Monday, November 21, 2011

Just about the best damn weekend EVER.

Judging by what I’m seeing on other people’s blogs and Facebook statuses this morning, a lot of people think they had an awesome weekend. 

Nobody seems thrilled to start off another week, because the weekend was just that good.

Well, I’m sorry to break this to all of you who think you had the best weekends ever, but…

Mine was better.


(Unless you got married or had a baby.  Those would be the only two things that could trump the excitement of my weekend.  In that case…Congratulations.)

So, I know that my mom and my friend Stacy and everyone else who hates Twilight will cringe at this but, really?  How could a weekend start out ANY BETTER than with the Breaking Dawn Part 1 midnight premiere on Thursday night???

Breaking Dawn

Edward makes everything better.

Despite all my worries and concerns about how Thursday evening would go, it all went off pretty much without a hitch.  No issues getting the tickets (apparently all you really have to do is say, “Hi, I pre-ordered tickets on-line, here’s my credit card, please believe me”…and they do); a delicious supper at Montana’s with my Twi-buddies Britt, Sharon & Lindsay; a waker-upper at Starbucks (where Sharon commended me on my pro ordering of my Venti-Skinny-Peppermint-Mocha-No-Whip…I’m a Starbucks newbie and wasn’t sure I could pull it off without screwing it up)…Then off to wait in a not-too-long line up, and they let us into the theatre earlier than expected, which was a much more comfortable place to sit and wait for the vampire/werewolf hotness to begin.


And ohhhhhhhhhhhhh the hotness!!


breaking dawn wedding 2 


It was wonderful.  I think maybe my favourite movie thus far in the series.  The wedding…the honeymoon…the vampire sex (or at least the PG-13 version we got)…Bella’s life-sucking pregnancy…the birth of a vampire-human hybrid baby…

It was everything I could’ve hoped for.  And more.

I will probably go see it again in theatres.  I loved it that much.

The only small issue I had was that I somehow got stuck beside the stereotypical “Twi-Hard”.  A thirty-something woman sitting by herself, talking on  her cell for like TWO HOURS before the movie started, and whoever she was talking to must’ve also been a Twi-Hard because that was all she talked about.  The whole time.  And referred to the cast as if they were on  a first-name basis (OK, so, like I do with the hockey players, but whatever. NOT the same.) 

She was just very very excited to see Rob and Kristen and Taylor and all the gang, apparently.

Needless to say, once the movie started, she went into SUPER-annoying mode.  Huffing over the squealy teens at the start (“Geez! You’d think Rob himself had just walked in the room or something!”), fanning herself with her hands at the romantic parts, singing along to the wedding version of Iron & Wine’s “Flightless Bird, American Mouth”, clapping, vocalizing her disappointment when certain scenes didn’t meet her lofty expectations (like the love scene - “WELL! That was anti-climactic!”…I’m sorry, dear, but did you not catch the PG-13 rating?!)

I had to block her out.  She was driving me bananas.

But other than that?  It was wonderful.  Even the cheesy wolf telepathy scene (which brought more laughter than I’m sure was intended) couldn’t ruin it for me.

Did I mention the wedding?  The honeymoon?  Bella waking up covered in feathers?  The baby?

headboard shot

It was pretty near perfect.

By the time I crawled into bed after 3 AM, I was still buzzing with excitement, and didn’t think I’d be able to sleep.  I was wrong.  When my head hit the pillow, I drifted off quickly, and was so glad I had the following day off work.

I spent Friday lounging around, feeling kind of hung over even though I don’t think the two Pickle Caesars I had at Montana’s the night before could’ve made me feel hung over.  Oh, and I finished Season 1 of The Vampire Diaries.  Yes, I was on vampire overload.  I think I need to buy the seasons of The Vampire Diaries rather than just Zipping them.  Because now that Stefan and Damon are in my life, I need to keep them forever.  Swoooooon.


Friday evening, I joined a group of friends at Cafe 349 in Shawville for a baby shower for our friend Priscilla, who is due in December.  We had a great evening chatting, eating, and showering Priscilla with gifts and good wishes.  I can’t wait for Baby B to arrive!  Priscilla and her husband Chad have not found out what they are having, and have also kept their names a secret, so it will be very exciting to hear all the details when the baby comes. :)



On Saturday I did some shopping and got some of my Christmas lights up outside, then spent the afternoon resting up for my friend Krista’s Bachelorette.  Krista and her fiance Kyle are getting married on New Year’s Eve, so the ladies decided to take her out on a party bus tour for one last rip before she becomes a “Mrs.”.

Now here’s where the really, really exciting stuff happened.  The stuff that transformed this weekend from a GREAT one to an EPIC one.

Our first stop on the party bus was the Crazy Horse bar & grill in Kanata.  And shortly after arriving, I was scouting around because so many people tell me, “You need to go to the city to meet guys – the Crazy Horse would be a great place to go, lots of guys there!”

Um.  Yeah. Sure.  Lots of guys.  But as I scanned the room, there weren’t too many who appealed to me.  In fact, I could only find one table of guys, seated behind us, that I thought were my kind of guys.  The rest were all kind of goofy-looking.  With big belt buckles.  Meh.

Not long after, I noticed the Bride-to-Be and several of the ladies over chatting up my table of hot guys.  Krista had a list of things she needed to accomplish during the evening, and I figured she was over there getting something checked off her list.  Sure enough, she got her picture taken with some of them, then came over to our table and said, “There!  Good thing we added ‘Meet a Sens Player’ to my list!”  Then I noticed they had scribbled it on to the bottom of her list of tasks to complete.

I was confused.  “Meet a Sens player? Who?!”  (Did I mention I’d forgotten my glasses at home?)

“That’s Chris Neil sitting over there!”  Krista told me.

Chris Neil!  One of my all-time favourite Senators players!

chris neil

I was soooo disappointed.  I didn’t even realize it was him – if I had, I’d have totally joined them when they went over to meet him.  But Krista told me he hadn’t been overly friendly, and I figured he just wanted to be left alone, so I declined her demands that I go back over there with her.

But eventually word had spread that Chris Neil was in the house, and the next thing you know, a big group of the ladies who were with us made their way over to his table.  Krista told me to go then, with the rest of them, but I was sooo not even a little bit drunk and worried about pissing him off, so I said no.  But Krista wasn’t going to let it go, though.  She ended up grabbing me by the wrist and DRAGGING me over to his table, telling everyone to move out of the way so that she could get to him.

“Excuse me, Chris Neil, but this is my friend Jillian and she is the biggest Sens fan I know, would you pleeeeeeeeease get up and get a picture taken with her?”

Meanwhile, I’m standing there shaking my head and mouthing, “I’m so sorry, Chris Neil.  I’m so sorry.”

She had to beg him a couple of times before he finally shuffled out of his booth and put his arm around me and said, “Hey.”  And then I put my arm around him too, and ohmygodmuscleybackofheaven

Indeed, this was the 2nd best night of my life – after the night I met Wade Redden, of course – but luckily, this time I found my voice.  I wasn’t a complete mute.

However, all I kept saying was, “I’m so sorry, Chris Neil.  I’m so sorry.”

Yes, I called him “Chris Neil”.  Every time.

And he just kept chuckling and saying, “It’s okay, don’t worry about it.”

Krista and I got our picture taken with him (thank GOD Ashley had her camera handy because I had left mine behind at the table!) and after I looked at the picture, I totally didn’t regret it.  I did  feel kind of bad that now that he was out of his booth, he had to get his picture taken with approximately 25 other girls…and stand on an injured ankle (the reason he wasn’t out west with the rest of the team)…but oh well. ;)

The picture was totally worth it.


And also, I realized I could crop Krista out – not because I don’t LOVE her – I do love her and I will be forever eternally grateful to her for introducing me to Chris Neil!!! – but when I crop her out, it makes it easier to pretend it’s just me, posing with my hot muscular hockey player boyfriend…

See what I mean?


And YES I KNOW he’s married and has kids and I think from what he told some of the girls that night that he has another one on the way very soon…

Whatever.  I CAN STILL PRETEND!!!!!

Here are some of the other sneak-pictures I took of him from a distance:



Wade WHO?!?!


Epic weekend.  Simply epic.

Don’t even try to compare.  You know you can’t. ;)


Stacy said...

Well i think finding a stroller for Baby Tanner was FAR MORE EXCITING than seeing Chris Neil...sorry...oh and I found Maddy's Pittsburgh Penguins hat for the baby too - so that was even better than meeting Chris Neil...haha!

Jodie said...

WOW!!I don't even know where to begin... what a wonderful weekend!! I love all the pictures!! Breaking Dawn... was amazing!!! LOVED it!!! Have a great Monday!!! :)

Lindsay said...

That was a pretty epic weekend!!! Especially the twilight part!! LOVE! The Chris Neil part was cool too but wouldn't you have rather met someone like Phil Kessel or something!? :-) xo

Jen said...

OMG - I'm soooo jealous! Chris Neil is my favourite Sens player too! And I can so see Krista barging her way through with you dragging funny! Oh well, so worth it to have the picture!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! What an exciting weekend and to meet Chris Neil.. that's even more awesome! Congrats!

Kara said...

Well, Chris Neil once held a door open for me at Leon's and I didn't recognize him - it was husband following behind me that politely thanked him - lol....

Anonymous said...

Whaat?? Honeymoon, feathers, vampire PG-13 sex?? Oh my! Sounds like I missed out out on something.

VandyJ said...

Yep, that was an epic weekend right there. All I did was go shopping. I had fun, but not like you did.

Jillian said...

It's okay I know a bunch of third graders that were complete mutes when Wade Redden walked into the classroom so you obviously aren't the only one but I know the feeling I once went to a Weston Dressler autograph signing (he plays for the Saskatchewan Roughriders the only pro sports team we have in saskatchewan) and I was insanely nervous as he signed my shirt some of the employees were laughing at how dorky I was (I'm a huge Roughriders fan) btw I was not one of those third graders (tho I should have been stupid eye doctor's appointment)Wade Redden is somewhat of a local celebrity in my hometown.

Jill said...

Are you from Lloydminster, Jillian? I had no idea I'd freeze up like I did when I met had never happened to me before. Now, 10 years later, I am apparently still socially awkward with "celebrities"...not sure what's worse, not being able to talk, or only being able to say "sorry" over and over. LOL Some of the other girls carried on conversations with Chris, asked him questions...all I could think to say was "I'm so sorry." What a doofus! haha!

Jillian said...

I am from Lloydminster! I really do understand that feeling mainly because I'm like that too (except I'd just be nervously giggling)

Stacie said...

The movie was GREAT...but I had some talkers in front of and behind me, so I'm going to go see it again over Thanksgiving and pick my seat more carefuly!

Nicole said...

See all you need is a gal about to be married and all your dreams will come true b/c she's not worried. ha! :)