Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Beer Breath, Pot Fumes, Body Odour...and Kid Rock. Good Times.

I love the "We Want to Know Wednesday" questions this week, but I have to go off the page and tell you about something else today.

You know how sometimes you have bad days? Like, days where you feel like your life sucks and you're in a funk and feeling very down?

(I hope it's not just me.)

So I was having one of those days yesterday. Just home from work, in the sweltering heat, on my lawn mower (yes. I know. we've all heard enough about the damn lawn mower.), and feeling a little jel of all the people I knew who were off to the Kid Rock concert last night.

There was a time when I was the concert queen of the world. I got tickets to everything.

But then my credit card debt grew too large, and I had to stop buying tickets to everything.

It sucks when you're sweating your ass off on a lawn mower and feeling pissed off over the fact that you have no money and no life and no Kid Rock.

It didn't last long though. Because the concert gods were smiling on me last night. It was one of those magical moments, when Mark pulled up and told me to shut off my lawn mower because I had to go and call Vikki right away. I demanded to know why.

"Kid Rock tonight? We have an extra ticket..."

You best believe I parked that damn lawn mower right.quick and ran in to call her.

I know. I have no money. I just bought a bunch of video game crap off the Internet. I know, Mom!!!

BUT. How could I turn down seats ON.THE.FLOOR, so close to Mr. Rock that if I'd wanted to push past a couple of people, I probably could have touched his shoes.

I've never been that close to the action at a concert before. I had floor seats to Blue Rodeo a few years ago. That's the only other time I've been on the floor. And as much as I enjoyed that Blue Rodeo concert, floor seats at a Kid Rock concert are a completely different story.

It was awesome. The music so loud you can feel it vibrating in your chest. Your ears are ringing. Dancing, arms in the air, not even caring that the guy beside you has rank beer breath, that the fumes from the weed they're passing around are probably making you high, and that the lingering smell of BO is because everyone is sweating profusely... and maybe that stink could be coming from you too?

I could literally feel the heat from the pyrotechnics. I still can't believe there were strippers.

Oh, and the performance by the man himself? Definitely did not disappoint. He was full-energy, full-voice...and after a while, the skinny, long-haired dude in the baggy jeans, pony-tail and straw hat actually started to look pretty hot.

He made sure to get in all the hits - "Cowboy", "Bawitaba", "Only God Knows Why", "All Summer Long", "Picture" - amidst the new stuff, which I absolutely love. With the latest album Born Free, he's leaning more towards his country-rock influences, and it's all music to my ears. New favourites are the title track, "Care", "Purple Sky", "Slow my Roll", and "God Bless Saturday". I was only a little disappointed that he didn't perform my favourite track from the new album, "Collide".

Needless to say, I was very grateful to Vikki and Mark for thinking of me when the extra ticket turned up. I had a blast.

And now, because Mark requested it, I must ask: What do you guys think of dudes who wear curly cowboy hats?

There were a few there last night, and Mark doesn't believe men should be allowed to wear curly cowboy hats. (Doesn't matter what beer label is on them.) Girls are allowed. (In fact, I think he said they even increase a woman's level of hotness by 2 or something like that. So apparently I need to invest in one.) But boys should never, ever wear them.

Mark, you better effin' read this.

If Kid Rock had been wearing one, I think even he could've made it look cool.


Mark said...

with the pic you chose you proved my point.... he's gay or two opperations away from the full gender change... and you've showed your bisexual tendancies... great blog today Sady!!!

Stacie said...

"I still can't believe there were strippers." Um, hello, it's Kid Rock, I would have been surprised if there WEREN'T strippers!

Guys always say any man that we find attractive is gay, its like a rule amongst them, some sort of man code.

Jill said...

Mark: First of all, learn how to spell. It's "Sadie". Second of all, that dude isn't that bad looking. If he had slightly bigger muscles and slightly shorter hair, there would be nothing gay about him. Except maybe the hat. I never said I approved of the curly cowboy hats on men. I'm just saying, on the right man, it's not necessarily a bad thing...

Stacie's got it right. Stupid man code.

Nicole said...

I was having a day like that yesterday, a mouse ran across my foot, my dog killed my Hydrangea plant and I sat in pee :(.

I didn't get any cool kid Rock tickets though :(.

And I think those hats on guys and girls should be banned. I grew up wearing Nice cowboy hats and learned how to take care of them properly and I think those things look ridiculous :). That's my opinion. Not many agree with me though :)

Nadine Hightower said...

Way flippin' cool!!!

I been 2 ted Nugent concerts... and one I was on the fence!! It was awesome!!!

I think that men can wear the hat and it adds to his coolness level. Totally!!