Friday, November 30, 2012

Festive Friday Confessions

It’s November 30th.  Almost December.   And, also, it’s the company Christmas Party today – officially the day the guys in the office let me start singing Christmas Carols without telling me to shut my festering gob!  Woo Hoo!! ;)

But before this busy, fun, festive weekend begins… let’s Confess.


I confess…that I have a lot to do tomorrow, so I’m intending on actually behaving tonight at the Christmas Party.  I need to finish up my shopping, and the last thing I want to do is tackle Wal-Mart…hungover.  So tonight, I shall prove that I can still have fun without releasing Sadie from her cage.  I love a challenge! ;)

I confess… that I am, once again, in credit card debt.  How the HECK did this happen?!?  We drew names this year.  There was a spending cap.  It’s never been so easy to stick to a damned budget, and yet somehow… I’m way, way over my limit.

I confess… that it *may* be because I bought a few too many “presents” for myself.  Oops.  Oh, and ALSO… DAMN the License Bureau and my last name starting with “Y” because I have to pay my vehicle registration every year at the end of November.  Perfect time to take $250 out of my bank account, License Bureau.  Thanks a lot.  *sigh*

I confess… that I get mild panic attacks when I look ahead to the busy weekends coming up in the first half of December.  I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to cram everything in, but I keep reminding myself it’s all fun stuff.  Deep breaths, be grateful for so many family & friends…and enjoy it.

I confess… that I kind of fell asleep on the couch around 8:30 last night.  In the middle of The Vampire Diaries.  I never fall asleep during The Vampire Diaries!!!  I slept through Grey’s too, and was sure I’d be awake all night thanks to my impromptu nap, but actually konked out again when my head hit the pillow at 10 PM, and slept right through to my alarm.  Apparently I needed that?

I confess… that I haven’t watched a Christmas movie yet.  This is unusual for me.  Hopefully I can keep my eyes open long enough to watch one or two this weekend.  I’m itching to start watching them.

I confess… that as my on-line orders keep rolling in each day this week, I get a little thrill.  Each new parcel that arrives makes me so excited to cross a name off my list and get wrapping!!

I confess… that I really think my true calling in life was to be one of Santa’s elves.  There is nothing I love more than this time of year – the decorations and lights, the treats and food, the music and Christmas specials, the wrapping and the presents, the festive drinks, the friends, and the family… :)

And so, seeing how it’s almost December, allow me to say, for the first time this holiday season… Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!!! ;)

home alone

…And have great weekend, too.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday thoughts.

It’s Thursday.  And it’s SNOWING!!! :) :) :)

And I’m thinking about random stuff.  Shall we?

  • I love the snow.  So very very much.  But I work with many, many people who do not love the snow.  Because they have to plow it and shovel it.  It’s okay, I understand.  However, I was downstairs moments ago making my mid-morning cup of tea, and I was singing softly to myself, “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…”  And one of my co-workers roars down, “SHUT YOUR FESTERING GOB, SHUT YOUR FESTERING GOB, SHUT YOUR FESTERING GOB”.  Then he stomped out of the office and slammed the door behind him, to really drive his point home.  I’m sorry, but that just doesn’t have a nice ring to it at all.


  • Another reason I’m loving the snow??  Because tomorrow is our company Christmas Party!  It just puts everyone in a more festive mood.  Or… well, at least it puts me in a more festive mood.  The rest of them might be a bit cranky, actually.
  • I have a goal to accomplish on Saturday.  And that goal is:  finishing my Christmas shopping.  I have the kids done.  I have my Secret Santa gifts bought.  Now I just need stocking stuffers, and a few hostess gifts, and my baking supplies, and that’ll be all she wrote.  A week ago, I didn’t know if I’d be even close to being done by the first of December.  Thanks to Black Friday and on-line shopping, it’s now pretty much a guarantee.  Sweet deal.
  • My Saturday afternoon/evening plans:  Baking and making bark.  You can bet that Justin Bieber’s Christmas CD will be making a guest appearance in my kitchen.  Imma be under the mistletoe.


  • I got my flu shot yesterday, and holy mother of GOD, it hurt.  I don’t have issues with needles, and often when I get them it’s over and I don’t even realize it.  Yesterday, I felt the needle going in.  I felt the burn of the stuff being dispersed into my shoulder.  I felt it being pulled back out.  And it frigging hurt.  My arm has been aching every since.  I’m not 100% sure, but I’m thinking they may have done it wrong.
  • Last night, my sister-in-law Amanda and the little babes came for a visit while Daddy was gone to play hockey.  I was so thrilled to have some solid quality time with Neve.  She is sooo cute right now, full of smiles and squeals.  I couldn’t help but think of how fun Christmas will be this year with her, Caden & Danica in our midst. :)
  • I must take a moment to thank my sister and brother for being such good little elves yesterday.  I had a Top Secret Elf Mission for them yesterday, and they stepped up to the plate admirably.  I had to giggle when I sent them both an email first thing yesterday morning to make sure they knew what their missions were, and to ensure that they were co-ordinating with each other.  My bro emailed me back, saying, “I’ve already been in contact with the other elf.  Leave us alone Santa!”


  • Can you guys tell I’m excited for Christmas?  And it’s not even December yet.  Lord help us all. ;)

Happy Thursday, kids.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Single Girl Files: A trip down memory lane, back to that very first boy…

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a Single Girl Files post – no, not because my “single girl status” has changed in any way,  shape, or form – oh Lord, don’t I know it

No.  Mainly, I’ve been steering clear of these posts for two reasons:  a) I honestly felt like I had nothing worth sharing, entertainment-wise (it’s rather dry here in Single Girl Land these days, I’m afraid).  and b) Because the last time I posted, I think it was about how pissed off I was at people jumping in front of me in line,  and my mom lectured me, saying, “You’re going to scare any eligible men away writing about bitter, angry stuff like that!!”

I think I’m doing an effective job of scaring them away, even without my blog posts, but whatever.

In any case.  I had a thought this morning.

I decided it might be fun to tell you about my very first “boyfriend”.  (I haven’t had many over the years, so I remember the first one quite well!)

My friend Stacy will probably laugh reading this, considering that I believe he might have been her first boyfriend too (the selection of boys in our class was small; we kind of all bounced around between three or four of them for most of our elementary school days. haha!)

Up until I started school, I don’t think I had any crushes on “real” boys, if you know what I mean.  Like, I adored Chachi from Happy Days, and I vaguely recall having a little crush on a teenaged boy who I used to see at swimming lessons when I was about four.  (I’d only get in the pool if he took me in – oh, I knew how to work it back then, let me tell you).

But other than that, “real” boys didn’t exist until I started Kindergarten.  (I spent too much time crying in Pre-K to notice any of those boys, apparently).

Kindergarten was a rough year for ol’ Jill.  I hated school, I hated leaving my mom and little brother each morning to get on my bus, and I cried pretty much

But one of the bright spots in my day was him.

A little boy with jet-black hair, dark skin, and the biggest brown eyes.  In my mind, I think of him as a little teddy bear.  He was such a sweet, kind, friendly boy, and he immediately became one of my best friends.

And oh, how I loved him.  As only a little 5-year-old girl can love a little 5-year-old boy.

That’s right.  We held hands at recess.

I don’t think we actually really officially called ourselves “boyfriend & girlfriend” until Grade 2, maybe Grade 3.  And of course, it was only for a few weeks at a time; we’d always end up “breaking up” over something silly (like the time he called me “baby” in front of everyone and it embarrassed me, or the time I wouldn’t share my snack with him.  Surprising, I know.)  I imagine that’s usually how elementary school courtships go, though, right?

We had a lot of fun times during those growing-up years.

His family moved away from our town, I think when we were in Grade 6, and I honestly recall it as one of the biggest devestations of my life up to that point.  I cried real tears over him.  Though he’d only moved about a half-hour away, to me it might as well have been half a world away.

I think I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen him since, and I honestly don’t think we’ve ever spoken to each other.

When I saw him earlier this fall at a function in my town, it was the first time I’d seen him in years.  Oddly enough, he still struck me as being teddy-bear-like, although a much bigger teddy bear.  So tall, so big.  And yet still, the softest, kindest brown eyes I’ve ever seen.

I believe he’s married now, and has children; and yet, when his sister (who I still run into quite often) tried to drag me over to say hi to him, he turned away shyly, and so did I.  When I saw her out a few weeks later, she said to me, “I don’t get you guys!  He was so happy to see you, he was like, ‘Oh my God, there’s Jillian!!”… and then you both ran and hid from each other!  You were his first little girlfriend, you know.”

Oh, I know.  I remember.  And I honestly don’t know why I got so nervous about saying hi and catching up with an old friend.  Maybe because it’s been so long – too long?  You know one of those situations, where you think to yourself, “Where would we even begin?  I wouldn’t know what to say.”

In my chatting that night with his sister and laughing over childhood memories, she mentioned something about her brother’s birthday, and without even really thinking, I said, “October 6th, right?”

Her jaw dropped, and I turned red as she exclaimed, “You remember his birthday?!  You really DID love him, didn’t you?!?”

I laughed it off, and joked, “No!!  It’s because your mom used to always bring in the BEST cupcakes on his birthday!!!”

(Fat girls remember these things, yo.)

But truthfully, I don’t think we ever forget those first “true” loves, do we?  The first time a boy makes your heart go pitter-patter?  The first time your stomach flips with nervousness and excitement?  The first time the phone rings, and your mom says, “It’s for youuuuu,” in that sing-songy voice, and then your head starts pounding with euphoria when you realize it’s not your grandmother on the line wanting to say hi, it’s him

I think we spend the rest of our lives trying to find the man who will do all of those things to us.  Those of you who have found yours?  I envy you.  I really do.  Because I haven’t found mine yet.

I treasure that very first boy. 

Probably more than he will ever know.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday 10: Favourite Holiday Movies

Oh my God, guys.  OH. MY. GOD.

The Internet is SUCH A JERK here these days.  It was down last Thursday all day, and most of Friday too.  Yesterday, I was just too  busy to post.  And now, here it is, Tuesday again, and the interwebs have been up and down like a yo-yo AGAIN.


I was going to go random on your asses, because I thought I had so many important things to say after not posting in what feels like for.ev.errrr.  But then I realized it was mostly just about LOST again, and how pissed off I am at the people in TO for booing Bieber at the Grey Cup halftime show on Sunday.

(Buncha classless assholes, in my honest opinion.)

ANYways… then I realized that today is the Tuesday 10 over at Lena B, Actually, and this week’s theme is Favourite Holiday Movies.  Um, yes.  One of my favourite things to talk about this time of year! 

So – here we go…



Christmas just isn’t Christmas without Tim Allen gettin’ all fat & bearded, y’know?


the family stone

I couldn’t actually watch this movie last year.  I don’t think I’ll be able to this year, either.  Hits a little too close to home.  But I really do love it.  Maybe next year.



This one always seems to be on TV around the holiday season, and I always try to catch it.  It makes me think of Christmas.



I’m not sure there’s a holiday cartoon out there that can make me laugh at one moment, and cry at the next, like this one can.  I mean, c’mon.  It’s Adam Sandler!  And the Hannukah Song!


four christmases

This one has become a staple in my holiday movie viewing.  I love Vince.  I love Reese.  I discovered this weekend that I actually have two copies of this movie on my DVD shelf. (?!?)  So yeah…I must really like it.



You know what?  I hated this one as a kid.  But then I borrowed it from my friend Sara last year, and discovered a new appreciation for it.  In fact, I even bought my own copy this year.  The tunes in this one are AWESOME!! And…there are Muppets. ‘Nuff said.


 mickey's christmas carol

I know, it’s not a full-length movie, but it’s awesome, and many of the kids who visit my place ask to watch this all year long.  It really is my favourite version of “A Christmas Carol”.



Nothing says “Christmas” like McCauley Culkin getting left behind while his family goes on vacation for the holidays…I get so excited to watch this each year!  (And the sequel too – Lost in New York is also a fun ride!)



I remember the day my mom brought this one home to us on VHS when I was a kid.  It was in black & white, and I think I rolled my eyes, like, “Yeah, right”…I ended up falling in love with the story, and I have a tradition of watching it on Christmas Eve day every year.



Yep.  Elf is my all-time favourite.  I mean, I just think of Buddy grabbing the phone and saying, “Buddy the Elf!  What’s your favourite colour?!”  and it makes me smile.  I sometimes watch this one more than once in the weeks leading up to Christmas… I love it so much!


So there you have it!  My Top 10 Favourite Holiday Movies.  What’s on your must-see list for the month of December?  Go link up with Lena!

tuesday 10.1

Also linking up with Impulsive Addict and Shawn for Talk To Us Tuesday!


Now…everyone pray for me that the interwebs are still working when I hit POST…

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

If it makes you happy…

You guys know what time of year it is.

It’s that in-between time of year.  For those of us up here in the Great White North, our Thanksgiving is a distant memory.  (Seriously.  It felt like it was way early this year, like it was a million years ago now.)  Our neighbours to the South will be giving thanks (and gearing up for Black Friday) tomorrow.

Halloween was a few weeks ago, and the ghosts and skeletons have long since been put away.  (Though a bucket of candy still sits on my dining room table, and I still have mini chocolate bars abound.  Don’t judge.)

Yes.  It’s that time of year.  I still have out my gourds and fall leaves and little pumpkins, but they just don’t feel right anymore.  I’m getting the itch, more and more with each passing day, to bust out the holly and the snowmen and the jingle bells.


And yet, there’s a part of me that feels it’s still just a teensy bit early.

It’s been a common topic of discussion over the past few weeks on my Facebook newsfeed.  Slowly, my friends’ statuses are rolling around to the Christmas theme…

“Is it too early to start listening to Christmas music?”  “I’m putting up my Christmas tree today!!”  “My shopping is allllmost done…”  “Going to watch Elf tonight!  Yipee!”

There’s a part of me that bubbles with excitement and yearns to join them.  And also a part of me that wants to cry out, “RELAX dudes.  It’s not time yet!!!”  There’s also a clear divide in the people who comment out there – the ones who cry, “Go for it!!”, and the ones who lament, “It’s way too frigging early.”

Yesterday, I even saw my cousin Bucky write on a friend’s enthusiastic Christmas post:  “You’re making me hate Christmas.”

Honestly, I giggled when I saw this post from The Bloggess (aka Jenny) last week, where she’s outraged by her neighbour taking down the Halloween decorations and putting up the Christmas ones all on the same day.  But she’s kind of right.  Doesn’t it feel like everyone’s taken their healthy dose of Holiday Pills maybe just a *wee* bit early this year?

christmas lights overkill

I’d say at least half my little town has their Christmas lights up and on already.  When I went for my walk last night - (yes, I’m braving the mean streets of Q-town in the dark this week, because…well…I need to.  I’ll risk my life for exercise, that’s how damned dedicated I am.) – I was surprised to see so many Christmas trees were already up and on display in front windows.

It feels really frigging early.

Maybe that’s because growing up, my parents never decorated early.  My Dad’s birthday was December 10th, and the weekend closest to his birthday was usually the time my mom would let us drag out the tree and get the decorations out.  Dad always had the outside lights up when it was semi-warm in November, but refused to turn them on until the first of December.

Now, as an adult decorating on my own, I do like to get the holiday cheer rolling just a little bit earlier at my joint.  I generally put my decorations up in late November/early December.  And that feels acceptable to me.   I love how my house looks when Christmas has puked all over it.  And I must confess… I’ve already listened to my Bieber Christmas CD several times.  (but not much because Dallas Smith is still reigning supreme on my jukebox.)


On the flip side, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about happiness these days. To be fair, that’s probably because my book club is reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen RubinBut it also ties in with this way-too-early explosion of Christmas spirit being displayed by so many this year (and it feels like more and more are catching on to it every year.)

Really, are they causing any harm?  Is putting up your tree on the third of November a crime?  Is busting out your Bieber Christmas CD two months in advance going to hurt anyone?

In the wise words of Sheryl Crow, if it makes you happy…it can’t be that bad.

There’s a lot of things to worry about each and every day, a lot of bad news on our TV screens and newspaper pages, a lot of reasons to cry and feel sad.

So I say, if putting up your decorations and getting in the festive spirit brings you joy, and eases some of the stress that often comes with the holiday season, then just go for it


There will always be the Grinches and Scrooges of the world who say, “It’s too soon!!  You people are nuts!!  Calm the F down!!!”

I say if it makes your days a little merrier, and a little more bright…then it’s never too soon.

On Friday evening, I’m going to see the “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” Cabaret production in our neighbouring town, and I’m hoping it puts me in the mood, because I’m planning to decorate on Saturday.  I’m pretty sure that will be the earliest I’ve ever decorated before, but hell…

Everybody’s doing it.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I have so many things to say today.

I feel like I have a MILLION things to talk about with you guys this morning.  Brace yourselves. ;)

  • I was off on Friday, and the interwebs were not functioning here yesterday, so I feel like I have been cut off from the world for, like, ever.  There is nothing worse than a non-functioning interwebs.  Seriously.
  • So.  Let’s start at the beginning.  Where my last post left off…  And that was with a sexy picture of RPattz.  Yes, I saw Breaking Dawn Part 2 at 10 PM on Thursday night with two of best Twihard pals, and we loved it.  LOVED IT.  I can’t think of a better or more fitting way for it all to come to a close, and I was so very satisfied with the conclusion.  Honestly, I was beaming as the credits started to roll.  And I already can’t wait to see it again.  Just not quite ready to let it all go yet…

breaking dawn part 2 3

  • I can’t really discuss the movie in great detail, because I don’t want to give it away for anyone who hasn’t had a chance to see it yet.  But let’s just say…  Bella rocked it as a newborn vampire; Renesmee was so cool, even when she was a creepy CGI baby; Jacob taking his shirt off was, of course, a highlight; Edward was his usual sexy sparkly self; and they took us all on a rollercoaster ride of emotions that had us all gasping and shouting out loud…all of us.


  • I’ve only heard of one person who didn’t like the movie, and it was a boy, so I don’t think that opinion counts.  The boys don’t get it.  I remember forcing my brother to watch the first one with me many many moons ago, and when it was over, he looked at me, totally stone-faced, and said, “That movie just combined the three things I hate most in movies.  Love.  Vampires.  And sparkling.”  Nope.  The boys just don’t get it.
  • Last week, I talked a lot about how I was trying to learn how to play Euchre because I had agreed to play in a tournament with Lindsay at our friend Sharon’s on Saturday afternoon.  My mom ran through a few “fake” hands with me last Sunday, and then I had a lesson with the office ladies on Monday.  I had also downloaded a Euchre app to my Blackberry and had been playing it all week on my phone.  Still, I figured I was considered a complete rookie at best, and had absolutely no hope of doing well.   It’s a tricky game to learn, and there was no way I could become a pro in one week’s time.  But dudes, guess what?  We totally frigging won.  The WHOLE tournament!  I admit, Lindsay carried most of the weight and she pulled out the big Euchre to win our final hand in the finals, but I like to think I contributed in some small way – at least by not totally screwing it all up.  Big thanks to Sharon for having us, and a big congrats to my partner!  Can’t wait to defend out title next year. ;)

euchre 2_thumb[1]

  • A funny thing about this picture.  It was taken right after our big win, and when I jumped up to high-five Linds, I farted.  I just prayed that we were shouting and squealing enough that nobody heard it.
  • Another cool thing?  I decided Sunday morning at church to put some of my winnings in the celebration jar that is passed around at the start of each service.  (The money collected goes to Mission & Service Fund.)  As I put my money in the jar, I explained that a week before, I didn’t even know how to play Euchre, and that on Saturday I’d won a tournament - and the congregation cheered for me.  Seriously.  How awesome are they?!
  • The winning doesn’t stop there… I was so excited to find an email waiting for me this morning telling me I’d won the Poppy Seed Projects giveaway offered by Mrs. Match over at The Date Girl Diaries!  I can’t wait to pick something out with my gift certificate :)  Thank you so much, Mrs. Match!
  • And… I’m on a friggin’ roll here!  Remember a few weeks ago when I asked you all to head over to Nathan’s blog Life & Everything Else In Between because he had nominated me for his Hall of Fame, and I was hoping you’d all toss me some votes?  YOU GUYS!!  You all ROCK!!  I was so surprised to find out that I received 34% of the vote, officially coming in second place of the five nominees, and I’ve been inducted into the LEEIB Hall of Fame!   Go read my acceptance speech (and continue to show Nathan some bloggy love, of course!) – because basically I gush about all of you and how awesome you are!!!  It made my heart just glow this morning as I read the comments Nathan posted from the people who voted for me.  I love you all, I really do. :)

I feel like I have so much more to tell you.  But this has already gotten long and rambly, so I think I’d better cut it off here.  I hope you’re all having a great week.

Happy Tuesday! :)

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…as well as Stacy Uncorked for Random Tuesday!


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Happy Twilight Day! Let’s look at some hot boys.

It’s here… it’s finally here!

Twilight Day!!!


Do you know how I know it’s Twilight Day?  That would be because my eyes popped open at 5:50 AM this morning, much like they do the mornings leading up to Christmas – and then I couldn’t fall back asleep.  So I played Euchre on my phone for 45 minutes waiting for my alarm to go off.


It’s the last Twilight Day ever.  Kind of sad, I guess.  But also… Kind of okay.  I really do feel like I might be getting too old for this…

It’s weird to think back that when this all started for me, I was using my thirteen-year-old neighbour Brittany as my “excuse” to go to the Twilight movies.  I mean, it was OK to go, because I was taking a kid with me.

Tonight, when we head out to see the final installment of the Twilight Saga at a 10 PM screening, I’ll be bringing along my friend Lindsay and an 18-year-old young woman.  (yes, I mean Britt) 

Seriously?  SERIOUSLY?!  Where has the time gone??

We’ve long since given up making excuses to go see our beloved vampires and werewolves on the big screen. We are three adults now.  And I am the eldest of the adults.  I refuse to be ashamed, though.  I will not feel silly about it.  I’m going to let my inner 14-year-old have one last night of fun, because who knows if she’ll get the chance to be a giggling fangirl ever again.


And also, I still need to find my Burger King Twilight Crown.  I’m seriously going to wear it tonight.

On another note… As I briefly discussed on my last post, yesterday was the best People Magazine day of the year.  The day they chock the mag full of pics of the Sexiest Men Alive.

Y’all know how delighted I was that my boytoy Channing Tatum was named Grand Supreme Little Darling.   The Sexiest of the Sexy.  I totally concur with People’s selection this year. 

Even though I once giggled at another blogger saying he looked like a penis with big ears.


Penis-looking or not, he’s one fine boy.  I just love that little smirk.

I was also quite pleased as I browsed through their “United States of Sexy” feature and found quite a few of my favourites representin’.  (Some super-goofy choices as well that had me going “huh? WTF?”. But hey.  I guess they can’t all be my cup of tea.)

A few of the selections were amazeballs.  Like these.


Mr. California – my very favourite Adam.  Mr. Levine.  The #1 reason to watch The Voice.


Mr. Delaware – Ryan Philippe.  I’ve had a soft spot for Mr. Philippe since my teenage years.  He still makes my heart go pitter patter.


Mr. Louisiana – My boyfriend Ian Somerhalder, my current favourite vampire, and also my one and only choice to play Christian Grey on the big screen.


Mr. Minnesota -  I watch Country Strong about once a month, just to get my dose of Garrett Hedlund


Mr. Ohio – Justin Chambers always ranks #1 Hot Doc for me in a show absolutely overflowing with hot doctors


Mr. Oklahoma – The #2 reason to watch The Voice.  (or for my mom, he’s #1) The oh-so-hot Blake Shelton.


Mr. Utah – this one was a delightful surprise for me.  I’d kind of forgotten how hot the frontman of The Killers, Brandon Flowers, is.  Yummy.

They also featured the Sexiest Family Men, and this one had me goin’ humina humina…


Hot, sexy Marky Mark with his big muscles + cute little Mini Marky Mark playing in the water = I die.

And also. I found this picture.  It did things to me… things that I didn’t even realize a simple picture could do…


Holy Mother of Pearl, Ryan Gosling.  You are just delicious.

And last but not least… it IS Twilight Day, after all…


Gimme some RPattz. any time.  any place.  anywhere.

Team Edward.  All the way.

And with that… a Happy Twilight Day to you all! :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A li’l Liebster fun

Today is a good day. 

Any day that Channing Tatum is officially named the Sexiest Man Alive is a good day, my friends.


Come to me, baby.

Oh, and also, tomorrow is Breaking Dawn Part 2 day.  Still not feeling as super-excited about it as I know I was feeling last year at this time, but… I’m gettin’ there.  Besides, Channing Tatum has distracted me this morning.  It’s all his fault.

ohhhhhh Channing Tatum.  *sigh*

Alright.  So.  Moving right along.

Last week, my dear bloggy pal Jo over at Will the kids turn out ok? nominated me for the Liebster Award!   Jo is definitely one of my most unique blog friends, in that she doesn’t even live in North America.  She actually lives in Belgium!  So cool, right?!  It’s been so nice getting to know her over the past year, and comparing notes on what is similar and different about our lives, being that we live on different continents.  Everyone go visit Jo and show her some love!

Speaking of love… We’re familiar with the Liebster around here, right?  So we know that is means sweet, kind, endearing, lovely, valued, and welcome in German, and that it is normally given to up and coming bloggers with under 200 followers.

Now the rules state that each nominee must post 11 things about themselves; answer the questions left for you by the nominator, and create 11 questions for your nominees; and choose 11 nominees and let them know.

Normally, I consider myself a law-abiding citizen, but dudes, I’m totally gonna break the rules this time.  As I’ve taken part in the Liebster before, I’m not going to nominate anyone this time.  But I’m still going to create some questions for you, so please feel free to answer them, either in the comments section or on your own blogs :)

So.  Here we go:

11 Things about me:

  1. My current boyfriend’s name is Dallas Smith.  My other boyfriends are Ian Somerhalder and Josh Holloway. Oh, and also, Channing Tatum.  Yes, I do realize that my boyfriends are fictional characters, aka famous people, and one is even the Sexiest Man Alive.  I don’t care.
  2. I did not know how to play Euchre until two days ago.  I have since downloaded the game on my phone and have been known to play it for up to an hour without realizing it.
  3. I still like Poker better than Euchre.
  4. I wear a watch every day, and when I forget it, I feel like I’m missing my whole arm.  Yet, I’ve come to realize I don’t think I ever actually look at it to find out the time.
  5. I never used to get heartburn.  Like, ever.  And all of a sudden, this week, I have it every time I turn around.  And I have no idea why.
  6. I quit going for walks at night because it gets dark so early now, and when I walk in the dark, I’m always looking over my shoulder, convinced that someone is going to jump me or maybe even kill me.  I have not replaced my walks with any other form of exercise.  I am now a giant sloth.
  7. I’m pissed off over the NHL lock-out, but I know I’m the kind of fan that will still be there when they finally resolve this and get back on the ice.  I love hockey - and my Sens - too much to walk away.
  8. I have no idea what colour my eyes are.  I used to always say brown, but then I decided they were hazel, even though I don’t even really know what colour “hazel” is.  And I’ve had some people tell me they’re green.  My eye colour is ambiguous, I guess.
  9. I support Movember, because it’s a worthy cause, but I hate hate hate mustaches.  Unless, of course, it’s someone who has always had a mustache and would look weird without one.  Then I’m okay with it.
  10. What I wish I was eating right now:  Macaroni, tomato soup & cheez whiz, and a big mug of hot chocolate.
  11. One of my most favourite things to do is watch movies.  The most recent movie I saw was People Like Us, starring Chris Pine, Elizabeth Banks, and Michelle Pfeiffer.  I thought it was really good, and it made me cry like a baby – I swear, one of the most touching endings I’ve ever seen in a movie.

The 11 Liebster questions that I have to answer:

01. What would you name the autobiography of your life?  I honestly have no idea.  “Why Don’t We Just Dance?”.  OK, that’s a Johnny Reid song title and I just stole it, but it kind of fits me.

02. Do you have any strange habits?  Picking my lips.  One of those weird nervous ticks, I guess.  Wish I could stop it.

03. What story does your family always tell about you?  I’m really not sure… usually something embarrassing.  My sister and brother always bring up this totally made-up untrue story about me talking in my sleep about food when I was a kid.  Hamburgers and hot dogs, so they say.  I don’t believe them.  I was never a sleep-talker.

04. Who were you names after? If no one, do you know how your parents picked your name?  My first name is just a name my parents liked I guess, but my middle name is my mom’s name, Elizabeth. 

05. If you had to name yourself would you chose the same name(s) … if no what would you pick?  My mom once told me they considered naming me Alison, and I wished for a long time that they had.  I used to think I’d have made a better Alison than a Jillian.  As I get older, though, I think I’m glad I’m a Jillian.  I don’t think I’d trade it.

06. Do you want to know what is going to happen in your future?  Definitely not.  I’m a worrier, so knowing what’s ahead would only have me worrying more, I’m sure.  I’d rather just enjoy each day and take them as they come – whatever will be, will be, and my knowing it in advance isn’t going to change anything.

07. How do you have your eggs?  I don’t have a way – I like them every way, depending on the day!  I looove eggs.  Usually over-easy or scrambled. 

08. Do you sing in the shower?  No, actually, I don’t think I do… hmm.  Weird.  I kind of think of myself as a sing-in-the-shower kind of girl, even though I don’t.

09. Do you suck or bite lollipops?  I’ll suck it for a while, but eventually I get impatient and bite it.  And holy cow, could the answer to this question ever be interpreted as dirty.

10. Are you related or distantly related to anyone famous?  Um, yes.  My brother is a Superstar.

11. If you were exiled what country would you choose as your new home?  My first instinct is to say Ireland, because it’s my big dream destination.  But then logic kicks in and I’m reminded that being exiled would suck and I’d probably cry and be lonely, so I’d rather be deported to the United States.  Like, just across the border so I’m not too far away from my family and friends.  I’d require them to visit me regularly.

And here are my 11 completely random Liebster questions to you:

  1. You are given a free round-trip ticket to go anywhere in the world for one week.  Where do you choose to go?
  2. What is your biggest fear?
  3. Poker, Euchre, or other?  (if other, tell me what your game of choice is!)
  4. What is the one TV show you can’t miss, and can’t wait to watch each week?
  5. Is there a book you love, and have read over and over?  If so, which one is it?
  6. People magazine has given you the almighty power: YOU get to choose the Sexiest Man Alive.  Who do you pick?  (if you’re a boy – you get to pick a woman, if you want. ;))
  7. What’s your favourite scary movie?
  8. You’re invited to a party and told to bring your “signature dish” – what do you bring?  (bonus points for a recipe!)
  9. What is the #1 item on your Christmas Wish List this year?
  10. If you could see any singer or band in the world, which would you choose?
  11. They’re going to name a pizza after you, and you get to pick the toppings – what are you putting on your pizza and what are you going to call it?
  12. Bonus question:  I just have to ask, in honour of Breaking Dawn Part 2 tomorrow night.  Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Please.  Somebody answer these questions.  I have officially bestowed the Liebster upon all of you!  And like I said – we’re breaking the rules today, so you can too!! ;)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Tuesday Random: LOST, Scentsy, and Breaking Dawn Part 2

  • It amazes me that half-way through LOST Season 3, it still has the ability to shock me.  Absolutely floor me.  You would think by now I’d be used to the twists; anticipating them.  But they get me every damn time.


  • I’m constantly trying to imagine what it must have been like for people watching this show when it was current; having to wait each week to find out what happens next.  When the end of an episode leaves me with my jaw dropped, I just start the next one.  I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to wait for each week!  For instance, I’ve been watching for about three months now, and one of the biggest questions for me has been the mystery behind John Locke’s wheelchair, knowing he was paralyzed from the waist down before landing on the island, and then he miraculously regained the use of his legs after the plane crash.  I’ve always wondered if the flashbacks would ever explain what had happened to Locke to put him in a wheelchair.  Last night, I finally found out.  And holy-crazy-mothertrucking-moment, it had me yelling at my TV: “WTF?!?!?!”  But the people who watched LOST when it was current?  They had to wait three years to find out.  The creators sure liked to people keep guessing, didn’t they?

john locke

  • Probably my biggest dislike when it comes to LOST?  I hate it when I hit an episode that follows a storyline that really doesn’t interest me.  For instance, I’m quite interested in any backstory relating to Sawyer, Jack, or Kate.  I also find Locke’s story intriguing, and Hurley’s is usually very entertaining.  I like finding out more about Jin and Sun, too.  But I hate it when I hit a Sayid episode. Or a Desmond episode.  Even Charlie and Claire’s stories don’t exactly have me riveted.  Any other LOST fans know what I mean?
  • And I’m still constantly surprised when I discover how certain characters are linked to one another, without them even realizing.  Like, I watched an episode a few days ago where Claire finds out in a flashback who her real father is, and we find it’s also Jack’s father.  Holy crap.
  • Alrighty.  So.  I’m assuming you’ve heard enough about a show that went off the air over two years ago, am I right? ;)  Yeah, I know.  But I can’t help it.  I’m so addicted.
  • Most fun thing that’s happened to me lately in the middle of a Monday afternoon:  I was discussing how to play Euchre, and my fear of sucking badly in this upcoming tournament, with the office ladies yesterday, when all of a sudden Lindsay and Sue jumped up from their desks and said, “OK!  Come on, ladies!  To the basement… We’re going to play Euchre!”  So the four of us went down to the boardroom table, let the men handle the phones for half an hour, and we played Euchre.  They gave me tips and explained strategies to me.  Oh, and we laughed until we cried.  It was
  • Very much looking forward to my mom’s Scentsy Open House this afternoon/evening.  Her cousin Joan is a Scentsy representative, and she’ll have her electric warmers on display at my mom’s today from 3-7 PM, as well as all of her scents for people to choose from.  I’m a huge Scentsy fan, and I can’t wait to check out what Joan has.  This warmer is on my wishlist!


  • I can’t believe I’ve gotten this far in my post without mentioning my new boyfriend Dallas Smith again.  Here is your daily dose of Dallas.  You’re welcome.

  • Last, but certainly not the least topic on my mind this morning – Breaking Dawn Part 2.  We are two days away.  I’m slowly working myself up to the excitement of the final Twilight film.  I’m not sure why, but I’m not feeling the same giddy-ness that I know I was experiencing a year ago at this time. Is it because I’m getting older?  Or is it because I’m sad knowing this is really going to be the end of it all?  At 10 PM on Thursday night, I will be sitting in the theatre with Linds & Britt, and I know I’ll be excited by then.  But right now?  I’m just kind of “meh” about it all.  What’s wrong with me??

That’s all I’ve got for today, folks!

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Monday, November 12, 2012

The Weekend Rundown & Musical Monday (More Dallas Smith, of course)

Ahhh, what a wonderful weekend that was – I ate out or had take-out for pretty much every meal, I started to get a little bit in the Christmas spirit, and I spent a lot of time with vampires, werewolves, and wine.  Really… is there any reason to complain?!

Friday evening, my mom and I headed out to my nephew Caden’s hockey game.  We were super-impressed at how far he has come on the ice, and it was great to be back in a chilly rink and watching little guys skate their butts off.  I don’t think I’ve done that since my brother played minor hockey.  (And towards the end of that, he wasn’t so much a “little guy” anymore!!)

After the game was over, we all went out to Gabriel’s for supper, and then Mom & I stopped in to visit my brother, who was “babysitting” his daughter.  (Also called “parenting”, but whatever.)

Neve 5

Saturday morning, I lazed around with coffee, watched episodes of LOST, and went for a brisk walk before getting ready to go to the Onslow School Christmas Craft & Bake sale.  I went into the school with $60, and came out without a penny!  My favourite purchase was a toll-painted snowman which says “Fat Snowmen Last Longer” – it just called out to me, and I couldn’t resist him!!  He was perfect for me!!  I also bought some of my friends’ crafts and ornaments, some baked goods, and I picked up two books at the Used Book Sale table - “The Girl Who Played With Fire” and “The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest” by Stieg Larsson.  I was thrilled to pick them up for $2/each, as I’ve been wanting to read them ever since I read “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” this past summer!


Mom and I had some errands to run in Shawville, so we stopped for a bite at Cafe 349, and then I came home and began my “Twilight Movie Marathon”.  My friend Brenda joined me later on, and we ordered a pizza to be delivered.  That turned into a bit of a debacle, as an accident on the highway prevented the pizza man from delivering it right away – we ended up having to wait a few hours, but that was OK because we had wine, and the pizza turned out to be delicious, even though it was a little on the cold side…

Yesterday morning, we had a beautiful, touching Remembrance Day service at church, where our minister Nancy had members of the church bring in mementos from war times, and several people had stories to share of family members who had fought in either World War I or II.  My Aunt Mona had brought in a telegram that her aunt had received in 1945 to tell her that her brother had been injured by shrapnel to the head.  I can’t even imagine what it must have been like to get a telegram like that… I spent a lot of time thinking about & being grateful for the men & women who served and are still serving for our country.  Lest we forget.

After church, Mom and I went to the local restaurant for brunch, but before we got our orders, the power went out!  So we finished our coffees, then decided to go to Norway Bay for brunch there.  It was delicious.  Upon returning home, we discovered the power was still out, so we read and napped until it came back on.  After supper, Mom tried to teach me how to play Euchre since I’m supposed to be playing in a tournament this coming Saturday, and I have, like, ZERO experience.  It also didn’t help that my teacher hadn’t played a hand of Euchre in probably 20 years. haha!  SO.  I think I’ve got the basics down, and with a few more lessons this week, I should be good to go on Saturday for my first time participating in the annual Hobbs Euchre Tournament.  God help my partner Lindsay, I hope she has lots of patience. ;)


I’ve got a busy and exciting week ahead – a Scentsy party at my mom’s place tomorrow, and then Breaking Dawn Part 2 on Thursday, with a day off on Friday and then the Euchre tourney on Saturday, so I’m super-pumped!

But first… let’s take a Musical Monday break, shall we?  My love affair with Dallas Smith continues, and this has quickly become one of my favourites off his new album.  I want to learn to play it on my own guitar.  I LOVE this one.

Somebody Somewhere by Dallas Smith

Sometimes you don’t know what you got until it’s gone
Sometimes it’s hard to believe I could have been that wrong
And I finally figured it out as she was driving away
And now I’m living with the fact that out there today

Somebody somewhere is saying those things I know I should have said
Somebody somewhere ain’t gonna let her go quite as easy as I did
I hope that she’s happy as much as it hurts me to see it all go down from here
Ya there’s somebody out there holding my somebody somewhere

Took some time but I get along fine all by myself
And looking around but I still haven’t found anybody else
Sometimes I let myself wonder what she’s doing right now
Even though I know there’s a pretty good chance
That she’s already found


Maybe on a beach in Mexico
Maybe parked in the shade on an old dirt road
Ya I don’t know
I don’t wanna know

I hope that she’s happy
As much as it hurts me to see it all go down from here
Ya there’s somebody out there
Oh there’s somebody out there
Ya there’s somebody out there holding my somebody somewhere
Somebody somewhere


It has become my mission in life (or at least my mission of the week) to introduce everyone I know to Dallas and make them love him as much as I do.  Just watch the video.  Then download him off iTunes.  You won’t regret it, I promise.  He’s amazeballs.

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