Thursday, August 04, 2011

Gettin’ back in shape…one step at a time.

I’ve been a sloth this summer.  A real, 100%, lazy old sloth.


Give me a break, though, k?  July was hot.  Realllllly mother-effin’ hot.  When I got home from work, all I wanted to do was lie in the air conditioning or float in a pool.  I didn’t even want to cook things.  I ate twigs and berries and celery for a month. 

(LIE – I ate poutines and cheeseburgers.  I live too close to the chipstand.)

cheeseburger & poutine

Basically, my activity had dwindled down to nothing.  And I was starting to feel like crud.

Oh, I know.  I got a Wii, and a Zumba game, and I had that stupid b*tchface Jillian Michaels sitting there, waiting for me.  No reason for sloth and laziness.

But I was doing a damned fine job of ignoring it all.  I had TV shows to watch and books to read and chips & dip to eat…no time for exercising…nope, not at all…

It hit me this week.  After a weekend of stuffing my face and the most exercise I did was the five minute walk home from Audrey & Joey’s (which I’m pretty sure didn’t count after all the rum & coke I drank) – I was hit with the fatty blahs.

Nothing fits.  Nothing looks good.  Nothing feels good.

And you know what I realized I was really missing?  My nightly walks.

I used to go for a walk every night after work.  On my really energetic days, I’d walk for over an hour.  Some days would be shorter – a 20-minute walk.  Either way, at least I was outside, getting some fresh air, and moving.

I couldn’t remember the last time I went for a walk.

So I loaded up the iPod with some new fun walking music, and Tuesday night, I went for a walk.  Not a long one.  About half an hour.  Last night, I did the same. 

Also, I’ve been spending some time with my Wii Fit Plus (birthday present, thanks for paying attention, family!)  At first, I wasn’t too sure about it.  First of all, the damned thing sounds like it says “Ow” when I step on it, and that just didn’t sit well with me.  My Facebook friends tell me, though, that it’s okay, it does that for everyone, even the skinny people.  Then, the Wii told me I was obese.  That wasn’t a shock, but still, kind of mean, no?


Anyways, I don’t think I’m going to lose big pounds with this thing.  I played a few balance games the other night and biked for a while, and after half an hour of “activity” it told me I’d burned 16 calories.

16 calories.  I think there’s more than that in a stick of gum.

BUT – combined with the walking, and the odd night of Zumba (or, if I’m really feeling like punishing myself, that b*tchface Jillian Michaels) – I think it might work.

At least it’s a start, right?  Better than nothing?

And, just because I love music, here’s my new walking playlist:

The Edge of Glory – Lady Gaga

She’s Dope – Down with Webster

Skinny Genes – Eliza Dolittle

Tonight Tonight – Hot Chelle Rae

Last Friday Night (TGIF) – Katy Perry

Purple Sky – Kid Rock

Walk – Foo Fighters

Moves Like Jagger – Maroon 5

Barefoot Blue Jean Night – Jake Owens

Country Song – Seether

These are the songs that are motivating me to move these days.  Have any suggestions for me to add to it?  Please leave me a comment and give me more ideas!!! :)


Johanson Family said...

I think you're off to a good start!!! Jillian Michaels is a hard ass. I was telling another blogger about her yesterday-- I spent more time cussin' her out during videos which probably worked up more of a sweat-- but her methods work, so YOU GO GIRL!

Amy said...

Hey Jill! I see you became a follower... and I wanted to return the bloggie love. :)

Good for you! Anyone that wants to betta themselves, I will TOOT their horn for them.

Sharon said...

Hi Jilly,

Here are some of my moving songs:

Where them girls at (David Guetta)
White Liar (Miranda Lambert - Totally becoming a fan of her)
I wanna dance with somebody (Jumpstart)
Smile (Avile Lavigne)
Mercy (Duffy)
Who says (Selena Gomez)
Just a Guy (BC Jean)

Way to go on walking! I really need to get active again... it's tought with Emma though... she requires so much attention ... lol

allstarme said...

Good music list; I'm always looking for new running songs.

Leslie said...

Good for you, Jill! (Your cheeseburger and poutine actually made me salivate, yummmmmmmmmm)

It might seem dumb, but Eminem's Lose Yourself gets me super-motivated.

Lauren said...

I love the Wii fit, but I don't trust the scale. I once played, took a 3 hr break, got back on and the Wii said I had gained 3.5 lbs (since I had been on 3 hrs prior!).

Hmmm my running songs are cheesey but have good beats...
That's Not My Name-Ting Tangs
Right Round-Flo Rida
C'est La Vie-Bewitched
Aesereja-Las Ketchup (don't knock it 'till you've run to it..ha)
Nice and Slow Remix-Usher
Any of the JayZ Lincoln Park mash-ups

Sandra said...

I'm on a training diet. I have to say, I spent an abnormally long amount of time staring at your meal, that poutine is still making my mouth water.
But good for you for getting active...still fixating on the french fries though...I'm sorry! I also hate Jillian Michaels and we could bitch about her...but the fries...

Nicole said...

I think I live under a rock, I've never heard of any of those songs, I don't think. I think you're doing really good though! ease in to it and you're more likely to build the routine and stick with it! Jump into it and kick your own ass and you're more likely to give up. I hear Jillian hollering my name, I've been thinking I need to do the workouts but i'm like you, this heat drains me and I'm lazy.