Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Latest Purchase. AKA, the reason I should not be allowed to have a credit card.

Remember when, not so long ago, I bragged here about how I had finally, finally paid off my credit card??

I relished that wonderful feeling for all of about 72 hours.

Then I started thinking about things I could buy. Clothes. CDs. Maybe join Weight Watchers. A new camera. New furniture.

And then, the night before last, I had a dream that I was running all over from store to store to store, trying to find the last Wii in the world, because I had to buy it.

Weird dream, right? I mean, maybe five years ago when the Wii first hit the market, this might have been a possible scenario, but now? Why now? Why would I be running from Wal-Mart to Future Shop to Best Buy trying to find the last Wii in the world?

I took it as a sign.

I went to everyone's favourite on-line splurging site. http://www.amazon.com/ . Sure enough, Wii's for sale. (And apparently they had lots in stock, so no worries on hunting down the last one in the world.) Then I decided I was going to buy the Wii Fit Plus, because if I'm going to sink some dollars into this, I might as well get skinny while doing so, right?

Buuuuut maybe that was splurging a little too much... How about just getting a Zumba game for now? I love Zumba. But I only go once a week. Wouldn't it be awesome if I could do it every night, in the comfort of my own home?!? (Shut up, dusty exercise videos on my shelf!! I don't want to hear from you!!) And it's a quarter of the price of the Wii Fit Plus. Save that for a birthday gift. (Family members reading this blog: take note.)

Ahh, but research a little further, and whaddya know, Just Dance 2 is half the price of the Zumba game. (And also cheaper than the original Just Dance. Who needs to start at the beginning? Not me.) Zumba basically is dancing, so this will probably work just as well, right?

Done aaaaaaaaand done.

Two hundred bucks later, and I'm now patiently waiting for my Wii and my Just Dance 2 to arrive in the mail.

And also praying they arrive before the potential postal strike begins. Which I totally forgot about in the midst of my fevered desire to buy a Wii.

God help me.

No, this is not my credit card. Although it should be.


Amanda said...

You'll love Just Dance 2!!!

Stacy said...

if you ask the number of people who have a Wii how many times they actually use it now, you could have just bought one cheaper from someone without shipping....like us, we hardly EVER use ours!

Jill said...

You're probably right, but in my brief Wii desperation phase, I didn't run into anyone willing to sell theirs...but the bonus is no shipping on orders over $25 from Amazon! And this was definitely over $25! haha!

Ashley said...

I sooooooooooooo would have sold you ours!!!

It's a lot of fun if you will use it. And Just Dance 2 sounds like a blast...maybe I just need fun games! :)

Jill said...

So...apparently I didn't ask Ashley. lol!!

I saw lots of games that looked like fun, and had to hold myself back from ordering them all right away! haha!

Kara said...

Thought about using the Wii last night after talking to u yesterday, but my excuse last night was that it was too hot!!

Nicole said...

Postal Strike? That doesn't sound good!!!

And I have Just Dance 1 & 2. Mark likes 2 better but both are fun :) And I agree Zumba is expensive. i have the Wii Fit (the first one). I don't think I've touched it in a long time (think 1-1/2 years)... woops! My Mii was mean! LOL

Jill said...

So, in other words, my sister should sell me her Wii Fit for cheap, since apparently she doesn't use it...thanks Kara! haha.

Impulsive Addict said...

Hi. My name is Impulsive Addict and I'm addicted to online shopping.

I can totally relate.

Anonymous said...

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