Friday, December 02, 2011

Friday Confessions: On Breaking Dawn (again), Christmas dedication, and Chocolate Advent Calendars

Ah, another weekend is upon us.   So of course, we can’t start the weekend off without a little Friday ‘fessin up, can we?

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I confess…that I’m going to see Breaking Dawn Part 1 again tonight.  And I alllllmost had that fact hidden from my family.  Until I mentioned going to the movies the other night when Luke & Amanda were at Mom’s for supper, and Amanda said, “What movie are you going to see?”  I sheepishly confessed that we were going to see Breaking Dawn again, and got totally blasted by my mom and brother.  They just don’t understand.

Breaking Dawn

I confess…that I’m really dedicated to Christmas.  Like, really dedicated.  How dedicated am I?  Well, I have a door between my living room and dining room with 15 little panes of glass in it.  Every year, I take a few days to cut out snowflakes to stick on them.  Last night, I cut out all 15 of those snowflakes in one hour-and-a-half sitting, which resulted in a blister on my thumb from the scissors.  Christmas better thank me for being so damned dedicated.

I confess…that I get competitive with my snowflakes.  The first one is usually pretty crappy, because I always forget how to make them, but then I start one-upping myself with each new snowflake created.  Until I developed the blister.  They kind of got crappy again after that.

papersnowflakes Okay…so…mine aren’t this good.  Not even close.

I confess…that the perfect remedy to a sort-of-glum morning is Chez 106.1 playing “Start Me Up” by the Stones.  Perked me right up.  Thanks, Chez.

I confess…that I was ecstatically happy last night when our Zumba instructor let us just dance instead of using the damned sticks.  God, I hated those things.

I confess…that I made a grocery and Christmas shopping list last night, and it appears this weekend I’m going to spend more money on chocolate to make cookie bark, fudge, and other Christmas treats than on anything else.  To give away, not to eat myself.  Don’t worry.

I confess…that it was another snowy morning in my little slip-on Skechers.  Cold, wet feet don’t help start the day off the greatest.  So yes.  Boots are also on the list of “things to buy this weekend.”  And Santa is going to refund me for them, so bonus!

I confess…that yesterday wasn’t the best day of my life.  But to prove that small things mean the world:  My friend and co-worker Jared came back from Christmas shopping yesterday and presented his sister Lindsay (also my friend and co-worker) with a Chocolate Advent Calendar.  I have had one of these every year of my life I think, but this year I never picked one up.  Upon realizing yesterday was December 1st and I had no calendar, I consoled myself by thinking, “Hey, you can’t eat chocolate anyways.  NO, not even a teeny-tiny square.”  As it turns out, Lindsay already had a calendar, so she offered this one to me.  And just like that, my heart grew two sizes too big.  (Thanks, Linds & Jared!)


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy getting into the Christmas spirit! :)


Kathryn said...

I still haven't seen Breaking Dawn and its KILLING me!!!!

VandyJ said...

I contemplated getting chocolate advent calendars for the boys but decided against it this year. The snowman one with the movable star will have to do. Maybe next year.

Kristine said...

I used to love Chez. I listen to it online now. Makes the homesickness better. :)

21 more big sleeps until I hear it in the Valley! Christmas in the Valley. First time in 5 years! Woohoo!

Emmy said...

No need to feel bad one little bit- my husband and I- yes my husband too went and saw Breaking Dawn for the second time last night! :) Thursday night at 8:40 and there was only one other couple in the theater.

So yep- totally get you.

Glad you are going to be playing along with the Extravaganza! I am following you now too :)

Nicole said...

Have you ever played with the on-line snowflakes?

Forgetfulone said...

Pretty snowflakes!

nancy said...

You had me for a minute Jillian,I thought they were YOUR snowflakes in the picture! I might have to get you to teach me how to make them....maybe for my children's story at church one Sunday? Yikes, I feel a sermom coming on!

I know how you feel about the Advent Calendars. I sent Livvie and her two friends at university ones. I was treated to a chorus of happy girls shrieking thanks over the phone. :) Livvie is using hers to countdown to when she is coming home instead of for Christmas Day.

Jolene said...

The snowflakes are pretty! I do the same thing...baking and giving most of it away. Anything kept is typically eaten by the children and my husband. LOL That's okay since I need to lose the weight.

Helene said...

I saw Breaking Dawn too!! Though I was kind of disappointed by it (in comparison to the book), I can't wait to see it again, though my husband refuses to sit through it with me for a second time.

I'm in awe that you can actually sit that long and cut out that many snowflakes. Once I screw one up, I give up!!!

Kara said...

Caden & Danica were pretty upset on Dec 1st when they put their stars on their advent calendars and then asked where the chocolate calendars were and I told them we weren't having chocolate ones this year. Daddy won them over an hour later when he showed up with the "real" thing - chocolate and all - I was super impressed that he thought of it on his own.