Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oprah's Farewell + American Idol Finale = Awesome Night

Remember yesterday when I said that last night was going to be an epic night of TV?

I really had no idea just how awesome it was going to be.

Ordinarily, I would've devoted this entire space today to Oprah's last episode.

It was classy, it was touching - it was, in her own words, "a love letter to her fans". After all the speculation over who the last guest might be, it seemed only appropriate that it was just O, alone on her own stage, thanking her fans for their years of dedication, for accepting her, for validating her, and for giving her the love she never knew as a child.

I missed the first 20 minutes, but once I finally sat down to watch, I was glad I did. I have no idea how people joined together for mass viewing parties. I was a sniveling, snotty mess, and I was glad I was all alone for the final farewell.

It was an historical moment in television history, after 25 years of being on the air, and of her being one of the best-loved talk show hosts ever.

But the epic night of TV didn't end with Oprah's final exit.

Did anybody else want last night's finale of American Idol to never end??

Usually on finale nights, I agonize over them extending it to a super-long episode jammed with filler and mediocre group performances. But about half-way through last night's AI Extravaganza, I realized I didn't even care who won anymore, I just wanted it to keep going. It was so so so awesome!

First of all, can I just say...James Durbin? Live, on stage with Judas Priest?? Incredible. I was also a HUGE fan of Scotty and Tim McGraw doing "Live Like You Were Dying". Tim was lookin' miiiiiiighty fine last night. MMMM!!! And Casey and Jack Black doing "Fat Bottomed Girls" was a riot. I thought the pairings of the Idols with current stars was super-impressive, and I liked that they didn't necessarily do current songs.

Forget about Princess Beatrice & Princess Eugenie's hat - what the HELL was Gaga wearing on her head?!?

JLo once again proved why I want to be She didn't even have to open her mouth and she had the crowd going wild. Quick question though...What exactly does she see in Marc Anthony? I mean, sure, the guy can sing I guess, but I think Jenny from the Block could've done much better in the looks department. (yes. I can be shallow when I want to be.)

Another highlight of the night for me was TLC with the Top 13 girls performing some of their old hits like "No Scrubs" and "Waterfalls". What a throwback to my high school days - took me back to summers and swimming at my friend Tracey's pool with all the girls! So does this mean a TLC comeback?? ...I hope so!

Of course, Lauren's performance was with Mrs. Mike Fisher, and, as usual, when she came strutting out, all toned legs and bronzed up, I wanted to shoot laser beams of death out of my eyeballs at her. But I do envy the bitch's legs.

Oh, oh, and did I mention Beyonce? Bono and the Edge? The Spiderman Kiss? But one of my favourite parts of the night was the Top 13 boys doing the Tom Jones medley. I know, that sounds strange, but Stefano started it off with "Kiss" and I was grinning. Literally grinning. And along the way, Scotty broke into my dad's trademark song, "The Green Green Grass of Home", and I literally got goosebumps. Of course, Mr. Jones joined them on-stage for "It's Not Unusual", and I was giggling watching the guys (and Jack Black in the audience) doing 'The Carleton Dance'.

Also, usually I don't enjoy "the filler", but I thought there were two big pluses in that department last night. First, Casey and James' angst-filled argument over who was the most shocking elimination, which was put to an end when Pia turned up in a tiara and sash that read "Most Shocking". Can't disagree there! And then, there was the other older Idols whining and complaining about how the two "kids" of the season ended up in the finals. Stefano called them sixth-graders. Casey lamented, "They're just learning cursive. I've known cursive for five years. They're just learning it." Totally staged, yet completely entertaining. Loved it.

As you might expect, I've saved the best for last. No, not Scotty being crowned the newest American Idol. (Though I was happy about that, too).

No. It was something better than that. Something that made me squeal in excitement and fist pump in jubilation. (yeah. If you'd been hanging outside my house, watching me through the window, I looked like a complete jackass.)

Steven Tyler.

Singing "Dream On".

Made. My. Life.

I haven't watched Idol in a few years, and I'm so glad I followed this season right through to the end. I will definitely be back in January to start the ride all over again.

I can only pray that the same judges return, because I adored them.

And that finale night is as epic as this one.


Stacy said...

TLC comeback...didn't one die?

Jill said...

Yeah - They were minus the "L" of course, but still going by TLC apparently...I guess it would be weird to just be "TC"? lol

Stacie said...

I don't watch either show (but I hope we can still be friends!), but I have always looked at Marc Anthony and J. Lo and thought, what happened there?

PKB said...

Glad Scotty won Idol. I also liked Steven Tyler's performance. I have an Aerosmith dvd if you want to borrow it sometime Jill, don't know if there's any close-ups of ST in it though. And I would trade my glow-in-the-dark stovepipe legs for Mrs. Mike Fisher's legs any day!

Jill said...

I would love to borrow your Aerosmith DVD sometime...I heart my ST.

I would trade my white tree stump legs for hers too. And I'd trade a lotta things for her man...