Monday, June 06, 2011

My 501st Post. All about Twilight.

Holy crap.

I just realized my last post was my 500th. And I didn't do anything special to celebrate!

Thanks to those of you who have been around for all 500 posts. Thanks to those of you who have joined along the way, or are new followers. I appreciate anyone who bothers to read my ramblings on life, my single girl status, TV shows, hockey, music, etc., and I hope you continue to do so!!

500. Wow!

So, last night I stayed up past my bed time to watch the MTV Movie Awards. I'm usually not much of an award show fan, but there was one main reason for tuning in to this one:

The Breaking Dawn sneak peak was being aired!!!

Yes. For those of you who don't already know, I'm a Twilight freak. It's been almost a year since Eclipse was released, and we still have to wait until November 18th before Breaking Dawn Part 1 hits theatres.

So yes, when I heard last week that the trailer was being aired for the first time during the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night, I dialed that right into my Blackberry calendar of events.

For a Twilight fan, the show was fun, because they pretty much won every category they were nominated in. Best Kiss, Best Fight, Best Actess, Best Actor, and so on. The only time they lost was when they had two entries in one category. (For example, Taylor Lautner's kiss with Kristen Stewart lost to Robert Pattinson's kiss with Kristen Stewart.)

It's a little hokey, though - if you're a serious awards show fan, you'd never tune into this one. It's basically a giant popularity contest, as fans vote for the winners.

That being said, it made this kid happy to know that apparently the Twilight fan hype hasn't died down in the least!

It truly is a wonder, though, that after all these years of being in the spotlight, that R.Pattz and Kristen Stewart are as awkward and uncomfortable on stage as those two appear to be. The best speech given by a Twilight cast member was when Taylor Lautner accepted the award for Best Movie on the entire cast's behalf. He's so well-spoken and confident and prepared. A sharp contrast when compared to the other two members of the high-profile fictional love triangle!

I must admit, though, that Rob made me laugh. Particularly when presenting, along with Patrick Dempsey and Chelsea Handler, the Generation Award to Reese Witherspoon. Dempsey started off the presentation, then Pattinson proceeded to stumble around, laugh, fumble with a piece of paper that he apparently had a speech written on, and look to his co-presenters for help. Dempsey said, "Well, there's a teleprompter. Right there." Pointed at it, and R.Pattz replied, (in his sexy British accent), "Yeah, but it says 'Ad Lib'. Ad Lib! What the hell am I supposed to say?!" Fumbled some more with his speech, then went on to try to make jokes about the fact that Reese once played his mother in a movie he was cut from, and then he played her lover in Water for Elephants. But then confessed that he had screwed up the punchline, while actually letting an f-bomb sneak through the censor.

Upon arriving on the stage to accept her award, Reese told him that the punchline he missed was that, because she had played his mother, then his lover, he really is the best motherf*cker in the business.

Other highlights included a decent hosting job by Jason Sudeikis, the little girl from Grown Ups receiving her award for Best Line with "I wanna get chocolate-wasted!!", Bieber showing up unexpectedly to collect his award for Most Jaw-Dropping Moment, a peformance by the Foo Fighters that I loved, and R.Pattz running into the audience to plant one on Taylor Lautner rather than kissing Kristen Stewart after winning Best Kiss.

Oh, and of course the Breaking Dawn trailer, which, of course, was the whole reason for staying up to watch. I had to wait til almost the end of the show, but it was worth it.

I don't like to wish time away, but November 18th is now definitely a date I'm looking forward to!


Nicole said...

Dang... some of those moments you talked about would have been priceless to see! I didn't know a thing about the awards though.. oh well, maybe i can catch re-runs :)

Lindsay said...

ARE YOU WISHING FOR NOVEMBER TO COME? I knew i'd rub off on your eventually! ha ha!

Jill said...

Did you not read the last line?? I don't wish time away!! haha!! Just something to look FORWARD to in November!! ;)

Stacie said...

This could seal the deal on this new bloggy friendship...dare I ask whose team you are on?

Jill said...

I'm almost afraid to answer this for fear of losing a new bloggy friend!... Team Edward.