Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Feeling like a "SO WHAT" Wednesday...

Here we go. SO WHAT if...

  • ...the rest of the world is talking about Bin Laden and the Canadian federal election, and I still just want to talk about William & Kate. And talk about them in a British accent.

    • ...the novel I just started writing sounds very much like Crow Lake, which is the novel I just finished reading. I was inspired!

    • ...I'm going to eat macaroni for lunch and supper today. And I ate it yesterday, and the day before, too. I like friggin' macaroni, okay?

    • ...I haven't paid attention to the Stanley Cup Playoffs since Round 1, and even then, my interest was mild at best. Once the Habs were eliminated, I was able to rest peacefully.

    • ...I write mile-long blogs about Survivor and American Idol every week and nobody reads them but me.

    • ...I have no money and had to bum the cash I gave my mom for her birthday to get my hair cut. (Okay, I actually do feel bad about that one. But don't worry, it's almost Mother's Day, she'll get it back. ;) )

    • ...the best party I've been to in a long time was my friend Stacy's grandmother's 90th b-day bash last weekend. Swear to God, if I make it to 90, I want a party like that!

    • ...several times a day, you may catch me murmuring to myself, "I, Jillian Elizabeth, take thee, William Louis Arthur Phillip, to my wedded husband..." *CRAP* - I always screw it up - "William Arthur Louis Phillip"!!!

        This is my first attempt at altering a photo with MS paint. As you can see, I'm not very good at it. I promise to try to do better next time.

        What are you "So What"-ing about today? Play along with Shannon at Life After I Dew!


        Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

        Haha! That last pic made me giggle! Good job!
        I read your posts every week... I don't watch Survivor, but I usually agree with your AI recap!

        Ashley said... this post Jill! :)

        Sharon said...

        Your Macaroni pic is drool worthy.

        And are you writing the Luke and Bo story?

        Lindsay said...

        ha ha ha I just totally laughed out loud at your altered picture!! I can hear you saying, in your brish accent, "Jillian Elizabeth".

        Nicole said...

        hehe... you crack me up :)

        & Macaroni RULZ!!!

        Erika said...

        Visiting from SWW! What is that macaroni recipe? Is that the actual meal you ate? If so, what is the recipe - mmmmmmmmmmmmm?!?!?!??!

        Nancy said...

        I read your blogs, Jillian Elizabeth! Love the picture of you and William. Guess my invite got lost in the mail! Hope your Mom got the money back, that was hysterically funny!! Totally cracked me up! Thanks.