Friday, May 20, 2011

A Random Friday-of-the-long-weekend

I've been going random the past few Fridays - thought I'd stick with that tradition. I know other blogs do Random Mondays or Random Tuesdays, or whatever, but I'm going with Friday. Feel free to join me.

  • I went to a fashion show put on by a local women's clothing store owner last night with my mom, sister and aunts. I'm far from a fashionista, but I had a great time. Even learned a few things about what's "in" this Spring.

  • ...Not that I am actually buying any clothes this Spring. Because I just paid off my credit card (squeeeeal!!!), and I REFUSE to buy more clothes until I have a little extra saved up and until I've dropped a few pounds. I REFUSE to go up in sizes. I will continue to squeeze myself into clothes that don't fit, until they fit again.

  • On the way home from the fashion show, my mom & I hit a deer. It's the first time I've been in a vehicle that hit a deer. I've hit a groundhog before. And I was with my friend Stacy when she hit a cat once. And of course, you all know I hit other cars from time to time. But I've never hit a deer. Is it wrong that while my mom was going, "Oh, that poor deer! I feel so bad!" -(he jumped up and ran off after the collision)- I was thinking, Wonder if there's any damage to the car... Dad's gonna kill her if she banged up the car... ??

  • Dad did not kill her when we told him what happened. But then again, it was only a small ding in the hood. I was impressed with how calm he was, though.

  • I MISSED GREY'S ANATOMY LAST NIGHT SO SHHHH DON'T ANYONE TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS!!! ...Pretty sure from the promos I saw, though, that it wasn't nearly as epic as last season's finale. BUT SHH DON'T TELL ME ANYWAYS!!!

  • It's the long weekend. Most of the people I know aren't even at work today. I'm at work, because I have nothing cool or fun to do this weekend. This makes me depressed. I'm probably going to eat chipstand food to console myself.

  • Don't worry. I'll dance it out with some JLo. And I'll probably have to cut the grass anyways.

Have a great weekend, everyone!!


PKB said...

I was disappointed with Grey's last night, it was just like a regular show, not anything like a finale should be!

Stacie said...

OK, credit cards are evil, so good for you! Now don't go charging it back up!

I cried when Bambi died, but if he jumps out in front of my car, all bets are off!

Stay away from Facebook, they will spoil a DVR'ed show every time!

Is it a holiday weekend? And what is chipstand food?

Nicole said...

hahahahahahah the grass cutting comment made me giggle... not cool when my boss walks by :)

I didn't get to watch the finale last night either... I plan on it this weekend fo sho!

At least you guys weren't hurt! That's the main thing. Deer can oddly do a ton of damage!