Thursday, November 24, 2011

The one where you guys tell me what boots to pick. Because I don’t friggin’ know.

Hi, Bloggy pals.  I have a job for you today.  Up for the challenge?  I hope so.  Because I need help.

My mom wants me to pick out a pair of boots for her to buy me for Christmas.  (For those of you keeping track, NO, boots were NOT on my Wish List.  But I guess I kind of need them more than a set of knives or a Tassimo.  I guess.  But not more than I need The Big Bang Theory, Season 2.  Or The Vampire Diaries seasons, which I have added to the list since then.)

(PS – to my sister, Kara, who keeps emailing me asking for my Christmas list…have you not read the Wish List post?  Excellent ideas can be found there.  Go.  Shop.)

Anyways.  Yes, the boots.  I need help.  I’m going to post pictures of the boots that caught my eye on the Sears website, and you tell me which ones you like.  Please & thank you.

Contestant #1 ($79.99)

Boots 1 79.99

I’m not sure if I can wear a boot like this. It’s kind of fancy, with all the buckles.  And I’ve never owned a high boot before.  But if I had to pick a high boot (which I think I maybe might want), this one appeals to me.

Contestant #2  ($99.99)

Boots 2 99.99

A little shorter, and I like the fur trim.  But they’re suede, and I don’t know if I have the patience to care for a pair of suede boots.   They’re high maintenance.

Contestant #3

Boots 3

I love these stylish mukluks, with all the fur, especially the furry balls.  HA!  No.  These are not a contestant, they just make me laugh.

Contestant #4 ($49.99)

Boots 4 49.99

Hmm…Also suede-y looking, so high maintenance, but I like that they’re not too tall, not too short, and again that fur trim catches my eye.  Disappointed that there are no furry balls, though.

Contestant #5  ($69.99)

Boots 5 69.99

I picked these out, but now I don’t think I like them.  They’re not suede-y, so that’s a plus, but I think they kind of look like witch boots.

Contestant #6 ($159.99)

Boots 6 159.99

I love these.  LOVE these.  But they cost way more than I would ever want my mother to spend on boots for me.  Plus, I think I need black boots, and I think these only come in brown.  *sigh*

Contestant # 7  ($49.99)

Boots 7 49.99

Hmm…I like the slouchy look of these.  But the issue with high boots is that I have fat calves, and I have no idea if these would fit.  But I think these are a very strong contestant for the high boots.  No issues with suede here.

Contestant #8  ($69.99)

Boots 8 69.99

I kind of love these, except for the laces.  I have no patience for laces.  Plus, these are called “Military style” and I’m not sure if I’m a Military style kind of girl.

Contestant #9 ($129.99)

Boots 8 129.99

Are you sick of looking at boots yet?  Me too.  But I like the black one on the far right.  However, it’s suede, so I have those aforementioned suede issues.   It’s pretty cool for a high boot.  As long as the calves fit.

Contestant #10 ($99.99)

Boots 10 99.99

Okay, I really don’t know if I want a high boot or a short boot, but these are probably my favourite of the short boot selections.  The only thing is I think these are very similar to the last pair of boots I got, back in my College days.  Maybe I should be looking for something a little more mature than the College boots?

Alrighty.  So now that I’ve provided you with all that helpful insight (ha!  I don’t know if I want short, mid, or tall, black or brown, laces or not, suede-y or not…)  PLEASE pick for me.  Or make other suggestions.  I truly have no idea what I want.

Now, I do have some good news…According to the Payless website, THEY STILL CARRY MY FAVOURITE SHOES!  The exact same ones that I busted up on Saturday night!  The exact same ones that I bought 3 or 4 years ago!  Wahooooooooo!   I’m going to maybe buy 3 pairs.  They’re only $19.99, so clearly, very high quality. ;)


My shoe loves.

And now, in closing, to celebrate American Thanksgiving, I’m going to share with you something I’ve been very thankful for this week.


Oh, get over it.  I didn’t post the picture yesterday.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American Bloggy Friends!  Enjoy your turkey lurkey! :)


Amanda said...

OMG Jill, I had the same pair of shoes from payless for years...the finally fell apart so I went back middle of October and bought them (they were $29.99 for me)...and guess what they are already broken along the foot got wet yesterday walking in the cold. Not sure I want to get another pair :(

Kara said...

Like - 1,4,7, and 9.
2 are old ladyish
3 - lol... can see u in them!
6 - I love me to, but unless there is a sale.
5 and 8 - No!!!

Stacy said...

I like 1 but what material are they - they sorta look suede-ish too! But that is my pick! The laced up ones look like granny boots that EVERYONE wanted in high school!

Lindsay said...

My votes go to 4, 7 and 9. I think I like the taller ones because if we get TONS of snow like they can we are getting the taller ones will come in handy! I like 7's but they are definatley third place out of the 3 that I said because they look fancy and not overly warm. Good Luck! xo

Jen said...

I would pick the first pair, in black leather. Good luck making your decision! And you can post that pic of you and Chris Neil everyday if you like!!!

VandyJ said...

I like #1, #4 and #8. Check on #8, it may have a zipper side to it so it's way easier to put on. I have a pair similar from Kmart, high quality naturally, and they have a side zipper.

Beth said...

I vote for pair #4....I don't have a justification, they just caught my eye. :)
Enjoy, whichever you end up with!

Lena @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

I love 6, 8 & 9... but I think overall, 1 would be the best 'investment'... ;)

Jillian said...

I have 1 in the brown leather and they are amazing (check to see if they're still on sale because I got them from the catalogue for forty dollars). They actually aren't that high a boot maybe mid calf plus you can roll them down a little. I've been wearing mine constantly and they're holding up pretty good. Do not go with the suede I had to replace my suede winter boots after one winter

Amy said...

OH my... too many choices!! My head is swimming.

I like 4 or 7.

Happy Picking!