Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Best Man

I'd like to start off by saying I try to keep my nose out of politics.  I get too emotional, I don't have a thick skin, and I hate ruffling other people's feathers, so I usually keep my yap shut.  But sometimes, I can't just stay quiet.  Today is one of those days.

I love my small town.  I love this community, the spirit here, and the people who rally together when someone is in need.  I love the feeling of camaraderie - neighbours and friends who feel like family, and you can count on them to be there for you when you need them most.

But small towns come with quirks, and ours has it's fair share.

In recent years, there has been an upheaval on our municipal council.  Our former mayor, Eddie McCann, had served two consecutive four-year terms, and in small-town politics, you are bound to make some enemies during your reign.  A group seemed to form that had a number one goal of getting Eddie out of office.  And they were successful.  Two and a half years ago, he ran for mayor again of our municipality in the election, and lost by a small margin.  I think there was a movement at the time that people wanted change, and they didn't care what kind of change it was. They just wanted someone different as mayor, and so they voted for the other candidate.  And the other candidate won.

He won.  Fair and square.  I say absolutely nothing to take that away from him.

Last summer, the councilor for my ward had to resign for personal reasons, and so a by-election as held last fall.  Eddie McCann ran for the seat, and won by a vast majority.  The people of Quyon had spoken, and the best man won.

Last night, we received word that Eddie has been removed from council after losing a court case that our municipal council filed against him, based on a petty technicality from the past election.  In my eyes, there is so much wrong with what has happened here.  A group of people who dislike him have been doing everything in their power to make sure he cannot sit at that council table.  They have used slander, defamation of character, and now a court case to make sure his reputation is tarnished and his political career is ruined.  He has been kicked over and over and over, and they've finally got him down and out.

And it all feels so very unjust.  So very unfair.

Last fall, when we went to the polls to vote, I wanted to write something about who I was voting for on Facebook, and why I was voting for him, but I decided against it.  I didn't figure anything I said would sway anyone's opinion on who they were voting for that day, so what was the point.  In the end, I was thrilled with the result, and was glad that so many in my riding felt the same way I did about this man who had been elected as our councilor, and in such resounding fashion.

Now that has all been taken away, and the voice of Ward 2 has been silenced.  And now, my blood is boiling.

So I decided that today, I would finally share why I voted for Eddie McCann, not only in last fall's by-election for Ward 2, but also in the previous elections for mayor:

I voted for the one who has always called me "the little girl next door", even still to this day.  The man who my father called one of the best neighbours he ever had, and is still my neighbour now.  I voted for the one who was born and raised here, who raised his family here, who is still raising his family here, in the heart of the town he loves so much.  I voted for the man who is at every church supper, every community event, every fundraiser for a local cause or a person in need.  I voted for the man who can't get through a speech at his daughter's wedding without choking up.  I voted for the man who has a passion for politics, and puts his whole heart and soul into the job to best represent his people. I voted for the one who shows up on the morning of a devastating house fire, welcomes the family who has just lost everything back to his home for coffee and breakfast, and offers them a place to stay until they can get back on their feet.  I voted for the man who has done countless good deeds and acts of kindness around here that nobody even knows about, because he never looks for recognition or credit - in fact, he asks for it to never be spoken of.  A man with a kind and generous heart, who puts his family and his community above all else.

I voted for the best man.  

The fact that a clique of people who have a personal vendetta against him have bullied their way into power and ensured that he can no longer sit and represent Ward 2 - our beloved town of Quyon - at that council table?  Well, it sickens me.  Absolutely sickens me.

At this point, I feel quite helpless. All I have, really, are words, and I know they aren't going to change anything right now.  I guess all we can do is bide our time, trust that what goes around comes around, and that the day will come when we will get our say again.

And when that day comes?  Well... I hope I get a chance to vote for the best man, yet again.

Because he will always have my vote.


Stacy said...

agree 100% - I think it should go in the equity lol

Lindsay said...

I agree with Stacy! How dare anyone take away someones voice!

Unknown said...

Sent this to the Equity Jill as the letter to the editor. Well written and well deserved in Eddies defense and recognition!

Debbie Johnston said...

Well said Jill and all true.

Anonymous said...

I've lived in this town for quite some time now, and must say I'm utterly disgusted with how the bullies have disrespected our town and a man (Eddie McCann)whom has stood up and was trying to make a difference.
We teach our children respect we teach them to do on to others as they wish to be treated. I'm absolutely horrified on how not only the mayor Mr. Larose but also our conselors have presented themselves as bullies. We are not only 13% of votes we are people. We are Quyon. To have shut Quyon out on opportunities to better this town is horrible. To remove play structures and not replace them, because we are 13% of a vote. To not fixing sidewalks where dogs can't even walk with out tripping in the huge gapping holes because we are only 13% of votes. The lack of street lights because we are only 13% of a vote. Don't even get me started with the streets and lack of sidewalks where parks are located due to 13% of a vote.

Quyon we need to stand up and fight for our town that is dying due to lack of opportunities. We need to stand together bring this community back to life. We need to stand behind the people that believe a change is needed , for the right reasons and that's my friends and neighbors is for the people of Quyon.

Mr larose stated that we are 13% of a vote and said that we don't need change that we don't need to invest in anything new to bring in more opportunities to bring in more people. Well Mr. Mayor and conselors you're wrong. Quyon is a beautiful town with great people. To cut back on opportunities is not only hurting what is left of Quyon it's also hurting the future of what could be Quyon.

I say bring back Mr.Mcann he has a vision of this great town we call home. He has a vision for the future our children. This man has helped so many people in time of need not asking for anything in return. This man has done everything he could to make a difference. It's time for Quyon to stand up for him and make a stand when he needs us.

Jill Young you should post this and allow our fellow residents of Quyon and the Pontiac see how these bullies have not only disrespected a good man but a community. How they have made cut backs just to save a dollar with our municipality workers by laying them off just so they wouldn't be paid for a holiday. To bring them back in a few days later. To have spent money in GPS tracking devices that were not needed. Which I may add could have been used to pay for a play structures in the school yards or even the sidewalks to make them safer. The list goes on and on.

Eddie McCann is and was the voice for Quyon. People of Quyon and Pontiac I ask of you as a friend and neighbor do the right thing stand up and fight to bring back Eddie. Fight for change. Fight for Quyon.

ShannonJMc27 said...

Wow!! This is awesome Jill! I am choked up reading this. It's so sad that someone who has such fire for politics and his community has been taken away. And for what? Petty people! Awesome post!

Unknown said...

To the people of ward 2 Quyon, call the ministry of municipal affairs hull branch (court house building) have a petition signed and dilivered to the office, council over ridden the will of the people of Quyon, Quyon needs to have a seat on council re elect Eddy