Tuesday, January 03, 2012

It’s 2012…Really?!


Where did my holidays go?!?

For reals, people.  That felt like the quickest week off in the history of the WORLD.

So what was I up to, you ask?

Well.  I ate some food.  Okay, maybe a lot of food.  Blew the diet right to shit.  And tomorrow I go to see if my dress for Luke & Amanda’s wedding fits.  HA!  Wish me luck on that one.  I’m gonna need it.

I sang The Coconut Song on Christmas Eve with the family.  And as usual, we were awesome.  Don’t believe me?  Check it:

I call this “The Year of the Solo”.

We opened presents. 


And Santa was good to all of us.  I didn’t get everything on my Wish List (I know, I was shocked too) but I did score a new blender (which will be handy to make myself diety shakes for the next month while I’m no longer actually allowed to eat food), a tea pot, my boots, a few of my book club selections for the upcoming year, The Big Bang Theory Season 2 on DVD, and a Scentsy warmer which I absolutely love.  PLUS all the stocking goodies, which included nail polish, socks, tea, a new scarf, and many other goodies.

Truly, I am blessed.

I baby-sat my niece and nephew, and they helped me cross off an item on my 101 List - “Make a gingerbread house with Caden & Danica”.


I’m not sure it was actually edible afterwards.  It kind of got licked.  Like,  a lot.  But they had fun.  And they didn’t even seem to care when I gave up trying to fix it after the roof caved in for the 10th time.


I went shopping.  I bought myself some new duds, and I also picked up Season 2 of The Vampire Diaries on DVD.  I’ve been spending a lot of time with Damon & Stefan…

I ALSO bought the movie Crazy Stupid Love and totally re-fell-in-love with Ryan Gosling.

Holy mother of pearl.

I rang in 2012 with a great group of friends at Krista & Kyle’s New Year’s Eve wedding, and it was a BLAST!!





Kinda wish they’d get married every New Year’s Eve…

I hosted two dinners at my place over the holidays – one was on Boxing Day (finally got my turkey!), and one was my sister’s birthday dinner on New Year’s Day.


I’m sure I’m missing stuff, too.  But that’s what happens when you a take a week-long bloggy break.  It all becomes a blur.

And then…just like that…the week off was over.  I took down my Christmas tree yesterday.  Saddest day ever.  And back to work today.

I miss being able to sleep in and do whatever I want.  I miss Justin Bieber singing “Mistletoe”.  I miss my tree.

And there was so much I wanted to do that didn’t happen.  I wanted to make a 100o-piece puzzle (it was on my 101 List, too), but it still sits in the box.  I wanted to go see the movie New Year’s Eve – actually BEFORE New Year’s Eve – but that didn’t happen either because of snow.  (Going to see it tonight, though.)  I wanted to build a snowman.  I wanted to eat at my friend Stacy’s sister-in-law’s restaurant.  I wanted to go for walks in the snow, and read more books, and watch more movies.


It’s all over.  Not enough time to do it all.

That being said…

It was a pretty awesome Christmas.  Wonderful memories.

Welcome, 2012.


Linking up today for Talk To Us Tuesday with Impulsive Addict and Shawn!  My apologies for being such a bad blogger – I haven’t been around to visit anyone much in the past few weeks.  I promise to be better in the days to come!! :)



Stacy said...

Well you still have time to do things seeing how you are now on "winter hours" and only work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday!

Jodie said...

You looked amazing on NYE!! Pretty girl!!

I got Crazy Stupid Love!! I can't wait to watch it!!

For my birthday, I'm asking for The Vampire Dairies season 2!!

Nicole said...

i want to see both those movies!! And sounds like you had a blast so that's what matters :)

Impulsive Addict said...

We've all been bad! No worries lovie.

Those gingerbread houses look amazing. I'm missing my sugar fix about right now. Mmmmm.

You were rockin' it on NYE!

Thanks for linking up with us!! xoxo

Becca said...

What a great week! Your video is going to make for cool memories. Hope that you have a fantastic week!

Stacie said...

I really want to start a women's book club at our church. How does your club work?

And don't sweat it, just add that stuff to your list for 20tweezy!

Date Girl said...

What a fun new years eve! I'm so sad our tree is gone. Our house looks so empty now. But we are using the tree as firewood so we are getting lots of use out of it!
Aww I love the gingerbread house. I wish I could babysit my niece and nephew but they live too far away. We skyped after Christmas and I totally cried because they are just too cute.
Glad you had such a great Christmas! Here's to a fabulous new year lovely!

Mamarazzi said...

love the coconut song, too fun. looks like you had a fabulous holiday! cute kids, darling gingerbread houses and thanks for the eye candy! woot!

Shawn said...

I do not even wamt to talk about how bad I have been or what the scale says when I step on it. Thisis a new year and is perfect for fresh startsright? I'll keep my fingers crossed that the dress fits, I know how nerve wracking that can be.

Thanks for linnking up.

Jillian said...

This christmas was soo good! i went home for the first time in years and it ended up being one of the best christmases ever! I got spoiled with things I actually need and on boxing day I only did a little shopping at 5 pm before me and my brother went to our aunt's for dinner and as usual with that side of the fam a jam session broke out (I have one cousin who is a former Canadian Idol contestant and has his own cd, and several other insanely talented cousins) and I got talked into singing. In the end my christmas holidays were insanely memorable and I was a little sad when I had to leave.