Friday, June 10, 2011

That time of week again...CONFESSION time.

Linking up once again with Mamarazzi for everyone's favourite post of the week (or maybe it's just mine??) ...FRIDAY CONFESSIONAL.


I confess... that I chirped and squealed about how wonderful the heat was this week, but I actually only spent about 2% of my time out in it. From air conditioned office, into air conditioned house. Sad.

I confess... I have battled ants in my house for the past month. And I am losing. I tried ant traps. I tried baking soda mixed with sugar. I discovered where they were coming into the house - the back door - and sprayed all around it with Raid. The Raid was so powerful that it made the paint melt right off the walls (I so totally ignored the fine print that said not to spray it onto painted surfaces). I stood there and watched, and only a few seconds later, the ants just came crawling in again. Marched right through those puddles of Raid on the floor as if it wasn't even there. Tough mother-effers.

I confess... that the ants freak me out. I look at the floor and there is nothing there. Turn my back for 2 seconds, and suddenly there's at least one or two there, just magically appeared. Creepy ants.

I confess... that I HATE JILLIAN MICHAELS!!!! My friend Lindsay recommended I try out the 30 Day Shred DVD, and I was all, "Pshhh, 20 minutes, no friggin problem," BUT I WAS SO SO WRONG. I can't do it. It's impossible. And that woman is a b*tch. Hate her. (Jillian, not Lindsay.)

I confess... that I was sore yesterday after doing the stupid Jillian Michaels DVD the night before, then went to Zumba last night. Jillian Michaels aches & pains + Zumba aches & pains = me walking around like an arthritic old woman. Awesome.

I confess... I've had a bad cough for almost two weeks. No other cold symptoms, just a deep, painful cough. So of course, my hypochondriac brain has decided that I have lung cancer. My dad quit smoking a few years ago, but prior to that, he was a heavy smoker, and I lived with him during all of those heavy smoking years. You know those old anti-smoking commercials? The one where the old man who couldn't stop smoking is mourning the loss of his wife, who died of lung cancer, and never smoked a day in her life?? I'm so afraid they're gonna make a commercial about me.

I confess... that I think I sound more like Sheryl Crow this week than I did last week. This may be partly due to my throaty non-smoker rasp.

I confess... I have baby fever. BIG time.

I confess... that I have a massive crush on a dude who is much younger than me. (I know. Not the best way to get a baby.) I figured the age difference was too much. But last night, my friend Brenda gave me this magical mathematical formula where I take half my age, plus seven, and if he's older than that, we're good. He is. Excellent. Now I just need to lose about 75 lbs. and develop a delightful, charming personality, and he'll be allllllllll mine.

It's Friday. CONFESS.


Amanda said...

I'm telling you Ant Out works amazing, and I believe it's on sale at Wal-Mart this week :D

Lauren said...

When Sean and I first moved into our place we had a lot of ant problems. We got some pellets that you put outside around your house that helped. And for the ones already inside we got some ant bait (it was in a blue and orange package. You set them out and the ants get the bait take it back to their people and die. Our house had been empty 2 years prior to us moving in so I think that was a big culprit as well. We had to suck it up and call the bug folks but knowing the creepy crawlies aren't in my kitchen anymore is worth it!

I had to quit using WebMD symptom checker because I would always end up diagnosing myself with the worst case scenario and be worried. In times of sickness I really hate the internet and it's vast supply of answers.

Ashley said...

Ryan uses some sort of spray around the outside of house to keep the little bastards away. Hate the creepy little guys!

Love the age calculation, that was on a movie or a tv show recently...definitely true. :) Silly girl, just be yourself, you are already great!

VandyJ said...

So glad I live in Wyoming--we may have other problems but not bug ones. I couldn't deal with ants, or other creepy crawlies.

Anonymous said...

I've been having the ant problem too. I got the pack of four traps and one week later, set down four more. They come in for the water but they're starting to piss me off. From your comments, now I have other ideas!

Nicole said...

Age is really only a number, plus women out live men... so if you get a younger one then you'll be good :) My uncle is 6 years younger than my aunt. You date a younger one you'll get accused of robbing the cradle and being a cougar, but other than that, age is just a number :) I'm just sayin :)

And Jillian Michael's will kick your butt!

Amber said...

Ugh - I suddenly have an ant problem myself. I thought I had it taken care of a couple weekends ago but they're back and they attack my poor cats food dish. :( Oh and they got in my keyboard (which I doused with bug spray last night since I couldn't get to the store to get Raid).

I've heard of that stuff Amanda and Lauren mentioned, and that's what I'm going to grab tonight, apparently it works REALLY well.

Jillian annoys me in general, but I need to start doing the Shred again. I've tried turning her comments off, but then I can't follow, lol

Mark said...

Use soap.

old fashioned soap shaving... spread around the ouside of the house... makes an anti crawly0thingy fence. pour a line of liquid dishsoap accross the doorway or where you knwo they are getting in.

Lindsay said...

Ha ha I never noticed how you were walking today, I'll have to take a closer look! ha ha! Friggin Jillian Michaels!

Stacie said...

Ugh, we had ants and we finally had to get an exterminator to come and spray putside the house with some high powered stuff that probably makes you have 3 legged babies if you stand too close when it is sprayed. I hate bugs!

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