Monday, October 17, 2011

BIG Weekend!! BIG News!!

I don’t think I’m recovered yet from this big weekend of fun!  It’s one of those weekends where I just needed one extra day to sleep in and recuperate. 

But alas, I’m at work…and blogging about it instead with a hot cup of tea in front of me.  ;)

We kicked it off Friday night when I joined a group of friends at Montana’s Cookhouse in Kanata for dinner to celebrate our September/October birthdays (Stacy, Sharon & Lindsay’s). 

Now, some of us in our gang are starting to get a complex.  It’s like restaurants have a big group photo of us on their kitchen wall with these instructions:  “GIVE THESE PEOPLE HORRIBLE, CRAPTACULAR SERVICE.   JUST DO IT.”.  This was the second time in several months that our group has had poor service at a restaurant.  The first time was at East Side Mario’s earlier this summer, and it was a horrendous experience.  This time wasn’t so bad, and as a former waitress, I did take pity on the poor girl, who must’ve told us ten times, “Sorry, I’m new.”  And of course, she was on a busy Friday night shift with two big groups in her section.  Fortunately,  my Antojitos were delicious and then I chucked the whole wrap-and-salad idea for an amazing Chipotle Firecracker Burger & fries.  (Yes,  that’s right.  The diet didn’t go so well this weekend.)  So that totally made up for it.  As an added bonus, she didn’t mess up my bill, unlike almost everyone else’s at our table.   Plus, the manager passed out coupons for free appetizers at our next visit.  Which means more Antojitos in my future. 

I’m easily appeased.


Saturday = Car Rally Day.  One of my most favourite days of the year.  It’s almost like Christmas!!  I’ve been Rallying with Stacy, Ricky, Sara & Graham for years, and while we always do well, my goal is usually to come in 2nd place.  (1st placers have to plan the Rally route the following year.  That’s a big job.  We’d rather take 2nd place honours!)

This year’s theme was Music, and I must say Leslie & Co. did a fabulous job with this year’s route.  We were singing all day long!  We had a strong advantage with Sara in our car, as she was often singing the lyrics before we’d even arrived at the question featuring them.  For instance, as we approached one question, the song in question was “Love Shack” and they were asking, “What would you have to replace here?”  Before we even got near the address relating to the question, Sara was belting “TIN ROOF…RUSTED!!”  Sure enough, the tin roof on the house was rusted.  BAM!  Score one for us!

(Now if only we’d listened to her when she was loudly singing, “BICYCLE! BICYCLE!  I WANT TO RIDE MY BICYCLE!!!!” on the Freddy Mercury question…that could have moved us up a spot! )

We also discovered we’re fairly bad at counting.  On any of the questions where we had to get out and count (butterflies, frogs, bird houses, horses, logs) – we failed miserably!

But at the end of the day, we ranked in 3rd place!!!  Awesome!!  The funny part was that we tied with my family – my mom, brother, sister, and Amanda; and also my brother-in-law and his family!!  Too funny!!  

The only disappointing part about our 3rd place finish is that I have it on my 101 List to come in 2nd in a Car Rally…SO CLOSE!!!!  Hopefully next year… :)

And that brings us to Sunday.  We got some big news in our family on Sunday.  Big, wonderful news…

My brother Luke & his girlfriend Amanda got engaged!!

luke & amanda

We’re all so excited for them!!  Congratulations, Luke & Amanda!  So happy for you both!!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well…We had lots to celebrate for sure!


Lindsay said...

Mmmm....that picture of montana's food looks sooooo good! Yum! Congrats to Amanda and Luke and your whole family on their engagement!! xo

Stacy said...

I have been waiting to see a picture of the ring - thought you would have posted it!

Stacy said...

I can't believe there was NO MENTION of the Jackson 5 - I left it out of my blog cuz I thought you would want to say it! Did you end up getting an interview with the Equity? LOL

Nicole said...

ok I"m not sure what a car rally is... I'm interested!