Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It’s “We Want To Know” Day

I missed WWTK Wednesday last week, so I can’t miss it again. Plus, SUPER fun questions this week. My family’s going to be thrilled reading this. Here we go!


As usual, WWTKW Q&A is brought to you by Mamarazzi and Queso. This week’s questions are all about my childhood!

{1} Did you live in the same town or move around a lot as a child?
{2} What were your parents like?
{3} Do you have any siblings? What were they like growing up?
{4} Share a short story from your childhood.
{5} What did you look like? (share a childhood pic for a chance to win a prize)

Here are my answers:

{1} Did you live in the same town or move around a lot as a child? I’ve lived in the same small town all my life, except for a year or so when I moved to the city for school/work. I quickly discovered I wasn’t a city girl, so I moved back home, and I don’t foresee myself ever leaving again. If you haven’t already taken the tour, be sure to do so. If for no other reason, to see the giant Elvis.

Our house on Stanton Road is still one of my favourite places to be. When we were kids, Mom & Dad sometimes talked about moving, and I’d throw a fit. Tears and all. Therefore, we never moved. I still think I’d cry if they decided to sell that house.

{2} What were your parents like? My parents were terrible. My dad cut me from the ball team when I was 12, and my mom wouldn’t let me take figure skating.

HA! Kidding. Well, those aren’t lies, but my parents were good to us. I think there’s a reason why we’re still a very close family. They’ve always been there for me, and despite my perpetual complaints of being the neglected-black-sheep-middle-child (yes, I have issues) – I’ve always known I was well loved.

66616_10150290117980554_554310553_15285555_8168403_n A rare photo of Mom & Dad – last fall, with their grandson Caden

{3} Do you have any siblings? What were they like growing up? My sister, Kara, is 6 and a half years older than me, the golden child, the daughter who did everything right. My brother, Luke, is two years younger than me, the family “superstar” who plays sports and is Mom’s darling baby. When I was in about grade 2 or 3, they had us write a paper on our biggest wishes. At the time, I wrote that I wished my sister would turn into a lizard and I’d let her our the front door, and I wished my brother would go back to being a baby and stay that way forever.

I told you I had issues.

But growing up, we had a lot of fun. I guess they were okay siblings to be stuck with. ;)

284773_10150740556010554_554310553_19969566_767559_n With my brother & sister at Troy & Steph’s wedding a few weeks ago

{4} Share a short story from your childhood. Do you guys want to KNOW why I have issues? Well, one big reason is because a raccoon peed on me. For reals.

My cousins Dave & Jeff had a pet raccoon for a while, and when it was still just a little wee thing, I used to love to hold it and cuddle it. It was so cute. It’s name was Bandit. Well, we were all at my Grandma’s one day, and I was playing with the raccoon, and of course the thing pissed all over me. Did you know that when raccoons pee, they pee A LOT? My siblings and cousins – and I think even my parents and aunts and uncles – were laughing at me, and I was so mad and upset. There’s a picture of us all with Grandma that day, and everyone’s got these huge grins on their faces and I’m just glaring at the camera. It was taken right after Bandit took a leak all over me. I was not impressed.

But now, when I think of it, I have to grin, remembering my cousin Jeff, saying, “Hey, Dave…You smell that? I think someone’s wearing Wild Musk…”

{5} What did you look like? (share a childhood pic for a chance to win a prize) I’m so so SO disappointed that I don’t have any pictures of me as a kid loaded on my computer. My aunt Linda even sent me some that she’d scanned a while back, and I went looking for them, and apparently I accidentally deleted the email! Frig!

I was a chubby kid. A fat kid. I can’t believe some of the clothes that I wore. I can’t believe how little I cared about my hair or my appearances.

Ahhh, the good ol’ days… ;)

Great questions, right?! Go visit Mamarazzi or Queso and share your own answers…because WE ALL WANT TO KNOW!!


allstarme said...

I think the raccoon thing would have scarred me too!

VandyJ said...

I have issues because a hamster peed on me. I can't imagine a raccoon peeing on me.

insomnia said...

I took the tour. What a nice little town.
The town we moved from is a danger zone, so I won't be moving back.
Thanks for stopping by my blog-Jill

dddiva said...

Bwahahahaha I love that story.

Okay I have to say it- your issues are nothing- I am a middle child and my kids say mom, you don't have issues, you have lifetime subscriptions. :P (yes, the middle child competitive thing, I have to be over the top)

Nicole said...

Don't worry, I doubt there are a lot of kids who really pay attention to how they look when they are kids :) I didn't anyway :)

Although when I was in high school I can remember a 10 & 12 year old who had fake nails and were running around the sheep barns (they showed them) trying not to mess up their nails or step in sheep poop. Not that I went looking to step in it but you should have seen them prissing around.

Stacie said...

That raccoon story is too funny!

Steph said...

I'm the black sheep of the family too.

We always joke with my parents that so and so is #1 this week. We was #1 for about a week a couple months ago but I'm sure I'm not anymore.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Too funny! I was the black sheep of my family for real, but I am the baby.
The raccoon pee story is fantastic! How many people have that claim to fame? LOL

Pearl said...

Hilarious. I'd have issues too if a raccoon mistook me for a toilet!


Attractive family!


Myya said...

You crack me up! I'm a middle child too, it SUCKS doesn't it!! My biggest memory about being the "middle" child was Christmas morning opening presents & my mom looking at me saying... gosh, I haven't given you a present in a while Huh, I thought I bought you all the same amount. Yeah up NOPE, left out again!