Friday, June 17, 2011

You Know What Today Is...

It's Friday. It's time to confess.


I confess... that I was just talking about a co-worker with the ladies in the office - and we weren't exactly saying the nicest things about him. Moments later, said colleague arrived here at work, and delivered a Timmy Ho's large double-double right to my desk, and told me to have a great day. Yeah. KIND of felt like a jackass.

I confess... that I went to a ball game last night and probably spent more time distracting the scorekeeper - (Me: "blah blah big boring story bitching about someone blah blah"; Scorekeeper Lynn: "Oh shit, I missed a whole batter! Who came up after Nick? Was he out?"; Me: "ummm I don't know...") - and swatting mosquitoes (they were BEASTS last night), than I actually spent watching the game.

I confess... I almost died at Zumba last night. The instructor switched up the whole routine (which I spent 7 weeks trying to learn), and it was crazy-ass hard compared to the old routine. She asked me once, with sincere concern in her eyes, if I was okay. Ummm... My face is beat-red and my head is about to explode. Do I LOOK okay?

I confess... I'm getting fatter by the second. I shouldn't bitch about Zumba. Instead, I should be doing it twice a day.

I confess... that I'm jealous of everyone who took today off work. Apparently there's about five of us working here today. I didn't realize it was National Take The Day Off Work Day. Somebody send me the memo next time.

I confess... that I left a bag of garbage sitting in my kitchen all week to test my ants and see if there are any left lurking around. I know. Gross. And still no return of ants. Go me.

I confess... that if one more person tells me it sounds like I have pneumonia, I'm gonna scream. IT'S JUST ALLERGIES. POLLEN IN MY LUNGS. I'M FINE.

You know what to do. Head on over to Mamarazzi's to link up and CONFESS.


Anonymous said...

Antibiotics cure pneumonia - you could always spend a few hrs at the hospital or a local health clinic to find out.

VandyJ said...

Allergies suck!
Yea for getting rid of the ants!

Anonymous said...

I have the same cough too, Jill -my allergies are insane right now. Mostly red, itchy eyes and the god-awful sounding cough. I feel your pain!

Stacie said...

What in the world is a Timmy Ho's large double-double? Is that some sort of young gal slang? Is it code for something?

Date Girl said...

oh ouch, karma moment, that must have been awkward. At least said coworker has some redeeming qualities!

Yuck, sorry about the allergies, that doesn't sound fun. You could always say you do have pneumonia and get that day off work! ;-)

I like the way you watch sports. Sounds like me!

Sandra said...

I wouldn't feel so bad about the gossiping. A women's study professor once told me that gossip is how women communicate. Let's go with that! :) As for the zumba, I give you so much credit for even doing it. I'm scared I'll fall flat on my face!