Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Wednesday. And in a good mood. So it's "What I'm Loving Wednesday".

So many different Wednesday linky parties to choose from...but I'm feeling all cheerful this morning, so we're going with "What I'm Loving Wednesday".

  • Once a month, I join a group of friends from work to play Bingo on the radio. (Yes, a local radio station has Bingo nights. I'm not even joking.) Anyways, after three years of playing, I won for the first time a few months ago. Then last night, I won again. The jackpot game. I had to split with some other doofus who called in at the same time (frigger) but I was super-pumped that I won!! Then I came home to find out that the Baby Sens, who play out of Binghamton (aka Bingo), won the Calder Cup last night. Future's lookin' bright for Sens fans. And yes, a very good night for "Bingo"!!!

  • My cousin Kenny gets "Emailer of the Day" from Jill's World for yesterday. Kenny rarely comments on the blog anymore, but often emails me about it. Yesterday, he correctly guessed the identity of The Captain of Heat. I knew my close friends would know who I was talking about, but I didn't think someone like Kenny would. He told me he has a weird memory. "I can't remember my girlfriend's birthday, but I know who you liked in college." I burst out laughing.

  • I looooove the HEAT! Especially now that I have my air conditioners installed. (Thanks to brother Lukey for that). So nice to enjoy the sticky, sweaty heat, and then walk into a cool house. Bliss. Welcome, Summer.

  • I'm still diggin' the new Kid Rock, but there's another song I've had in heavy rotation the past few days. I downloaded it a while back, but have just recently fallen completely in love with it. "Come Pick Me Up". A Ryan Adams song, but I'm a fan of the Zac Brown Band live version. Stuck in my head. all.the.time.

  • My Just Dance 2 game for the Wii is awesome. I have to play with the blinds closed, though, as I'm still looking like a frog in a blender most of the time. (Just ask Luke and Amanda. They witnessed it the other night.)

  • I love banana-FLAVOURED popsicles.

  • I love toasted tomatoes sandwiches. I'm addicted.

  • I love that I'm looking at fun & busy weekend coming up. I'm going to get drunk.

  • And no, Sadie will not be coming out. Because nobody loves Sadie.
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Jen said...

I LOVE Just Dance 2. It is a blast!

Ashley said...

Lol...sounds like it will be a good weekend, I would love a night out with you sometime, especially if I could witness Sadie. :)

Happy Wednesday!

Nadine Hightower said...

Snicker snort... Sadie. Roy tells me I talk too much when I drink too much. I tell just to go with it.

Impulsive Addict said...

Toasted tomato sandwich huh? So tell me how you make it? I like tomatoes and sandwiches so maybe I would like it too.

A banana flavored popsicle doesn't sound half bad right now. I'm a little hungry!

Congrats on the bingo win!! =)

Nicole said...

I love that your cousin knows the name. That's awesome!

And I'm a heat person myself too. I'd rather be hot than cold!

So your toasted tomato sandwich is that like a BLT?

Rebecca said...

Banana flavored popsicles are great! My grandma always had them and she would give them to us when we would go swimming in the summer.

Come link up tomorrow for Thankful Thursday and let us know what you're thankful for!