Monday, May 09, 2011

That lunatic cutting their grass over and over and over? It's me.

I got my first sunburn of the summer on Saturday.

It's my first sunburn since Cuba, and it brought back fond memories.

I only wish I had got it by doing something nice & fun like sitting on a beach sipping some boozey concoction from a coconut.

Instead, I got it by cutting the grass. Which was an adventure all on it's own. Somehow, between last fall and this spring, the gizmo that raises and lowers the blades had got bumped or readjusted (I have no idea how), so after going back and forth over the front lawn a few times, I realized it wasn't cutting F-all. Nice. I contemplated calling my dad to come down and figure it out for me, but then I stopped myself.

Think like a boy, I told myself.

So I stopped the riding lawn mower, and sat on it a few minutes, looking at the buttons and switches, trying to figure out what they all were. There was the turtle-bunny speed switch thingy, and the button to turn on the blades, and the lever to raise and lower the deck, and...


There it was. A giant dial with a picture on it that I assume was blades of grass being cut. That must be it, my boy brain told me.

The only problem? I had no idea which way to turn it. Which resulted in more trial-and-error grass cutting, with me riding back and forth, stopping occasionally to twist the dial, until I finally decided that enough chopped grass was spewing out of it and the paths I was cutting looked like they were actually cut.

If any of you drove by my house on Saturday afternoon and saw me riding back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, over the same grass over and over and over, you now understand why. I may have looked like a lunatic, but I actually had a process.

And it worked. I must say, I was pleased with myself.

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!


Stacy said...

Saw the sunburn Sat night and I was sorta jealous, although you rarely see me in shorts and I always have a sweater on, so its pretty hard for me to get color....anyhoo...clearly you don't ALWAYS need a guy around..good job Boy Brain!

Nicole said...

suck on the sunburn. I got my first one in March. Shows the difference in our climates... LOL :)

But hey you mastered the lawnmower, that's what matters!

Jill said...

Don't be too jel of the sunburn, it's just itchy. :(

And yes. See, maybe I do have a resourceful brain that can figure boy crap out after all!! haha!

Impulsive Addict said...

You are hilarious! I would have totally called someone. I'm not a patient person.

Good for you but I'm sorry about the sunburn! Ouch!