Thursday, June 02, 2011

Lena's Giveaway and a Sens fan's bitter lament.

Who doesn't love a good giveaway?! And boy, do I have a great one for you today!!

No, not my own... BUT - you all need to head over and visit Lena at Mom2MemphisAndRuby because she's having a fantastic giveaway, featuring some lovely pieces of jewelry by Brittany Chavers. Check out her Etsy Shop. Such fun stuff!!

These are my favourite from Brittany's Etsy shop

Lena's giveaway is in celebration of her reaching 50 followers. Congratulations Lena! I've been blogging for five years and I only have 31 followers. And I think one of them is myself. How pathetic is that? So everybody, please, follow me. I'll think up some kind of reward. Promise. ;)

In other news...What the F happened to our sunny, sweaty, crazy-hot temps?? A couple of days was not enough to erase the memories of the rainy, dreary spring we've had. Steve Warne joked on the Team 1200 that it's -18 with the windchill out there this morning. And seriously, he's not that far off...

But I guess it's good hockey weather, right? Ah, hockey. How I love it. But I'm having a serious problem. I swore when the Sens didn't make the playoffs this year that my whole-hearted support would go to the Vancouver Canucks (because I can't cheer for the Habs, the only other Canadian team to make the playoffs, and aren't I glad I didn't root for their loser asses, huh?)

Anyways, the 'Nucks are in the Stanley Cup Finals, so I should be super-pumped. Except I'm not. I tried watching the game last night. I really tried. But I fell asleep. That could be partly Kid Rock's fault, because I'm so not accustomed to staying up past midnight on a school night like I did on Tuesday, hence I needed to catch up last night. But I also think there are other factors working against me here.

First of all, I'm a Sens fan. Tried and true (not even the loss of Wade Redden could shake me, and that was pretty serious), 100%, full-fledged, all-in, bleed red, black & gold, Sens fan. It goes against everything I believe in to cheer for another team, even if they are Canadian, even if I have no reason to hate them. It even takes me awhile to warm up to Team Canada at the Olympics and on other international stages, because I'm all like, "SIDNEY CROSBY'S A WHINY BITCH!!! CHRIS PRONGER IS AN ASSFACE!!!! I CAN'T CHEER FOR DANY HEATLEY NONONONONONONO!!!"

Secondly, I'm a jealous person by nature. So it burns my arse that the city of Vancouver is having such a blast right now. I remember what it was like when the Sens had their fantastic run to the Cup finals in 2007. I remember the parties and the cheering people filling up the Sens Mile on Elgin Street. I remember the massive pep rally the city held and the pictures of people, dressed in Sens gear, stretching out in a sea of red as far as the eye could see.

I miss that. I want that.

And also, I hate the Western Conference, where the Canucks reside. For the past decade (at least), people have always talked about how the West was stronger, faster, just all-around better than the East. My Sens are in the East, and back in '07, were completely dominated by one of those "bigger, stronger, faster" Western teams in the finals. I hate that. So in situations like these, my allegiance tends to lie with the Eastern team. (Unless it were the Leafs. In that case, GO WESTERN TEAM, GO!!! haha, funny joke, the Leafs in the finals...yeaaaaah right!)

So I carry a bitter chip on my shoulder. I'm happy there's a Canadian team in the finals. And I let out a little "yay!" when I saw on Twitter first thing this morning that Raffi Torres scored a buzzer-beating goal to win game 1, 1-0. And I will give them full props if they're able to bring this thing home.

But I don't love them. They are not my team. I'm quite envious of them.

And that makes this time of year kind of sucky.

The End.


Nicole said...

hahahahhahahaha you absolutely crack me up, I love it :)

Sharon said...

SO Happy that you are back on my side of the fence hating on Dany Heatley! I knew you would be back.

Jill said...

When was I not on that side of the fence? I've hated him since he demanded the trade. If he had scored the OT goal to win gold at the Olympics, I think I would have cried. I will never, ever cheer, or respect, him again. I'm definitely on your side of the fence!!

Sharon said...

Ooops my mistake... I meant to say Sidney Crosby hating side of the fence. Sorry Jill!