Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Look out!! It's a "Jill's Gonna Ramble" Wednesday!!!

It's "So What Wednesday"! It's "We Want to Know Wednesday"! It's "What I'm Loving Wednesday"!!

Okay. It's none of those things on my blog. It's just "Jill's Gonna Ramble Wednesday"!! Enjoy.

  • It's Oprah's last show today. AND it's finale night on American Idol. Holy epic TV. I think I'll skip my workout after work to go home and watch it all. Oh, who am I kidding. I skip my workout almost every night for no good reason at all.

  • Anybody else a little disappointed with the Glee finale last night? First, they sing a bunch of songs I don't know. Then, they have an awesome performance at Nationals, and don't even make the Top 10. I found it mildly boring and unspectacular. Just sayin.

  • I had Scotty pegged to win it all in the AI finale tonight...Riiiight up until they sang the songs Jimmy Iovine picked to be their first single if either of them won. Scotty's "Love You This Big" was sweet and he sang it well. But Lauren took it up to another level with her song, "Like My Mother Does". Tears. I had real, running down my cheeks, tears, people. It was lovely. I'm still not convinced that Lauren Alaina deserves to win (or even that she should be in the Final 2 - I'd have far preferred a James/Haley showdown), but I think that performance may have put her over the edge.

  • I get to watch a ball game tomorrow night! A real, live ball game! At last!! Well. Unless the rain ruins it. And the rain seems to be ruining my life a lot lately. So I'm sure it will rain.

  • Forget about the rain for a second. The sun is shining bright and beautiful today. These days have been few and far between this spring, so I should just shut up and enjoy it, right? Right.

  • One of my BFF's, Lindsay, is getting married in less than a year. I was so surprised and a little bit bashful to see that she devoted her "Wedding Wednesday" post this week to ME!! To read all about how wonderful I am (HA!), head on over and check it out! (Love ya, dude!)

  • Now the world is going to end in October?? F. Could this Harold Camping guy just stop it already? He's too old to be predicting when the end of the world will be. His math is all messed up and he's prone to making mistakes. All he does is make people who get nervous easily (ie: me) all worked up for NOTHIN'. Enough, Harold!

Happy Wednesday!!


Lindsay said...

Ha ha We're so sappy today!! ha ha! Love ya too. P.S I meant every work.
P.S.S Yes, I did sneak a picture of you across the office yesterday. Sneaky, sneaky!

Stacie said...

We've had a week of awful storms here, so definitely take the sun if you have it!

Nicole said...

Oh the Bible says NO ONE but God will know when the end is coming. weird people :)