebastian Pigott had been voted off Canadian Idol last night. The buzz in Idol circles was that he was one of the worst, if not the worst, performer on Monday night. I disagreed somewhat, but I was preparing myself. Bracing myself for the worst.

So when the results show began last night, I had the playoff butterflies and everything, but I kept telling myself, "He's going home. He's going home." Deep down praying for the best, yet my head telling me it wasn't likely.
Sure enough, he found himself the first member of the bottom 3. I wasn't shocked. A little pissed, maybe, but not shocked. What did shock me was that Mark Day was not in the bottom 3. How does that little weasel keep going? He's pathetic - an embarrasment to the show - especially after that ridiculously campy peformance he put on Monday night. It still burns me to the core that Sebastian's brother Oliver, or a guy like Omar Lunan, didn't make it to the Top 10, but that goofy, cheesy, roly-poly dink did. Grrrrr...
Anyways - the two contestants who joined Sebastian down in the doom-n-gloom of the Bottom 3 were Mookie Morris and Adam Castelli. Mookie surprised me a little - I agreed that he had a poor song choice on Bowie night, but he's one of the judges' darlings. Adam, on the other hand, hasn't been a favourite of mine for a while now. Initially, I thought he was kinda cute, but then I realized how hot Sebastian was, and Adam got bumped from the list. Plus, he wasn't that great a singer. That being said, his performance of "Rebel Rebel" on Monday night was pretty strong, and when he made his grand entrance on his Harley, I thought it was kinda cool.

Nevertheless, Canada voted him first out of the Top 10.

Didn't really bother me much, I was just so happy Sebastian survived. Would I have rather seen Mark Day going home. Hell yes. But we'll deal with him soon enough. I'm just so happy I get to see Sebastian for one more week. I think next Monday's theme of "Rock & Roll Heaven" will suit him a little better than Bowie anyways. And maybe, just maybe, the people of Toronto will smarten up and start supporting their talent (both Mookie & Seb call TO home, and they were both in jeopardy this week) - also an issue Farley addressed last night on the show.
OH - and I finally figured out who Sebastian reminds me of thanks to stumbling upon someone else's blog yesterday. The hip swiveling and his performance often makes me think of Elvis, but in looks, he's a dead ringer for James Dean. I think this modeling shoot he did probably helped along that comparison, but wowzers...Check it out! (I ripped this off from another blog, hope I'm not violating any laws by doing so.)
I was a little sad last to see that Sebastian had his hair cut between Monday & Tuesday and his beautiful blond curls were all but hacked off, but he was still sexy as hell. From what I could tell, both Theo & Earl were sheared too, so I guess they all spent the day at the barber's. Ah, they're boys. They'll have it all grown back by next week!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Last Night, I HAD to Vote!!

OK, so Sebastian bombed last night on Canadian Idol. Or so the judges said. I thought he was awesome, as usual, but I guess I'm a little biased. But I mean, c'mon...Just look at this face:

How could I sit back and let them just drag him through the mud? I had to do something. I just had to do something!
So I voted. I voted, and I voted, and I voted some more. I think by the time I hung up the phone, we were in the area of somewhere between 40 and 50 votes.
I don't care that Sebastian didn't play his guitar particularly well. I also didn't care that he didn't sing "Let's Spend the Night Together" particularly well. Wanna know why? Because it was Bowie night on Idol, and he didn't come out dressed like a drag queen like some of the others. He came out in a pair of faded jeans and a green button shirt. And he looked hotter than anyone else. He wasn't wearing skinny pants (a fad that I hate, and makes anyone's feet look clown-ish), he wasn't wearing make-up, he wasn't wearing a ridiculous '80's get-up.
He was just Sebastian. And man, was he smokin'.

I hope that Sebastian gets another week to perform. I hope all of his fans out there voted their asses off like I did to keep him around for at least another week to redeem himself in the eyes of Jake, Sass, Farley & Zack. Because while I thought he was still pretty fabulous even on his worst night, I know he's better than that, and he's not the kind of guy who will make the same mistake twice.
Dear God, I hope I'm celebrating on here tomorrow. I hope Sebastian advances on to the next round. Otherwise, I really might stop watching Idol for good!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

"The Canadian Idol Farce" Rears Its Ugly Head (Again)

I haven't been updating you guys on Idol for the past few weeks - well, mostly 'cause I know none of you really care.
But last night, yet another case of Canadian Idol Highway Robbery occured, and I just have to Blog about it. 'Cause it pisses me off so damned much.
You've all heard me whine & cry about the past Idol injustices against Chris Daughtry (American Idol a few years back) and Greg Neufeld (last season of Canadian Idol). Both were forced to bid farewell long before their time, and I was a left a bitter little Idol fan.
This year, in the audition process, I was introduced to the Pigott brothers from Toronto - Oliver, the extremely talented one, and Sebastian, the smokin' hot, charming one. I babbled away about them on here and how much I loved them both, and how I had honest-to-goodness hopes that they might stand side-by-side as the final 2 in this year's extraordinarily talented crop of Idol hopefuls.
Last night, the Top 16 were whittled down to 10, and after sitting through an excruciating 25 minutes of eliminations, there were two Pigott brothers left, with only one Top 10 spot to fill.
I crossed my fingers, begged for a miracle, prayed that in this seasons of "firsts" and "twists", that maybe they were going to turn it into a Top 11 and both would get through.
However, that dream died quickly. In easily the biggest Idol shock of the season thus far, Oliver was sent packing, while Sebastian took his seat amongst the Top 10.
While I was overjoyed that Sebastian made it, I was devestated to see Oliver go. I love Sebastian, but it was quite clear from the past month that Oliver is the better singer, and if Sebastian was going to make it, then Oliver should have too. The voting process ticked me off yet again, as a guy like Mark Day makes it based on the fanatical voting from his home region of Newfoundland while an amazing talent like Oliver doesn't, because he's from a big city like Toronto.
(It's been proven that Newfies always make it far in the competition. 'Cause apparently their people have nothing better to do than sit on the phones for two hours straight once a week all summer long. Meanwhile, people from more highly-populated city centres with less "community spirit", are more likely to flounder, no matter how good they are.)
Also a little unfair to Oliver is the fact that, while he can sing his brother under a table, he doesn't have his movie star good looks. Not a bad looking dude at all, but not nearly as hot as Sebastian. Perhaps if he had the adorable curly hair, the killer grin, or the sexy swivelling hips (swear to God, sometimes he reminds me of Elvis) - maybe then the dumb Canadian public would have put him through.
Certainly, Oliver's rendition of "Lean on Me" by Bill Withers on Tuesday night was good enough to get him through. Far better than half the people that got into the Top 10.

It really, really makes me mad.

Thankfully, Sebastian is there, so I'll keep watching to make sure he continues on and does well in the competition. I'm sure Oliver will be cheering him on louder than anyone. But in my heart, I'll know that he should be up there too, and once again, another season of Idol goes sour for me, really before it even begins.