Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Let’s Talk…Umm…Breaking Dawn…Again!

Word of bloggy warning: We might be on Vampire Overload this week.


I’m sorry to those of you who could care less about Team Edward or Team Jacob or about the upcoming Cullen-Swan nuptials or the inevitable birth of a vampire-human hybrid baby.

(eeeeeee! just thinking about it makes me giddy!)

But it’s Breaking Dawn Part 1 premiere week, so what the heck else am I supposed to talk about for this week’s edition of Talk To Us Tuesday, with the lovely hostesses Impulsive Addict and Shawn??


But first – before I dive into the vampire stuff…

They lost. :(

Bryan Berard & Marie-France Dubreuil ended up in the shadow of David Pelletier and Tessa Bonhomme on last night’s finale of Battle of the Blades, when the former Olympic Gold Medalists (his came in ‘02 in pairs figure skating, hers in ‘10 in women’s hockey) garnered the majority of the fan vote to take home the title and the $100,000 for the charities of their choice.

david and tessa

Kind of ironic, since David & Tessa were the team I originally pledged allegiance to. But then I jumped ship after one episode when I found out Bryan and Marie-France were skating for D.I.F.D, an Ottawa-based youth-driven charity that is near and dear to the hearts of many in our area. Since then, I had been throwing as many votes their way as I could each week in hopes that they would win.


In the end, though, the wildly popular David & Tessa took home the crown, with Bryan & Marie-France landing in second (and a prize of $35,000 for D.I.F.D), and Boyd & Tanith ending up in third place.

Unfortunately, it was a rather anti-climactic finale for me. I had been so hopeful that Bryan & Marie-France would win. However, kudos to all of the hockey players and figure skaters who took part, raising awareness for many important charities and causes, and for showing that it’s okay for big tough guys to strap on a pair of figure skates and show their emotional side.

I think it was Brad May last night who said, “Hey, when you’re playing hockey, you’re with your buddies, high-fiving. When you’re figure skating, you get to hold a pretty girl in your arms and twirl her over your head. Who’s having more fun here?”

Bryan and marie-france 4

I know I’ve been having fun watching them for the past two months, and I’m going to miss it!

(If anyone is interested in learning more about D.I.F.D and the campaign to raise awareness for youth mental health issues, please visit here.)

Okay. So.

Back to the vampires. And the wolves.


I’m going to my very first midnight movie premiere, and I seriously cannot wait. It’s so funny to think that when Twilight first hit theatres, I had never heard of it or the books before, and I was rolling my eyes at the silly teen vampire flick, vowing to totally boycott it.

And that Edward guy the little girls were all going gaga over? God. What a doofus.

How quickly things can change.team edward


I mean, seriously. How could you not be Team Edward?

(or, at the very least, Team Jacob? The little wolf & his pack have grown on me…)


Four books and three movies later, I’m ready. Bring on the first part of the finale. I will be there, lined up, with the other Twilight fans, waiting to be one of the first to see Edward & Bella get married, to see their very first love scene, and to witness the fall-out after she becomes pregnant with their child – a part-human, part-vampire baby.

For reals, people. This is going to be JUICY!!!!

Stay tuned for probably more vampire talk tomorrow. I’m sorry, that’s all I’ve got this week. ;)


Nicole said...

Book 1 was good, I struggled through book 2, tooooooo boring, I'm halfway through book 3 and just quit.... I haven't even attempted book 4, however I have watched all the movies so far....

Lindsay said...


Nadine Hightower said...

I'll wait until it hits Showtime and watch it in the comfort of my own home.
I've read all the books and have suffered thru the movies. It's just not my cup o'tea.

Anonymous said...

I was soooo one of those people who rolled my eyes at the die-hard Twilight fans. Then DirecTV offered a free trial of HBO and I taped the very first movie in the series, so my husband and I could watch it and make fun of it together. :o)

I was hooked within the first five minutes. Seriously. My mouth was open and everything. I loved it!!! Now I'm still not one of those midnight showing people, but you will NOT find me making fun of the fans anymore. ;o) And I'm so Team Edward. :o)

Stacie said...

Team Edward rules! Can't wait--I hear it is only an hour and 48 minutes and I can't see how they will even pack in half of the book in that time.

Impulsive Addict said...

Girl, I am TEAM JACOB forever! I just love him. Or maybe I just lust him. Edward is cute, but not my type. Jacob is more my type. And I wouldn't mind having a night alone with him either. Shhhh! Don't tell my husband. =)

We'll have to discuss our favorite parts on Friday if I can think straight. I'll have to get up early with a baby girl. I will need a nap for sure on Friday!

Thanks for linking up with us!!

Shawn said...

I'm going Thursday night with a bunch of friends and our kids to see Eclipse at 9:30 and then Breaking Dawn at 12:01...I cannot wait!

Does that make me juvenile?


Thanks for linking up with us, we love ya!

Mind Of Mine said...

Team Emmett!!! <3

Jillian said...

I'm actually not going to see it this weekend but I still want to see it soon! I loved all four books!!