Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Review Extravaganza: Part 4

Okay, so…I’ve been entirely MIA.  That seems to happen this time of year…Too much fun stuff going on!!  But I haven’t forgotten about the final installment of the 2011 Review Extravaganza!  Today I’ll be featuring October, November & December.

Please visit Emmymom, CA Girl, Emilisq, Grumpy Grateful Mom, Impulsive Addict, Janette of Johanson Journey, MiMi Living in France, or Runner Mom – all are lovely hosts of this 2011 Recap-a-thon!!


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In October, I reflected on all I have to be grateful for by posting My Thanksgiving List.

And then I had just about the longest day of my life waiting for my new furniture to arrive!!

October also brought my family wonderful news when my brother proposed to his girlfriend, Amanda.  We’re now looking forward to a wedding just around the corner, on February 11th!

luke & amanda

Also in October, I posted my #NoMoreBullies tribute, and confessed to finally falling in love with Bryan Berard.  This post is one I’m very proud of, as it garnered attention from the Do It For Daron campaign, the Royal Ottawa Hospital, and CBC’s Battle of the Blades, via Twitter.  It drew more hits in one day than any of my previous posts.  Thank you all for reading!


I kicked off the month of November with a Halloween recap.  I had a BUNCH of adorable little “spooks” at my front door!






And what comes right after Halloween?  Well, Christmas, of course.  I got started early by posting my way-too-crazy Christmas Wish List.

Before I knew it, I was in the midst of Twilight Hype as my friends and I started counting down the days to the midnight premiere of Breaking Dawn.


AND THEN I MET CHRIS NEIL!!!!  I know you may have seen this picture floating around here from time to time, but just in case you missed it…here it is again.


(I put this picture in a frame and gave it to my mom for Christmas.  Told her it was a picture of me and my boyfriend for her coffee table.  And then she reminded me AGAIN that he’s a married man.  And I AGAIN had to remind her that I don’t think Chris Neil’s marriage is being jeopardized by me pretending he’s my boyfriend…Seriously.)

By the end of the month, I was lamenting, as usual, my single girl status.  Because apparently I need a boy to tell me to bring my snow tires with me when I go to get them changed.  And I also need one to put Christmas lights up for me.

And then came December.  I celebrated the beginning of my favourite time of year by giving you a tour of my house, all decked out for Christmas.


Here, I managed to incorporate reindeer into the Nativity Scene…

I also posted about a Festive weekend and what I got in the Favourite Things Christmas Swap.


I tried my hand at baking, and realized that I should always listen to Mom.  Because Mother knows best!

I reminisced on some pretty epic parties



And we celebrated my niece’s 3rd birthday!


I took part in the Accessorize Me Swap and absolutely loved what I received!


And then, just like that…it was Christmas!

I haven’t had a chance to do my Christmas recap yet…but I thought I’d share with you some snaps of the holiday fun I’ve been up to in the past week.









It’s been a good Christmas…and I’ll be back soon to post about all the shenanigans. 

But for now, there’s movies to watch and more food to eat…and probably a couch that’s calling my name for a nap…

See y’all in 2012!! :)


Em said...

That is a lot of people in one hot tub!!!

Love the Halloween costumes.

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

That conversation between you and your mom over Chris Neil cracked me up.

And I'm so glad your #NoMoreBullies post got some much deserved attention.

Have a great New Year's!

allstarme said...

I commend you for doing the year recaps; I just didn't have it in me. See you next year!!

Anonymous said...

Ive missed you this week, Jillian! I Think youshould update Yzerman's picture, though!

Happy New Years to you, your family, friends and followers!

Nancy said...

Oops, I was wtching TV wil Livvie and forgot to add my name. I am not annonymous, I am Nancy!

Stacie said...

I think we need an update on how that Christmas wish list worked out for you stat! Happy New Year!

Emmy said...

Once again a great recap. Breaking Dawn was great huh? Sad we have to wait a year for the conclusion. You had some cute trick-or-treaters stop by. Thanks for linking up. I have your point and your point for linking up all four weeks recorded.

Nathan said...

Great job and happy new year! I watched the Sabres play the Senators on New Years Eve on NHL Center Ice. Got to see a lot of Chris Neil. Too bad they beat my Sabres in a shootout! Happy New Year!!

Impulsive Addict said...

I so love that you gave that pic to your mom for her coffee table!

Your niece is so adorable. I just love that pic of her in that big hat and boots!

Thanks for linking up. Sorry I'm just now making my rounds. The in laws are still in town making blogging IMPOSSIBLE!

Nicole said...

I really thought maybe you got lost. And I love how you framed that photo and gave it to your mom. You crack me up!