Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The water & ice diet begins today. FOR REALS, this time.

So.  You’ve all been following along on my “lose weight to fit into my bridesmaid’s dress for Lindsay’s wedding” project

You’ve been clapping at the appropriate times, telling me how good I’m doing, cheering me on, and enthusiastically encouraging me with the odd “You can do it girl!”

I love you guys for that.

But this shit just got serious, folks.

Are you ready for this?

My brother is getting married.  On February 11th, 2012.  (That’s approximately 3 months before Lindsay’s wedding, for those of you keeping track.)

And his fiancée and my friend, Amanda, has asked me to be a bridesmaid.

Sure!  Count me in!  Whoop!!  Super excited!!!!

So we go dress shopping last night, and find the perfect dress, and the sweet little shop owner starts measuring us, and BAM! 

It’s Bridesmaid Dress Horror: The Sequel.

These dresses we were ordering were by a different designer than the ones we got for Lindsay’s, and from a different store. 

And the sizing was different.

This is where I feel the need to really come clean and start telling you some numbers.  Embarrassing as that may be, I’m not sure you can understand my story without me telling you the sizes that I’ve been told I am and the sizes I need to fit into in time for these weddings.

Please don’t point and laugh, okay?

When I was measured on August 22nd for Lindsay’s bridesmaid’s dress, they measured me between a size 20 and 22.  22 was considered plus sized and more expensive.  I opted for the size 20 and vowed to lose weight.  As you may recall, the sales lady was skeptical, but I assured her I could do it.

Fast-forward a little over two months later.  I’m down 19 pounds, but still want to lose a lot more.

And then I go with Amanda and her twin sister Steph to shop for her bridesmaid dresses, and that sales lady measures me between an 18W and 20W.  BUT, those numbers are considered plus sized and costs extra, so somehow I agree to order a 16.

That’s right. 

Size 16.  With no “W”.

A size that I have not fit into for years and years in normal clothes, let alone bridal gear that always seems to be sized way smaller than normal clothes.


So. Um. Yeah.  You know how I’ve joked about only eating sticks and dirt and berries for the past two months?

Now I think I might actually have to do that.

There can be no more cheating.  There can be no more nights of going home and deciding, “Meh, I don’t feel like exercising tonight.” 

I’m not even sure there can be a Christmas this year.

The good news?  If I’m actually successful at this and I lose enough weight to fit in this dress, then the one I ordered for Lindsay’s wedding should be so ginormously big on me that they have enough material to make me two dresses.

Also, the lady at the store last night promised me this dress can be let out to fit a size 18.  (Shut up, I know the alteration costs will negate the extra charge for a plus sized dress.  I’m trying to ignore that part.)

But the ultimate goal is to not need any alterations.  The ultimate goal is to fit into that godforsaken Size 16.

I have three and a half months.

Here we go.  I have no choice.

God, I hope I can do this.


Stacy said...

What did your mom have to say about that??? LOL

Lindsay said...

You totally can do it!! Keep doing what you are doing! 19 pounds is awesome and it will just keep coming off with the work that you put into your diet and excserise!! xo

Jodie said...

I have faith in you!!! You can do it!! Good luck!

Beth said...

Deep breaths! Your dress can be tailored to fit you, regardless of what size you are (they can add fabric into the sides- I do this for myself all the time). Also, foundation garments can help inch you into a lower size (Spanx, anyone)? So while I fully support your efforts to get healthier, don't stress (which is bad for weight loss) because there are alternatives. :)

Jen said...

OMG - Jill, you crack me up! I like what Beth said, keep up what you're doing and don't stress about it. There will be a way to fix it whether it be to big or to small. (I love reading your blogs!!!)

Sarah said...

You can do it!! And you don't have to eat ice cubes! Fruit and veggies and excersize. You have already lost 19lbs, so you are already doing awesome!

Connie said...

You can do this!!

19 pounds so far is great!!

Kristine said...

You can do it. I believe in you!!!

Nancy said...

Jillian, You can do it, but at what cost, are you going to be miserable and food deprived? That results in your body going into starvation mode and then it is resistant to losing weight. Are you taking your multi-vitamins and vitamin D? (Just giving Elizabeth a break from the advice, with Livvie gone back to Trent, for this blog, tag, you are it!! LOL!)

Anyways, I will offer any support you need, and my prayers and love every gram of your journey! Your face is looking so slender already!

I also need to step up my exercise. I only made it to my water aerobics once last week! I was watching an item about Nordic walking and maybe we need to try that. It doubles the calories lost, and you could chase the dogs away with your poles!!!