Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Snowy Wednesday Randomness

It’s “We Want to Know Wednesday”, but I’m not doing it because I’m jealous.  All the questions are about Thanksgiving – naturally – and I’m a little huffy that our Thanksgiving was over a month ago.


I want a holiday this week.  And I’m not getting one.  Bah.

So instead, here’s some of the random floating through my brain this morning.  (I’m going to try not to mention that hockey player I had my arm around on Saturday night, but…I make no promises.)

  • It snowed last night.  Our very first snow of the year.  You guys know I love snow.  I woke to the sound of a snowplow going by my house at about 5:30 this morning, so you best believe I hopped right out of bed, cracked the blinds, and watched the pretty white stuff falling in the street light.  Beauty.

Snow Falling

  • Everyone has a favourite pair of shoes, right?  I know I do.  Or did.  There wasn’t really anything much special about them, but they were just nice black loafer-style shoes that I got four or five years ago from Payless.  Comfy, and went with almost anything.  Well…Saturday night, after I met you-know-who, I blew the shit right out of my shoe.  We were walking towards the next bar we were going to, and I kind of accidentally stumbled off the side walk (trust me, just a stumble, I wasn’t being a drunken fool), and however my foot landed, I could just feel my entire shoe explode.  I walked around in it for awhile before taking it off and discovering the sole was hanging on to the rest of the shoe literally  by a thread.  It was a good thing I had the happy thoughts of you-know-who and his muscular back in my head, or I would’ve had the sads BIG time.
  • Sticking with the footwear topic…My mom has been bugging me for a week to pick a pair of boots out of the Sears catalogue for her to order me for Christmas this year.  I’ve been putting it off because I don’t know what I want.  I haven’t bought a pair of boots for 8 years.  I was in College the last time I got a pair of boots.  Yes, I am Canadian.   Yes, I live in the tundra.  But I usually just skip around in my shoes all winter long.  The very shoes that I busted the shit out of on Saturday night.
  • Needless to say, this morning, when I ventured out in my very non-snow-proof slip-on Skechers, I was wishing I’d listened to my mother’s demands to pick out a damn pair of boots.  Jill has very cold, wet feet this morning…Brrrr.

Skechers Not meant for Canadian winters…

  • I’m starting to panic that I have no time to put up my Christmas tree this weekend.  And I NEED to put up my Christmas tree this weekend.  Life cannot progress until my house is decorated.  I need my house to look Christmassy, STAT.
  • So glad I didn’t have far to go in the snow this morning.  I’m not getting my snow tires put on until Saturday, so I did a wee bit of skidding around on my way to work this morning.  A blessing that I only have a five-minute drive in…
  • I love Bieber’s Christmas album.  Especially when he raps in “The Little Drummer Boy”.


  • You know how sometimes you hit a song on the radio that you haven’t heard in a million years, and you just remember all the words and it makes you feel amazing?  Sam Roberts, on my radio this morning, singing “Hard Road”.  We had an incredible duet.
  • I watched Water For Elephants last night, and if anything, it made Rob Pattinson even sexier to me.  As if Edward Cullen could get any sexier.  He got to smile and laugh a lot more than we’re used to.  Mmmmmmmmmm….

Water for elephants 3


Water for elephants 4  

  • Have I mentioned how jealous I am that our American friends get to have turkey tomorrow and I do not?  Have I also mentioned that American Thanksgiving throws a monkey wrench in the Y&R scheduling?  Like, no more Y&R this week, and just when I was so happy to have Billy back?  Dammit.

billy miller

  • American Thanksgiving makes me want to watch ALL the Friends Thanksgiving episodes.  One right after the other.


  • The snow is going to melt tomorrow.  Because it’s going up to +11 this weekend and it’s going to rain.  What is UP with this weird, balmy, November weather?!

Okay.  I think that’s all I’ve got for today…

Off to minimize this window so that I can look at my desktop picture again…The picture of me and you-know-whooooooo!!!!


VandyJ said...

I try to get away with wearing shoes all winter, but Mom Nature requires boots more often than not.
Pick out a really cute pair of boots!

Shannon said...

YUP! All the Thanksgiving episodes of Friends are the best! The trifle hahahahaha!!! I'm so with ya, Jill - I HATE not having any winter boots and they're SOOO expensive too :(

Nancy said...

What, no Y&R? maybe I'll get caught up for a change. I love how you order all your stuff from the Sears catelogue!Too bad you can't order up a cute hubby!

Stacie said...

I hate having to replace shoes, I will wear them until they just disintegrate to avoid it. Good luck with the boots!

Kristine said...

I'm still celebrating both Thanksgivings. I was born in the States so that's my excuse but I would do it just because I love turkey and stuffing...

Amber said...

We got really wet slushy snow, but it's supposed to be in the 50's the rest of the week. WTH??

I might have told you this when you were blogging about Canadian Thanksgiving last month, but when I was in college I loved how we had Canadian Thanksgiving in the dining hall AND American Thanksgiving (a couple days before the break). I think there should just be two universal Thanksgivings and that solves anyone feeling left out. ;)

I'm the same way with shoes, I walk around in my regular sneakers/work shoes in 2 feet of snow. If I have to shovel or spend an extended period of time out in the snow I'll throw on my hiking shoes because they're amazingly waterproof but even those are still just shoes. I HATE winter outerwear, even my coat is inappropriate for winter weather!

Nicole said...

This snow tire thing is all new to me.... there are such specialized things? I thought that's what 4x4's were for....

And I think it's Nickelodeon is doing the Friends Thanksgiving thing all day tomorrow.... or someone is anyway.