Thursday, August 25, 2011

When a tornado’s a-comin’, I run to my mama’s

Weird natural phenomena this summer.  Really weird.

I live in a part of the world where we might get a bad thunderstorm once a year, if that.  And by “bad”, I mean some big booms and some lightning, but that’s about it.  Very rare to have anything extreme.

This summer?  It’s been a whole ‘nother story.  We’ve had crazy wind storms that have knocked out power, knocked down trees (and even knocked down some people’s pool fences – ahem – Randy…); excessive rains and flooding that washed out a part of the highway near our town and it STILL isn’t open yet; wild thunderstorms with lots of lightning…NOT my cup of tea.  At all.  Combined with Harold Camping and all of his messed-up-math doomsday calculations?  eeeeeeeep…

So you can just imagine the glee I felt when our favourite local weatherman, JJ Clarke, announced that we were under a TORNADO WATCH on last night’s 6' o’clock news while I was at my mom & dad’s.

“Wha….Whaaa???  A TORNADO???”

Of course, JJ tried to brush it of as no biggie.  “Just a watch, not a warning.  No need to panic, folks.”  Sure, J.  That’s realllllll comforting coming from a guy who – no offence – gets the weather wrong more often that not. 


I know it’s not his fault.  It’s like this weatherman club they have.  You can’t get in unless you tell the odd fib.  Plus, with a tornado recently touching down and causing major damage in Goderich, I suppose the weathermen are being on the cautious side around here.

(PS - I have no idea where Goderich is, but it was all over the local news.  So it must not be far away.)

Still…my trust in JJ’s weather reports is not strong.  So when he tells me that we probably won’t get a tornado, I’m thinking there’s a good chance we will.

My survival instincts kicked in.  “I think I should go home and pack a bag and stay here for the night,” I said to my mom.

She kind of rolled her eyes.  Real protective mother I have, eh?  “You’ll be fine,” she said.

“But…BUT what if we DO get a TORNADO??  I’ll be all alone!!  WHAT WILL I DO?!?”  

(You can sense the panic, I’m sure, in the odd capslocked word and the many question & exclamation marks.)

My father’s immediate response:  “Go home and pack your bag and spend the night here.”

He knows me well.

So that’s what I did. Brilliant idea.  I was immediately reminded by a friend (and fellow former Stanton Roader) on Facebook, when I expressed my concerns over JJ’s report, that Stanton Road is like God’s Country.  No way a tornado could get me there.  Even better?  The fact that with the central air system and the noise of Dad’s machine down the hall that he sleeps with on, I couldn’t hear a thing outside anyways.  We probably wouldn’t have even known if there was a tornado out there until it ripped off  the roof of the house.


But good news.  No tornados.  Phewf.  I guess JJ was right this time.

Perhaps my bunk-at-mom-and-dad’s reaction was a little over-the-top.  It was just a watch, not a warning, after all.  But I got a little excited when my chair weeble-wobbled the other day because of the earthquake in Virginia.  If we’re so much as “watching” for tornados, chances are I’m already freaking. 

And we’re not trained for tornados in these here parts, you know?

If JJ warns me again tonight, I’ll do it all the same.  Because if I’m getting whisked away in a funnel cloud, I need to make damn sure my mommy and daddy are coming too.

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JJ's Friend 2 Friend[1]

How cool is that?!?  You’ll know which one I am, I’m the one with the long, rambling answers.  What else is new? ;)


Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

I wasn't too worried, but when hubby came to bed and mentioned it... we got the kids out of their beds and put them in with us... just in case! ;)

Stacy said...

aww Lena - that is cute...I on the other hand, did nothing! We were heading to Arnprior and when I heard the watch, I heard for Arnprior, Renfew, Barry's Bay (not the Pontiac) and I was like oh yea great, the one night we have to go across the river, we're gonna get swept away...but we never saw a thing, not even a pick up of wind really!

Nicole said...

Joplin has gotten so many watches and warnings that people blew it off and it was sucked up in an F5.... I freak out too so no big deal. But I recommend getting a windmill. If it is just blowing one way you're fine, if it is spinning around and can't decide which direction it wants to go, take off running!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the feature.... I already stalk you!

I live in tornado alley.... HATE IT!

Amber said...

We had tornado warnings or watches or whatever a couple of days ago!

And then we had the earthquake!

You're right, the weather has been kind of whacky. I don't believe anything those weathermen say.

VandyJ said...

If I didn't have a big strong hubby to snuggle with during the thunder storms we get, I would think seriously about heading to my mom's too.
Oh, and you won the giveaway I had last week. Email me and I will get the code for you free down load to you.

Johanson Family said...

Whoa! I LOVE storms and tornados! I would give my right arm for some rain or thunder or SOMETHING... just the treat would be exciting for me. I know I'm probably a rare breed that enjoys it.... but nothing fun happens here.

Anonymous said...

Stanton Road is the safest place in the world! No need to be ashamed - had I been alone, I would have been heading to M&D's too for safety! During the last bad wind storm, Dad sent Mom to the basement, called Meg and Blake to tell them to do the same and then stayed upstairs to watch because he "didn't want to miss it!". Clearly I'm not brave like him... Great blog Jill - thank you so much for keeping me occupied. Loving the reading material these days :)


Impulsive Addict said...

Girl, I have seen more tornados in my day than I care to admit. WHY AM I STILL IN THIS STATE?? They are nasty and a little like that crazy cousin. You never know what's gonna happen.

Happy Friday!