Friday, November 04, 2011

Friday Confessions: I love food. And I think I might be Adele’s voice twin.

Ahhhhh Friday.  Sweet, sweet Friday.  How I love thee.

But before we kick off the weekend, time to vent…to confess…let it allllll hang out.  Linking up with Mamarazzi!


I confess…that Friday office lunches are breaking my heart.  I do not want my new eating habits to effect the office staff at all – they shouldn’t have to suffer along with me – therefore, I do not begrudge them their delicious Friday lunches.  They’ve been awesome the past few months trying to accomodate me.  That being said, last week was BBQ’d hot dogs and potato chips, this week is smoked meat sandwiches…processed, sodium-filled (delicious) bad meats that I just can’t do right now.  So I will sit today with my bowl of fat-burning soup, my kiwi, and my fat-free yogurt and look on with lust in my eyes.  It hurts my heart.

I confess…that if I keep thinking, “THAT will be my reward when the weddings are over”, then I’m going to put on a ton of weight in the weeks afterward, treating myself.  So far, I’ve said this about a Big Mac & fries, poutine, chips & dip, a club sandwich, hamburger steak with fried onions and gravy, theatre popcorn with lots of butter,  pizza with thick crust and pepperoni and extra cheese and garlic dipping sauce, cake…any kind of cake…oh, and of course, hot dogs and smoked meat sandwiches.  Like, seriously.  Just drooled on my desk.

I confess…despite all of this, I have really acquired a taste for healthier foods.  Hummus, for one thing.  I hated it before, but I love the homemade recipe I’ve found.  Fresh mushrooms are another.  And just veggies and fruit in general.  Maybe I won’t want all that junk at the end of this after all.

I confess…that I couldn’t even write that last part with a straight face.

I confess…that last weekend, I fell off the dieting wagon.  Hard.  I withheld myself from Friday office lunch, but I then I kind of didn’t pay attention all weekend long, didn’t keep track,  and ate whatever I wanted.  I was shocked when I stepped on the scales Tuesday morning to discover that I had gained almost 5 pounds.  LESSON LEARNED!!!

I confess…that I feel sorry for all of you guys having to read my diet blah blah.  I truly am sorry.  I’ll try to move on now for the rest of my confessions…

I confess…that, swear to God, I think I’m Adele’s voice twin.  When I’m belting “Someone Like You” in my car (and it’s on almost EVERY morning when I drive to work, and again at night when I drive home! LOVE!), you should hear the harmonies.  I can hit all those notes just beautifully.  Adele and I are magical together.

I confess…that I know some of you are thinking, “Whoa, didn’t she think she was Sheryl Crow before?”  Yes, I did.  Whatever.   Now I’m Adele.

I confess…that I’m trying so hard to be all Zen these days.  Deep yoga breathing and herbal tea and stretching and all that jazz.  But I still feel like a big ball of stress most days. 

I confess…that I feel like I really need a massage.  Darn good thing I’m going to have a house full of massage therapists and other relaxation service providers tomorrow for Escape Day.  Perfect timing! ;)

Have a great weekend, everyone!!!


Sharon said...

Umm... Sorry Jill... But I AM Adele!!! I harmonnize perfectly with her and actually sometimes we do a chorale bit with Someone Like you in the car... it's very beautiful and she's actually contacted me. We're setting up studio time for the new year. Just comparing our packed schedules right now. ; )

Anonymous said...

I am still smirking about the Adele. You go, girl....

I have been AWOL on my blog but reading this post brings back the memory of you trying to lose the weight for the wedding! YAY-- proud of you.
I read something on pinterest the other day. It had a man on the scales and there was a doctor behind him.
The caption read.. " No, you are not retaining water. You are retaining food."--- there goes my excuse!

Nicole said...

Hey, it's all good to talk about your diet, then you get cheerleaders!

Nancy said...

Love the diet joke, Amy, thanks. Dieting sucks, Jillian. I bet you will only have your "bad" foods in moderation when the weddings are over as you are developping good habits. Be proud of yourself, we all are rooting for you. (I was a cheerleader in high school!)You can do it!

Kara said...

We had a health & wellness fair this week at work - I picked up lots of brochures for you for motivation!! Ironic that they had it on the same week that we were all munching down on Halloween treats!!

Stacie said...

I love hummus, but I've been searching for a good recipe, do share. I make Chipotle Hummus for the hubs, he loves that spicy stuff!

VandyJ said...

Ahh, just do the "cheating" stuff one at a time--like a treat and stretch out the reward after the wedding.

Mamarazzi said...

once again you kill me with your confessions...Adele? really? so awesome!

thanks for linking up!!

Beth said...

Hummus! I love that stuff. Good for you! :)