Tuesday, August 09, 2011

I’m on holidayyyyys!!!

Did you guys know I’m on holidays?


Me neither.

Clearly I made a mistake when I kept telling my family, “Nope, I have no plans!  I’m probably going to be bored.  I have nothing booked at all.”

Because my mother apparently took that to mean, “Okay, I’m going to spend all week at Jill’s pulling weeds with her and pruning shrubs with her and taking loads of brush and weeds away with her.”


Alright, I’m exaggerating.  A little.  I’ve been off work four and a half days so far, and there has been plenty of resting and eating and movie watching and rum & lemonade drinking.  (Along with the pulling weeds and pruning shrubs.) 

The rest was much needed after a wild, wild weekend.  I let Sadie out.  Twice.  I don’t remember the last time I let her out, and you can all rest assured she has been stowed safely away again for a very long, long time.

Twice in one weekend was almost too much for me to handle.

First off, Friday evening was Troy & Steph’s wedding.  They got married on the 9th green at the Arnprior Golf Club.  It was absolutely stunning.





Troy grew up down the road from us (our parents are still neighbours), and his bride Steph just happens to be my brother’s girlfriend’s twin sister. 

It was a great party.  I could definitely feel it the next morning, when I woke up still feeling very tired, a little yucky, and with my toes still numb from dancing in heels.  Definitely not used to that…

BUT I had to get geared back up for Round 2.  My cousin Donna & Ellard’s 25th wedding anniversary party at Barb & Stu’s. 

donna & ellard

Yeah…they’re kinda the BEST!!!

donna & ellard 2

For a long time I thought it was going to be a tame night.  The drinks weren’t going down well, and I was so so so tired.  But, as we say around here, I must’ve “drank tru it” because next thing I knew I was jumping into the pool while still in my jeans.  Nice.

I also don’t know if cousin Donna is even speaking to me, since I think I accidentally pushed her in fully clothed, too…

Thank God I left the camera in the car.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful week.  Try not to worry about me and my mom and our yard work…

PS – I’m finally approaching 50 followers…It’s only taken me 5 years!!  Thinking about throwing together a giveaway, if I ever get there…go on and spread the word!!


Nicole said...

can't say as I've ever gone into a pool in jeans, however, I do joke that my clothes spend more time in the pool than my swimsuits b/c it usually seems like I just jump in clothes (shorts) first.

Nancy said...

What a blast you have been having! I hope Danica didn't get you up too early Sunday morning. She was missing Sunday School.

If you need a break from pulling weeds we can hit the chip truck for some "pastoral care" tomorrow!

Lindsay said...

JILLY!!! ! I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!! Let's get together for supper one night this week!! I'm having Jilly Bean withdrawls!

Impulsive Addict said...

Letting Sadie out twice??? Sounds like my kind of fun!!

I would have loved having my camera handy...especially when you jumped in with jeans on!!! =)

Amy said...

Seems like a blast to me!!

Congrats on the followers. I am always game for a giveaway.

Leslie said...

That's what holidays are for! Enjoy them!

Kara said...

I heard that Mom is coming back today - apparently she has just gone around the house and there is still the rest of your property - have FUN!!!!

Anonymous said...

Some day, I would really, **really** like to hang out with Sadie. I think we would get along famously!!