Friday, August 26, 2011

Confessions of mac & cheese loaf cravings and deep-fried babies

Friday is my favourite day of the week.  No doubt about it.  And one of the many reasons I love Friday?


Linking it up with Mamarazzi.


I confess…that I’m so super pumped to announce that I HAVE NOT CHEATED ON MY DIET ALL FRIGGIN’ WEEK LONG.  This is epic.  And so much better than confessing that I DID cheat.  I didn’t!  Not once!!  Only healthy stuff!  Twigs and berries and water all.week.long!!!

I confess…I was about half-way through Monday – Day 1 of the diet – when I started craving weird things.  Like, you know that gross mac & cheese loaf?  I’ve never liked it.  Who puts pieces of macaroni and cheese in a slice of lunch meat??? 


But I wanted a slice of that crap SO BAD.  I also would have died for mozzarella sticks with the garlic sauce from Rachel’s Restaurant.  Of course, that restaurant closed 10 years ago.

I confess…that I talked out-loud to myself last night before going to bed, because episode 1 of Season 2 of True Blood disturbed me so much.  I walked up the stairs, going, “See? There’s nobody chasing you up the stairs.  You don’t have to run.  And there…no vampires in Susie’s room.  Or in the spare room.  And no, don’t look in that room because the light bulb is burnt out and it will scare you.  Hey, no vampires in the bathroom either!  Whaddya know.”

I confess…that I’m very excited for book club tonight.  And I don’t think it’s normal for a person to be that excited for book club.

I confess…that I once dreamed I had a baby, but it was the kind of baby you buy in the frozen foods section at the grocery store, like a bag of fries. (?!??)  Then you just had to open up your McCain frozen bagged-up baby, throw him in the deep fryer, wait 10 minutes, and TA-DA!!!!  Baby.  Wipe the grease off and you’re good to go.

I confess…that I think of that dream sometimes and worry about what it means.

I confess…I really need to find a boyfriend with a cottage and a boat.  These are things that are suddenly important to me.  I think next week I’ll do a Single Girl Files post on my requirements in a man.  Perhaps that will shine some light on why I’m still single…

I confess…that I got super-excited when I read in the local paper that there’s a Conway Twitty tribute band playing at the Shawville Fair next weekend.  And then I realized I’m old.

Happy Friday, gang! Don’t forget to enter my GIVEAWAY, if you haven’t already.

Have a lovely weekend :)


Mamarazzi said...

CRAZY cravings and super crazy dreams. i would do that whole deep fat fried baby tho...if it was safe, well the whole thing is crazy, but i want a baby sooooo...

thanks for linking up!

Nicole said...

So have you ever heard of Rocco Dispirito? He's a chef and he has 2 cookbooks out. One called Now Eat This and then the Now Eat This Diet (not to be confused with Eat This Not That). Anyway he has a recipe for mozzarella sticks that are way low in fat/calories. I haven't tried them but they use Panko bread crumbs and you bake them.... might be something to look into. And no, I'm not trying to make you crave them.... SORRY!!!

And a baby that you deep fry... well beats gaining weight and pushing a ham out the size of a grape ;)

Stephy said...

Yay for doing great on your diet all week!! That'll make next week even easier =)

I LOVE that you talked to yourself after watching something that freaked you out. We all do it! I'm glad you shared it with us.

Happy Friday.

VandyJ said...

I don't attach much significance to my dreams. I view them as a sort of mixed up movie reel my brain puts together as it file away the things I need to remember and gets rid of the things I don't. Although the ones I can fly in are always fun.

Amber said...

That mac and cheese loaf looks disgusting. I've never seen that before, don't think I'd want to haha

I would also love to find a boyfriend with a cottage and boat. If you find one, make sure to point his brother or friends in my direction. :)

ashley said...

You are too funny Jill! Love your confessions every week.

Good job on staying on track, you must feel great. And of all things to crave? Mac and cheese loaf...I have never tried it before and just the thought of it creeps me out.

Can't wait for a single girl files update!

Have a terrific weekend.

Sharon said...

Way to go Jill!

I'm excited for book club too!

Stacie said...

Ok, if of all the things you could cheat with, you picked that lunch meat to dream of, I think the lack of fat and carbs may be affecting your brain!

Anonymous said...

Ha Jill ~ you crack me up! I do really like the idea of buying a baby in the frozen food section ~ this baking one on your own for 40 weeks is getting REALLY tiresome!

PS ~ I was JUST talking about the cheese sticks and garlic sauce from Rachel's/Lynn's the other day! The best ever...I miss those!