Friday, October 29, 2010

The Scariest Night of my Life...

...Okay. That might be a bit of an exaggeration.

Or maybe not. I was pretty scared.

But in the spirit of Halloween, I thought I'd share with my Blog readers the "funny little trick" that was played on me last year around this time.

It really doesn't take much to scare me. I'm a 'fraidy cat. After seeing Paranormal Activity last year, my friends didn't find it all that scary, while I had to sleep with a light on for weeks. In fact, I sleep most nights with the hall light on now, because my over-active imagination conjures up all kinds of spooks and freaks to haunt me when I can't fall asleep.

Last year, though, I was going through an "old-school scary movie" phase, and I was re-visiting the Scream series that was so popular during my high school days. I found all three of the Scream movies on DVD and watched them leading up to Halloween. I also told my roomies, friends, and anyone else who would listen just how much I DETESTED the Scream mask, and how creeped out I was by it. Even seeing it hanging in the stores gave me the heebie-jeebies.

Anyways... after watching one of the Scream movies with Sarah, Susie and Brenda, we all got ready to go out to Gavan's. We hung out all evening, dancing, playing pool, and drinking, then I decided to go ahead home. Sarah kept telling me to stay, that they'd all be leaving in about half an hour anyways, but I insisted I was tired and wanted to go. Because we only had one key amongst the roommates, Sarah tried to "scare tactic" me into staying. "There's only one key, if you go home now, you have to go to bed and leave the front door open so we can get in! You'll get scared!!"

Nah, wouldn't be a problem. I assured her I was tired enough that it wouldn't matter, I would fall asleep no problem.

So she gave me the key, and I walked up the street to our place alone. It was dark and windy; the shadows on houses and buildings from the street lights were creeping me out, and the branches on trees were swaying, hitting rooves, while dead leaves skittered down the sidewalk, making an eerie soundtrack for my walk home.

I walked quickly, I admit it, with a few glances over my shoulder to make sure no one was following me. (Paranoia...I have it!)

When I got home, I left the front door unlocked for Sue and Sarah, and trudged upstairs to my room. There was a mess of clothes on the floor, and some more stuff on my bed. I went to pull my comforter down on my bed, and realized there was a silky black something lying there that wasn't mine.

I picked it up. Turned it over in my hand.

And the Scream face stared back at me.


I rolled my eyes, sure it was just a joke that Sarah or Sue had played on me, and tossed it out into the hallway, slamming the door behind me. I sat down on my bed, heart pounding, trying to rationalize. Of course it was Sarah or Sue who had left it there, right?

Of course it was.

...oh, but what if it wasn't?

The mere thought had me leaping off my bed, skirting past the mask lying on the hall carpet, racing down the stairs, and flying out the front door. I ran all the way back down to Gavan's, wind whipping the branches, dead leaves rustling everywhere, and every shadow a possible killer, lurking, waiting for me...

I was huffin' and puffin' pretty good when I walked back into the bar, and everyone looked at me, a little surprised to see me back, and to see me so red and sweaty and distressed.

"Who put the damned Scream mask on my bed?"

Sarah literally cracked up. She had put it there, hoping to scare me before we left, but I didn't find it then. She had actually forgotten she'd left it there, and hadn't intended to scare me like that.

The perfect Halloween prank. And a night I'll never forget!

Trick-Or-Treat!! :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Jesse Williams...Shirtless

My sister once told me she doesn't check my blog when she's at work because she never knows when half-naked men might pop up.

I don't think it happens that often. But if that's a problem for you, you might want to shut 'er down right now.

There is plenty - and I mean plenty - of eye candy on Grey's Anatomy. It is, quite possibly, the hottest show in TV history. Shepherd, Sloan, Hunt, and of course my all-time favourite's drool-worthy. Seriously. It's like this special little treat creator Shonda Rhimes has wrapped up and delivered to the women of the world every week.
God bless her and her vision.

Last year, they added a new little bit of candy to the cast: Jesse Williams as Dr. Jackson Avery. He survived the shooting at Seattle Grace-Mercy West last spring, and I've decided to put the Blog spotlight on him this morning, the day after he strutted around shirtless for us last night.


I don't think I need to say anything more on this topic. I'll let Jesse's pictures tell the story.

There is more than one reason I love Thursday nights...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Big Day for B-days!!

Five years ago today, a pretty important little person came into my life...

Happy 5th Birthday to my nephew Caden!

I still can't believe he's already 5 years old. Seriously, where did the past five years go!? Unbelievable. Seems like only yesterday Mom & I were pacing around the house, ready to pull our hair out, practically going hysterical waiting on the news.

Finally, on October 14, 2005, shortly after 9 PM, we got the call to tell us Caden Christopher had arrived, weighing 6 lbs 6 ozs. After making a few calls to spread the word to family & friends, I went down to Gavan's where the Quyon Ball Banquet was taking place, and there were hugs all around.

It was also pretty special to tell cousin Dale that night that the newest addition to the family shared his birthday. So today, Dale turns 50 and Caden turns 5.

Let the celebrations continue!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fudgie's 50th

Sunday night, after a massive, super-delicious turkey dinner, I joined family and friends in celebrating my cousin Dale's 50th Birthday.

As some of you may know, I'm a bit of a worry-wart, and as I alluded to in my last post, I've been worrying about what family gatherings - particularly Christmas - will be like after the unexpected losses we suffered this summer.

Young Family Christmas Eve is all about the guitars and singing, and I was afraid it might never be the same again. And I'm sure it won't ever be the same again.

But at Fudgie's 50th, I was so relieved to see this:

Leaf fans...but I love 'em

Uncle Garry & Kayla

Auntie Mo on the kazoo!

Uncle Garry entertaining with Gail, Kayla & Vikki

The Birthday Boy & Donna K

I think we're going to be okay after all.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Playing Tag

So apparently all my friends in the Blogosphere have decided to play tag. First, I was tagged by Lindsay at A Small Town Kind of Life to answer a set of questions, and then I was tagged by Stacy at Stacy's 101 List to answer a different set of questions. I won't be tagging anyone else since, between Linds & Stace, I think they've tagged all my Blog friends! haha!

But I will answer their questions, so here it goes:

From Lindsay...

1. If you were stuck on a desert island, what 4 items would you bring with you?
- My Blackberry...'cause I don't go anywhere without it, and it would provide contact to the outside world, a camera, and music! ;)
- My guitar
- A toothbrush
- Paper & a pen

2. What is your favorite thing to do when you have nothing to do?
I love watching movies, and when there's nothing else going on, that's usually where you'll find me - on the couch or at the theatre, with popcorn, watching a movie!

3. What is your best asset?
Eeek...hate this question...not sure I have a "best asset". My writing abilities? lol

4. What is your favorite restaurant and why?
I have lots of favourite restaurants, but all-time? I'd have to say Kelsey's. Since discovering their 4 Cheese Spinach Dip, I've been to Kelsey's a hundred times! :)

5. What do you prefer, fancy night out on the town or movie/chips at home?
Fancy night? I'm not a fancy kind of girl - so I'll take the movie and chips (and dip!) at home any day!!

6. If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?
ANY where in the world? Definitely Ireland. That's my dream...

7. What is the number 1 thing on your Christmas list this year?
Honestly, haven't thought about it. A laptop. HAHA! Not a chance!!

8. What is your favorite holiday (which holiday and why) activity?
Well, it has always been Christmas - specifically Christmas Eve...But this year (and every year from now on) will be different, since two important people will be missing. I'm worrying about Christmas this year, about what it will be like and how I will feel, and how my family will get through it. We're fortunate at our house to have Caden & Danica, because Christmas really is about the kids, and I'm sure they will bring us great joy!!

Aside from that - my favourite part has always been the party at Patti's, the singing and the laughter and the Coconut Song. And I hope that we can continue that.

From Stacy...

1. What is your favorite thing to cook?
I'm just really getting into a cooking and baking groove these days, but my all-time favourite is still spaghetti sauce!

2. What is your favorite TV show and why?
A tie - between Friends and Grey's Anatomy. I have all seasons of both on DVD, and both make me laugh in completely different ways!

3. If you had a $10,000 shopping spree to anywhere, where would you pick and why?
Oh geez...this is lame, but can I say Wal-Mart? LOL

4. What song are you likely to sing at karaoke in a bar?
hahaha...we just discussed this last Friday night...and Sarah & I decided that "Any Man of Mine" is a perfect way to crank a Karaoke party up!! I also love to do Bobby McGee (with Vikk)!!

5. If you could take any kind of class, what would you take and Dance/Art/Photography?
Either painting or a photography class. I wish I was more crafty... But I love to dance too, so if I was in better shape I'd probably want to look into some kind of fun dance class!

6. What is one thing that you couldn't live without and why?
Tough one...In fact, really tough I'm going to take the easy out, without getting emotional about stuff like pictures or my guitar, and say my TV! haha! You know people who challenge themselves by not watching TV for a week? No way I could do that!!!

7. What is your favorite season and why?
I love all seasons at their time, but I'm a big fan of snow and cold and Winter is definitely my favourite season :)

8. What is your favorite color and why?
Ooohh...I always answer "Yellow" to this colour, because it's such a sunshiney colour, but truthfully? Red, Black & Gold baby. GO SENS GO!!

Okay. Phew. Done playing tag for a while!! Happy Friday & Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Ode to my Road

Stanton Road is pretty much the best road in the world.

Not literally, though. The road itself? It's terrible. Years ago they put down that crushed-rock-over-tar crap that, after driving over it for years, eventually turns into a poor excuse for asphalt.
Currently, the road is decaying. Absolutely falling apart. Filled with pot-holes and crumbling away at the edges. It warrants a visit from the Municipality's road repair crew once every few months with their shovels and trucks full of cold patch.

It got worse during the past year, as the bridge was being re-built on the Mill Road, so traffic was diverted to the other arteries in and out of town, one of them being Stanton Road. The heavier traffic and large trucks and equipment that travelled it caused pretty severe abuse to the poor little half-assed road.

But I digress. The physical state of the actual road is neither here nor there.

The fact of the matter is, Stanton Road is the best road to live on. Hands down. No doubt in my mind.

Even though I no longer actually live there, I still call that quiet little street in the suburbs of Quyon "home". I am just two minutes down the street, and I spend a lot of my time there still at Mom & Dad's, so it really is home to me. In fact, living right on Clarendon, in the middle of town, has made me realize just how much I miss that road, and how much I'd love to somehow get back there someday, permanently.

Back there, I don't have to worry about listening to people shouting on the streets outside my bedroom window, and listening to crazy drivers squeal their tires or rev their dirt bikes at all hours of the night. (Ahhhh the joys of downtown Quyon!)

It makes me miss home. It was a great neighbourhood to grow up in.

In some ways, I got a raw deal as a kid. When I was little, the neighbourhood was full of girls, and they had the run of the place. I was just a little pest that couldn't keep up to them on my bike and who talked too much, so they were much happier to just leave me at home to pout.

By the time I was in my "childhood prime", all of those girls had grown up or moved away. And the street was filled with boys.


Whether they were on bikes, rollerblades, playing street hockey, or shooting hoops - Stanton Road was all about the boys.

It wasn't ideal. I was older than them, and once again, I think they may have seen me as more of a pain-in-the ass than anything. But most days, they humoured me. They let me supervise their wrestling matches or referee their street hockey games. (Not sure why, because they never listened to me. I still have nightmares about the time I tried to give Bucky two minutes in the box for swinging his stick at Kenny's head, and he then turned and swung his stick at my head). They used to have "concerts" in Patti & Randy's garage, and while I was never actually invited to take part in their lip-synching performances of Backstreet Boys songs, I was allowed to pay the 50 cents to get in and watch them. (Best 50 cents I could have ever spent - I wish there was video footage of those performances...)

And then there was the pool. Kenny & Bucky's in-ground pool was the source of many great summer days. Races and obstacle courses and diving competitions and never-ending games of Marco Polo...those were good days. Patti would often have to drag us out of the water against our will. (And Kenny & I were the "fish" - we usually pushed the limits and she'd have to threaten us with something major to get us out!)

By the time I was a teen, the neighbourhood boys were conducting epic games of Rat Race that attracted kids from all over town to our neck of the woods. Deep ditches and gullies, cedar hedges, bushes, play structures, fences...perfect for hiding in the dark! Back in those days, warm summer nights on Stanton Road were filled with shrieks and laughter.

The dynamics of the road have changed since then. There aren't many kids left on the street, and it has now turned into what we fondly call "Stagger Road"...where the neighbours rotate from garage to garage, sharing pints and stories and good times. (And sometimes, when a few too many pints have been shared, you only have a few feet to "stagger" home).

Canada Day Committee Party 2010 - waiting on fireworks

Canada Day Committee Party 2010

Texas Horseshoes 2007

Stagger Road Party 2007

Stagger Roaders for Life

It's a great place to live, and a great group of people to call neighbours and friends.

Heaven truly is Stanton Road.