Thursday, June 16, 2011

Huh. I thought only Montreal pulled crap like this.

Seriously, Vancouver?


I had planned today to talk all about last night's Stanley Cup final Game 7 between Boston and Vancouver, about Boston's 4-0 win to capture the most coveted prize in hockey; how I'm trying to be happy for guys like Chris Kelly (former Sen and all-round good guy), and how, despite it all, I cannot be happy for Zdeno Chara (he still leaves a bad taste in my mouth).

But instead, the Game 7 triumph by the Bruins has been completely overshadowed by a bunch of jackasses in Vancity who decided to riot post-game.

We expect this of Montreal. But Vancouver? Really?

Was it not just over a year ago that they played host to the biggest sporting event in the world and were praised for being so gracious and accomodating, spirited and proud? It's so sad to see them tarnish that glowing reputation they had garnered for themselves.

It makes me wonder what would have happened if the US had scored in OT last February instead of our golden boy, Sidney Crosby, to take Olympic gold in men's hockey.

Overturned cars. Smashed windows. Looting. Stabbings. Fire.

This is not what I would expect from Vancouver.

And it's really too bad that a gang of hooligans ruined it for everyone. I mean, I was seriously thinking, during the post-game festivities, that the Canucks fans were being a very respectful bunch. The majority stayed in the building, remained on their feet, waving their towels, cheering their hometown team despite the disappointing loss.

They booed Commissioner Gary Bettman, but really - who wouldn't? Some complained that they ruined B's goalie Tim Thomas' moment when they booed Bettman so loudly during the presentation of the Conn Smythe Trophy, but I think they made up for that with a classy ovation for Thomas when he was finally handed the Cup.

They impressed me. I would have been sitting in my seat, hiding behind my towel, head in hands, crying, shouting, "I hate you, Zdeno Chara!! F YOU!!"

That's what I do when I lose.

It wasn't long after the Bruins' celebration began that news hit that the riots had begun, and quickly, all attention was on the mayhem in the streets.

I actually feel sorry for the good people of Vancouver, and I have no doubt they are many. Because of a raucus, drunken few with mob-mentality, people are now saying things like, "I'm ashamed of the Vancouver fans."; "I'm embarassed for my country."; "Vancouver has no class."

My plea is this: If you have heard about the riots, and are thinking any of these things, please keep in mind that this post-game travesty is not a proper reflection of the city, the team, their fanbase, or this country.

I hate when a gang of fools get all the attention, and by doing so, place a black cloud over so many who are undeserving.


Amber said...

I don't understand sports rioting, I just don't. It makes the team and the city look bad and what does it accomplish? It doesn't make the team any better, so what's the point?

Too bad, people need to learn some self control.

Nicole said...

seriously, it's just a game. Weirdo's who get so wrapped up and involved... it's just a game. It is supposed to be fun. But you know how they have kids now (anyway in the states) who always make the team so they don't get their feelings hurt... we're raising up a bunch of hooligan's who will be poor sports.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say but I don't believe this riot happened because of the game. It would have happened win or lose. There's apparently a group called the Black Bloc that will use a cover like the Canuck fans to start a riot. I'm from BC so I've been nosing through FB and news articles to try to make sense of this as it doesn't sit well with me that this idiocy would happen over a Canada. Really, who brings bandanas, face masks, gas cans and riot gear to a game? I'm not saying that a few fans didn't get caught up the "excitement" and decided to take part in something that could potentially ruin their lives, if caught. The people of Vancouver took their city back the next day by getting together to clean up the mess. They are embarrassed to be handed this label the world has given them so kudos to them. It happens everywhere, a few bad apples ruin it for everyone...

Jill said...

Thanks for your comment. After hearing a bit more about the riots, I think you're probably right. I heard that several of the "rioters" who were arrested were identified as a group from Seattle who were rejected entrance to the Olympic games, and who were also arrested in Toronto for protesting at the G20 Summit in Toronto. No doubt, some drunken fans got caught up in the madness and joined in, but overall, it appears the hockey game really had nothing to do with it. It was just an excuse for them to cause trouble.

It was good to hear how the people of Vancouver came out the next day to help clean up and put the city back in order. A true testament to the people and the Canucks fans!