Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Single Girl Files: Great Expectations

Remember yesterday, when I told you about how I met Ottawa Senators forward Chris Neil this past weekend?


Oh, here, let me show you the picture again to remind you.

314582_10150953002385554_554310553_21583094_495006860_n Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Yeah. I kind of can’t get enough of that picture. It’s actually my new desktop on my computer at work, and I find myself minimizing windows during the day just to gaze at it… to re-live the moment…


But. BUT!

My Chris Neil meeting has reminded me of something my friend Sara once told me. Something that I laugh about to this day, but deep down, it still makes me feel slightly uneasy. Slightly worried for myself.

It was after we had gone to see Superman Returns in theatres – back in ‘06. I left the theatre drooling over Brandon Routh, who played good ol’ Clark Kent in the flick.



So we left the theatre and I was doing my usual schoolgirl babbling. You know, the kind of babbling that a 20-something probably shouldn’t do, but I do it anyways. “Oh my gosh, he’s so hot. I love that guy who played Superman. Did you SEE his muscles? He’s my new favourite.” Something along those lines.

Which led Sara to finally confess to me that she was worried about me ever finding a man in real life.

“Jill, you’re in love with Superman now. How are all of the normal guys ever going to compare?!”

And therein lies one of my biggest problems with finding a man.

Great Expectations.

I have Hollywood/Superstar crushes. Movie stars, TV stars, rock stars, hockey stars. Vampires. Werewolves. And…well…yeah. Superman, too.

josh_hartnett_02 One of my all-time faves, Josh Hartnett

james_marsden_picture_10 I would give anything for a James Marsden-type of guy

Brothers-damon-and-stefan-salvatore-18281180-1024-768 My latest craze…Damon & Stefan Salvatore…

Edwin The very first rock star I fell in love with…Edwin

edward-cullen-eclipse-1 Ah…Edward…Sweet & Deadly Edward

jacob Everyone’s favourite little puppy dog…Jacob :)

redden Always has been, always will be my #1…Wade Redden

chris-neilAnd the newest hockey player crush…Chris Neil

These are just a few of my favourite things…!!!

You get the picture. Guys with crazy-good-looks, big muscles, star qualities, sexy smiles, great hair, beautiful eyes, amazing voices, athletic abilities, and sometimes, yes…even superhero powers.

All of the normal boys? They kind of just pale in comparison.

I’ve only known a few guys in real life who came close to meeting these high standards. And we all know that guys like that are kiiiiinda outta my league.

So what’s a girl like me supposed to do? I don’t have star qualities. I’m a lumpy, over-weight, crazyperson (clearly), now in my late-twenties (ack!), with nothing remarkable about me.

And yet, I have a penchant for the “unattainable”.

You see, most women are able to separate the real from the fictional. They know that Edward is the sexiest vampire alive (followed closely by Stefan and Damon, natch), but they still love their average ol’ husbands, no problem.

(My apologies for calling your hubbies average, ladies. You know what I mean.)

I, on the other hand, will look at a guy, and wrinkle up my nose. “Well…I don’t know if his back would be nearly as muscular as Chris Neil’s, so no can do…”

Really and truly. I have serious issues here.

My friends tell me all the time that when I find “The One”, that I’ll forget about all of this silly hooey. That even though he might not quite match up to the great expectations I have, he will be mine, and I will love him, even if his back isn’t as muscular as Chris Neil’s.

But for now, I’m still living in this fantasy world, where my future husband can play guitar, be an NHL-star, have lots of money, the perfect body, and the best smile in the world.

Hey…it could happen.


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nancy said...

You two DO make a very cute couple!

Impulsive Addict said...

Well, what I CAN say is that you have amazing taste in men. And Jacob gets me going when I see him on the big screen! Wow. Edward doesn't really do anything for me. Isn't that weird?

Thanks for linking up with us, Jill! You're so faithful! =) Have a great non-holiday week! hehehehe

Jodie said...

Love the Salvatore brothers!! I use to be Team Stefan... now it's Team Damon... those amazing eyes!! :)

Anonymous said...

I found an old box a couple weeks ago and in it was a list of what my "ultimate boyfriend" would be like. It was really amusing to see all the unreasonable expectations I had! Luckily, I found a guy who, though he possessed almost none of my must-haves THEN, turned out to be really great. And you will too. :)

Becca said...

What a great picture, and you make a supercute couple! Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

I am a sucker for guys in hats and uniforms ... super cute! stopping in to follow from today's hop. Hope you can visit soon and return the favor - oh and check out my book that's on sale right now through Amazon - yes, that was a shameless plug but it is only $0.99 :) www.shaunanosler.blogspot.com/

Nicole said...

haha... all while growing up I had the biggest crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas... LOL. My mom thought that was great b/c she didn't have to "worry" about her teenage daughter. LOL...

Mind Of Mine said...

Jill, I have to admit, the only thing that brought me to this post was the massive lump of guy candy on your arm.

That guy is smoking.

But as I read on, I was like woah! I am exactly the same. Reaching for the unattainable.

But not always in looks, I watch movies and the hero makes the girl gush, they fall in love and I assume live happily ever after.

It's not the happily ever after I want, its that chase, that feeling of falling head over heels in love with someone.

Every relationship has been a slow burner.

I want to see someone and have them see me and BAM! Instant heat and courtship that makes us crazy, upset, angry, passionate.

Is it really that much to ask.

Amber said...

You deserve the best and I'm sure you'll find a perfect combination of all those sexy(ish - haha) men. Don't let anyone make you believe otherwise!

That's a great picture of you, looking good girl!!!

Connie said...

I think it must be A LOT of work to be the wife of those *stars* that you mentioned.

You'll find the one.....

Beth said...

Ok, confession from the other side of things:
I have the opposite problem. I find almost everybody attractive and interesting. And, sister, it's worse than being picky. I can't even count how many crazy exes I've had, the money and time and effort that has been wasted because of my lowered expectations, not to mention the horrible things it does to your self-esteem. Better to be TOO picky than not picky enough....you know you're never going to settle. When you DO fall in major league love, he might not look like those other guys, but I bet he'll be amazing enough to catch your attention and interest all the same. :)

Sarah said...

haha, you are too funny. Maybe you will find superman someday...

Anonymous said...

Check out the movie "Great Expectations". It's an oldie but my absolute fav!