Monday, August 22, 2011

The water & ice cube diet begins today.

I talk quite a bit here on the blog about my dieting & exercising "attempts". But we all know that 98% of the time, I'm full of crap. I love food that is bad for me. Love it. And I love lazing around reading and watching TV and movies and doing nothing.

I'm a couch potato. No number of Wii exercise games and Jillian Michaels DVDs and Weight Watchers website browsing will change that.

Until now.

Remember when I mentioned that I was nervous about Saturday's shopping expedition for dresses for Lindsay's wedding? Well, I had every reason to be nervous. For starters, I have the terrible pressure of Lindsay threatening me that I have to drop 50 lbs. by the time of her wedding.

Kidding. KIDDING!! (Trust me, she's starting to hate that joke.)

No, this is a self-imposed You must lose weight or I'm gonna KILL YOU threat that I'm laying down.

Because on Saturday, after we found a dress that we all liked, the stupid lady who took our measurements (she wasn't really stupid, I was just mad at myself) told me I was closer to needing a PLUS-SIZED DRESS that, on top of being an entirely too-embarrassing size to even mention here, was also going to cost me $30 extra.

I thought for one split-second and said, "Nope. I will order the lower size."

She pursed her lips and looked at me doubtfully. "Really? Because, you know, it's easier to take a dress in if you happened to lose weight, than to squeeze into a dress that's too small if you don't lose weight."

I think my reply was something along these lines: "Oh, don't worry, I'm going to lose the weight. I'm going to fit into that dress."

I could tell she was skeptical. I don't blame her. She probably hears this from fat brides and bridesmaids all the time. And then, they end up scrambling at the end to shed pounds so that they don't break the zippers of the dress while trying to force themselves into it, all sausage-like.

The good news for little ol' me? I have nine months to work on this. I have lots of advance notice that I am gonna have to bust my ass to drop some weight and inches.

Yeah, I know. My mom has been harping at me about this since March, when Lindsay & Ryan got engaged and she asked me to be her MOH. I've actually had over four months to prepare for dress shopping, and I did diddly-squat about it. I could already have a head-start on this weight loss mission, but noooooo.

I'm not sure what I thought was going to happen. Magic? Divine assistance? Some kind of tapeworm that was going to do the work for me?

Whatever it was, it clearly didn't happen.

So now it's up to me. Time to hold myself accountable. And I have the incentive now. A dress that I must fit into by May 12, 2012.

It's do-able. I've lost weight before. I worked hard to do it, and that's what's gotta happen again. So from now on, you will only see me drinking gallons of water and licking ice cubes on sticks. Perhaps I will suck on a piece of lettuce from time to time for a special treat. (Again, kidding. Won't be that extreme. Hopefully.)

But drastic times call for drastic measures. Twigs and berries. It all starts today. And I'm hoping that every Monday from here on in, I can come here and brag to you guys about how much weight I've lost. I'm not telling you the starting number - again, far too embarrassing. But I'll be sure to be shouting from the rooftops when that number goes down!!

That being said, if anyone has any links to favourite HEALTHY EATING WEBSITES, hook a sister up. Lately all I've been doing is looking at recipe blogs and Pinterest recipes for things like that Peanut Butter-Chocolate Chip cake, and Mac & Cheese, and Frank's Red Hot Buffalo Chicken Dip, and Mexican Dorito Casserole, and Cheese & Herb biscuits. Yeah. Reallllll healthy stuff.

One more thing before I go. I haven't forgotten...

It's coming very, very soon!! I have most of the giveaway set & ready to go, I just need to add a few final touches. Hopefully by mid-week I will be able to finally share it with you. Stay tuned!!


ashley said...

Hey Jill, I'm sending you an e-mail with some links...I follow WW and they are all WW 'friendly' recipes.

Good luck and no doubt you will do well.

Sarah said...

Jill you CAN DO IT!
The word Diet doesn't have to be scary, there are tons of healthy recipes out there that are delcious. By adding some healthy recipes to your routine, and go for a walk every night, it will work out for sure! If you want a walking buddy, just give me a shout!

Lindsay said...

As your resident Bridezilla I have said from the don't have to lose a pound. However, now that your dress is a size smaller I am putting my big claw down!! You can do it! I want you to lose the weight for yourself and your health because in the long run that's what matters! xp

Nicole said...

Ok so here's a website I found that has healthy recipes.

Some of her stuff sounds so super yummy, but I haven't tried any yet, however I have printed off some recipes :)

The "school nurse" here at work (she isn't a school nurse, just what we call her b/c that's what it feels like) told a gal here that if she'd cut out pop all together she could drop I forget the amount of lbs in a time frame. Ok that was useless info, sorry....

UpperBottom said...

omg this sounds just like me when i was trying to lose baby weight last year. i thought the weight would magically fall off and i'd look like heidi klum in the angel wings after like 3 months, but no. so i was like, that's it, i'll starve myself, i don't care. but being "anorexic" didn't work either ("anorexic" meant lots of egg salad sandwiches, milano cookies, and bagels) so i finally did weight watchers and IT WORKED GREAT. i loved it.

oh hi, i'm rachel, by the way!

Johanson Family said...

You are going to do great. its a mind over matter thing. Once you set yourself to it, you can do anything. You have the support of all of us!! :) hugs!!

Amy said...

You SOO got this in the bag girl.--- and NOT a bag of tater chips. hee hee

I echo what Janette said.. you will have all of us to support ya.

Steph said...

You can do it!

Leslie said...

You totally got this. Let me know if you ever want to hike to some geocaches (there's a good one at Luskville falls).

Mind Of Mine said...

I almost exploded with rage when I read the joke about your sister demanding you lose 50LBS before the wedding. That was obviously before I knew the truth.

Unfortunately, you would be surprised how that happens.

I can relate to this post, I am considered over weight and I made similar promises to myself for important events. Unfortunately I failed. I am a guy and believe me, we have just the same body hang ups that women do. Believe me, some girls would kill for the rack I have.

I hope you don't. But I would never judge you if you didn't lose the weight on time.

If losing weight is you grabbing a choke hold on life and making it work your way, I am very proud of you.

Do it for us fat girls!

Amber said...

Good luck Jill - you know I have the same struggles as well. Even right now for example all I can think about is pizza slices from the pizza place when I already have my dinner planned out for me. Yikes.

Some helpful sites...I like myfitnesspal for tracking, SparkPeople is a GREAT resource and community as well. Hopefully you're quick to figure out what works for you and shed those pounds! Good luck girl, I'm rooting for ya!

Stephy said...

Good luck! I wish I had some good advice to give, but I don't; I always find myself just eating & snacking! I can't wait to hear about all the progress =) GOOD LUCK!

Kara said...

Water & ice cubes - reminds of Dad with his glass of water full of ice - lol...

meeganjae said...

Gina's Skinny Recipes and Kalyn's Kitchen, both have WW recipes that are just yummy and easy to make. You can do it!

nancy said...

I gave up toast & peanut butter in favour of cheerios with bran buds and 1% milk for breakfast, portion control & twice weekly water aerobics and some yoga tape. I have lots over 30lbs...og, yes, no snacking excpet veggies.

You are so beautiful, Jilly, just feel good about yourself.