Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm sooo tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiireed.

I say that in my best whiny bitchface voice.

It's one of those mornings. Waking up in a chilly room, snuggled up in a warm comforter, rain lightly pattering against my window, blinds drawn to make it a nice, dark batcave...

Did I want to get up?

But I did. Swear to God, my eyes are squinty little slits that I can barely see out of. (That's partly due to allergies, but whatever). I'm currently trying to rejuvenate with a big cup of hot chocolate, but I'm still only half-coherent. And it's after 10:30 Am. I'm thinking of breaking out the iPod to listen to some JLo to energize me. So far, I'm just a zombie who wants to sleeeeep.

And the reason why? It was a busy weekend. And on top of it all, I stayed up late to watch the Survivor: Redemption Island finale last night.

I've been re-capping semi-faithfully all season long, so you're probably going to think I'm nuts for slacking off now, but I only have a few small observations and comments to make.

First of all...It was rewarding to see Boston Rob finally win this game. It was his fourth try. And honestly, was there anyone out there who deserved it more? Absolutely not. Rob was, by far, the most strategic, the most charming, and the most competitive player out there. I was glad to see him win. I still haven't seen last week's episode to see how exactly he got rid of my man Grant, but I doubt it would change my opinion. The Godfather was the best player. Period.

David's speech was my favourite at the final Tribal Council, when he basically stood back and told the rest of the jury they would be nuts not to vote for Rob. Two former players returned this season. One claimed to be the best player in the history of the game, and he was voted out on Day 7. The other sat there in the Final 3. On one side of him sat Phillip, the nutcase who Rob dragged through the game, and on the other sat Natalie, who basically credited Rob for getting her there, too. Really, people? Who is the most deserving of $1M, here? I don't know that the jury really needed David's stamp of approval on Rob's game to hand him the final paycheck, but it was nice to hear someone lay it all out like that.

My least favourite speech was Julie's. Bitter much? I wasn't a big Natalie fan, but when she said that if she was her daughter, she would not be proud of how she played the game, I wanted to slap her right through the TV. This from the woman who stole and hid Phillip's shorts so that he was stuck prancing around in hot-pink undies? Yeah. You really have the right to judge, lady.

Anybody see Grant's adorable haircut? I liked. Much better than the jungle dreads.

Speaking of haircuts, Matt also cleaned up good. I'm not a long-hair-on-dudes fan, so I much appreciated Matt's new 'do. Although, it did kind of make him look like Macaualey Culkin.

Kind of made me sad that Grant and Rob are no longer on speaking terms. They really seemed to be good friends out there, but Rob said that after the first couple of episodes aired, Grant quit returning his calls, texts, and emails. When Jeff tried to press the issue with Grant, he made it quite clear that Rob was not a guy he wished to associate with. Kind of sad that Grant couldn't set aside the game and realize that everything Rob did in the game was pure genius, and in the end, all he did was better the lives of him and his wife and children. Survivor's a cut-throat game. Deal with it, Grant.

Remember when I said there was no way Russell was done with this game? He confirmed that thought when he told Jeff to keep his number. I wish he'd just disappear already...

Anybody else think that David's live proposal to a former Survivor who I did not remember was lame-o? And, even worse, I reallllly don't think she wanted to say yes, but what are you supposed to say on live TV? Eeeep. Awkward....

And last but not least...We still have no idea if Phillip was a former federal agent for the US Government. Not even a current agent who claimed to work with him could convince the masses. Phillip's level of intelligence and past work experience remain a mystery. What is clear? He will forever go down in history as one of the oddest, most ridiculous, and intriguing players ever.

And here, one last time ('cause you know you're going to miss it!)...the infamous Pink Briefs.

That's a wrap on this season of Survivor! That wasn't so short after all.

Now, if I could only find a blankie and quiet corner to curl up in...


Stacy said...

loved that Rob won..he deserved it and Maddy won $180 - woo hoo!
I can't believe that Phillip actually got one vote...from my Ralph...weirdo...i didnt watch much of the live show except for the first 15 mins maybe so I didn't see the proposal...will have to check it out!

Nicole said...

I found you on twitter... LOL :)