Monday, December 19, 2011

Accessorize Me Swap + Fun-Filled Festive Weekend!

Wow!  What a busy weekend THAT was!

But before I dive into all the Christmassy fun, I wanted to share with you the package of goodies I received in the mail last week!

A while back, one of my favourite fellow bloggers, Lena @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby, announced that she was going to hold an “Accessorize Me” Swap, and I jumped at the chance to take part!  

I was paired up with Lisa @ Organized Chaos, and I had a blast choosing pieces to send her.  (You can read her post about what she got here.)  I was a little worried when, over two weeks after mailing Lisa’s package, she hadn’t received it yet…I was afraid it was lost in the mail somewhere, especially after I received hers and mine still hadn’t turned up.

Luckily, Lisa thought to check her front door last week and found it wedged there!  Phewf!!

This is the package I received:


I was so thrilled with what she sent me.  Everything was so lovely and unique!


I especially loved the long, dangling necklace and matching earrings.


This bracelet is just perfect for Christmas!  It even matches my current nail polish! haha! (OPI’s “Wocka Wocka” from the Muppet collection!)


And I love that Lisa made this necklace & memory coil bracelet herself.  The little charm on the necklace, along with the bird, says “LAUGH” – I think it suits me to a “T”!! :)


Thank you so much, Lisa!  You did a fantastic job choosing these beautiful pieces.  I love everything you sent me and can’t wait to wear them!!  You were a GREAT Swap partner! xo

Thanks also to Lena for hosting such a fun Swap! :)  Looking forward to the next one!

Now…onto the holiday festivities of the weekend!

Friday evening, after picking up some groceries and making some Frosting Fudge, I headed over to Luke & Amanda’s with a plate of goodies.  We watched the Sens beat the Pens (Woo hoo!!) and had a great night chatting and snacking!

Saturday was a crazy-busy one.  I got up early to start cleaning my house, then had to leave by 10:30 to go to my hair appointment.  A few hours later, I was back home to finish the cleaning and get my food ready to head off to my annual Friends’ Pot Luck & Decoration Exchange at Sara & Graham’s.  We had a blast!  I somehow managed to forget my camera at home, though (after I juiced up the batteries and everything!  dammit!) so I’m stealing some pics from Stacy’s blog. :)

Christmas Party 002 That’s me with the decorations I received in the exchange.  Love them!

 Christmas Party 001

Big smiles from our littlest party guests, Charlotte & Maddy

As you guys *may* have heard, my current “impossible crush” is Ottawa Senators forward Chris Neil.  So imagine my delight when Evan showed up at our party sporting a Chris Neil sweater!

It took a few seconds to click, though, in my brain, that Evan is a Leafs fan, and was sporting the sweater because we were supposed to be wearing Ugly Sweaters to this party.

Ha.  Funny.

Anyways, after Evan discarded his “ugly sweater”  I put it on and pretended it was mine.  And it was the most wonderful thing I’ve worn since my Wade Redden sweater…

Christmas Party 010 I told “Santa” yesterday that I’d like Neil’s name and number on the Heritage jersey he’s getting me for Christmas.  And then “Santa” told me not to hold my breath.  *sigh*

Yesterday was again jam-packed with all things fun & festive.  It was our Christmas Pageant at church, and I, once again, got to be an angel.  (I end up being an angel I think every year…)

Following the Pageant, I invited the congregation over to my house for snacks, sweets, coffee, tea & juice.  For a few hours, my home was bursting at the seams as people milled about snacking & socializing, while the kids settled in front of the TV to watch Mickey’s Christmas Carol.

I also received a pleasant surprise when my Uncle Elson & Aunt Nora showed up unexpectedly!  It was so nice visiting with them and catching up, as they just returned from a cruise.

So that’s it…The last weekend before Christmas, in the books!


So this is the week when I start finding it difficult to sleep at night; when my eyes start popping open too early in the mornings.  When my mind is filled with the thoughts of the movies I still have left to watch; the good food that is going to be around (that I’m going to try to avoid at all costs); the presents that will be opened; the family gatherings that warm my heart; the Coconut Song on Christmas Eve…

It’s all coming barreling at us, full-speed ahead…




Nicole said...

So your picture's in this post (of you) vs that welcome picture you have up top! Hunny, you can see a huge difference in your face. (I hope that sounds good and not mean... b/c I mean for it to sound good, just sayin)

And I'm not ready for Christmas to be here b/c once it's here and gone, we're stuck with boring ole January. I think I'm a glass is half empty person this time of year... LOL

Anonymous said...

Aww-- I wish I knew about this little swap! I love me some accessorizing!! Cute stuff.

Sounds like a great weekend tho!

Nancy said...

Thanks for the party, Jillian! It was fun, and the food was delicious. That was a such a kind gesture...inviting the whole congregation to your house! BTW your snowflakes are spectacular! Great way to start Chritmas Week!

Lindsay said...

Ha ha I laugh still thinking about when Evan walked in with the jersey on and you gave him the thumbs up before you realized..ha haha! Such a great weekend! Wish I could of make it to your place after church! Sounds like it was a blast! xo

Unknown said...

This post made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Merry Christmas Jill!

Beth said...

Awwww....yay! :D

Evan said...

I am so glad that you liked everything I sent. Very Fun...I'd do a swap again in a heartbeat! Looks like you had a great weekend!
~Lisa @ O.C.

Lisa @ Organized Chaos said...

Sorry I left you that comment from my husbands! It's really from me!
~Lisa @ O.C.