Monday, August 15, 2011

Getting close to 50…

You know what the worst part about vacation time is?

The day it ends.


This morning, I wanted to throw my alarm clock out the window. I missed lying in bed til 8 AM, and then enjoying a cup of coffee and a few chapters of a book on my back deck while the neighbourhood is quiet and still. I missed listening to the birds chirp. I missed not having to rush to shower and dress and get out the door.

My holidays were mostly quiet and peaceful and relaxing, which is exactly what I was going for.


But I guess there’s only so much reading and watching True Blood and The Big Bang Theory that one person can do.

Back to work. It had to happen.

So I’ve gotta do something to make my first day back to work a little special, and that is announce that WE ARE GETTING DARN CLOSE TO JILL’S FIRST-EVER GIVEAWAY!!!

See over in the sidebar? See how many followers are there?


We are one away from the “I’m so happy I finally hit 50 followers after blogging for five years” giveaway. ONE!

(I might have to work on that title.)

So I haven’t actually put together my giveaway yet. But I’m going to go shopping soon, and I’m thinking of doing a “grab bag” of some of my favourite things – a book, nail polish, lip gloss, a magazine, a CD (maybe a burnt CD of my favourite songs…does anyone even listen to CDs anymore??) – you know, that kind of stuff. Unless a boy enters, then I might have to re-think this.

So my question to you, my awesome little posse, is this: What would YOU like to see in my first-ever giveaway?? Jewelry? Cosmetics? Books? Candy? Tea? A Wade Redden poster?? What do you have a “thing” for? I figure if you’re going to enter a giveaway, you might as well have some input in what you might actually win!!

And remember…we’re one follower away. Someone go tell their buddy to follow me and we can get this giveaway rolling!! :)

(PS – I made a really awesome-cool “button” for my giveaway using MS Paint – meaning, it was goofy and terrible and I loved it – but for some reason, it won’t post here. Frig. No wonder I haven’t got 50 followers in five years. I don’t even have any cool buttons!!)

**UPDATE** NEVERMIND I FIGURED IT OUT!!! Isn't it cool?! ;)


Amber said...

Girl your MS Paint skills are far superior over mine. I'm jealous!

Glad to hear you had a nice relaxing vacation - that's all I ever ask for out of my vacations!

Lindsay said...

ha ha ha ha !!! Mad paint skills Jilly!

So glad your vacation is OVER!!! I just missed you that is all! :-)

I would HATE to see anything sens related! And would LOVE to see something like a book/magazine!

Stacy said...

I like magazines...i would like a burnt cd, i still listen to them...candy is good...

Leslie said...

Nail polish, literature, a dessert...

Sharon said...

I'm with Lindsay on the book/magazine front. Or a cool gcard. No Wade Posters

Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

50!!! You got it!!

I love nail polish and books!!
(oh and jewelry, magazines, cosmetics, cds, etc....)


Congrats on reachign 50! Your blog is great!!

Steph said...

Darn I was one person late. I did a "my favorite things" giveaway when I got to 100 followers.

Thanks for stopping by and following my blog.

The beginning of this post seriously could have something I wrote today. I had give up deck time to go back to work today.

Nicole said...

haha, now you are at 55 followers... I saw it with my own eyes. I'm a little slow. sorry! :)