Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Randomness

Phewf! Blogger's working again! I kind of felt like I was missing an arm or leg all morning!!

Here's some randomness to kick off the weekend:

  • James was voted off Idol?!? What the F?!? I missed the performances this week, so I don't know what he might have done to deserve this, but I am so.flippin.mad! The Curse of Jill strikes again - everytime I annoint a winner, they are sent home. My deepest apologies to James!!

  • I'm in on a diet. Not a "real" diet, just watching what I eat and drinking boatloads of water. I have gone two whole weeks without eating at a chipstand. This is a minor miracle. I have also started exercising more. And I don't feel like I've dropped an ounce. Awesome.

  • I know I wrote about it last Friday too, but holy jeez, I love JLo's new album! I've been listening to "On the Floor", "I'm Into You", and "Papi" all week. LOVE it!!

  • I have yet to see Survivor this week either, but I hear Grant was voted off? MY Grant?? What a terrible week for my Reality TV favourites!! When I finally see it, will I hate Rob? I'm sure he must've been the mastermind behind this. Damn you, Boston Rob. DAMN you!!

  • Ball started this week!! The Quyon Flyers have been back in action, starting their season off with two straight wins. Unfortunately, I have yet to attend a game, since they've been playing in far-off locales like North Gower and Manotick. I don't go that far away on a school night. At least, not until playoff time, anyways.

  • Man, this has been a busy week... And I'm staring into a very busy weekend! I'm still not sure how I let myself be convinced into taking the First Aid course here at work tomorrow. It starts at 8 AM. Being up for something that early on a Saturday should be ILLEGAL.

  • Have a great weekend, everyone...And for those of you who can, sleep in for me tomorrow, would ya? :)


    Nicole said...

    blogger is back to working, but yesterday's posts are missing :(

    Nancy said...

    You never know when you will need to use First Aid. I saved Livvie's life when she was about 10 months old and a marble from the twins' Marbleworks got lodged in her throat and she stopped breathing. She totally went blue, unconscious and I went into First Aid mode and got it out. Afterwords I completely fell apart crying hysterically, blaming the twins and of all people, Reg, who was away on a trip and not home to handle it!!! You never know if we will need your skills at church either!