Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Some Movie Reviews Pour Vous...

Hey guys!

I'm still here...still alive...I know the Blog has been Blah, but I was on vacation last week!

It was a great week off - beautiful weather, with lots of time spent at the beach, on the lake, in restaurants, at movie theatres, with family & friends.

Two movies to recommend: "The Simpsons" & "Hairspray". I loved both, but you should only go check 'em out if you a) like The Simpsons (even just a little bit), or b) like musicals (and music from the '60s.)

"The Simpsons" truly was just like a super-mega-extended episode of the classic TV cartoon that many people have loved and watched for years & years. A little more risqué, perhaps, than they can show on primetime (I mean, we do get to see Bart's doodle, after all), but it won't disappoint, as long as you enjoy the show, even just a little. I, for one, am not a Simpsons fanatic - I watch it occasionally if there's nothing else on (and it seems the Simpsons is ALWAYS on, somewhere). But I still get a chuckle out of it when I do watch, so I definitely give the movie 2 thumbs up. And if you don't find yourself humming "Spider pig, spider pig..." for days afterwards, you're made of stronger stuff than I am!!

Now, "Hairspray" is completely different (just proving how diverse am, eh?) - it's a musical set in Baltimore in the '60s, about a short-n-plump teenage girl nameed Tracy who loves to dance and gets her unlikely opportunity to shine on the Corny Collins Show (just like American Bandstand or shows of the ilk.) There are many bright stars burning up the screen in this fun romp - most notably, John Travolta, all dressed up in padding and a wig to play Tracy's hefty mom, Edna. Christopher Walkom is Wilbur, Tracy's father, who spends the movie trying to prove to Edna that he loves her still, despite her...uh...grand stature. James Marsden is perfect in the role of Corny Collins, and Michelle Pheiffer really captures her inner bitch as Velma, the studio producer, whose daughter, Amber, is the snooty star of the Corny Collins Show. Amber (played by Brittany Snow, also of "American Dreams" fame, for those of you who've heard me ramble about sadly-cancelled show) is unhappy with Tracy stealing her spotlight on the show, and joins with her mother in attempting to exact revenge. Last but not least, there's Queen Latifah, who shines in her role as Motor-Mouth Maybelle, the host of "Negro Day" on the Corny Collins Show.

While "Hairspray" is mostly a fun, dance-in-your-seat, make-ya-wanna-sing kind of movie, there is the constant reminder of racial issues that were finally coming to the forefront during that era. Not only does Tracy break her own barriers over her appearance and size, she also helps break barriers so that black kids are allowed to dance with white kids on the same stage, on the same screen.

If you like musicals (à la "Grease"), you'll love "Hairspray"!!

OK, so there's a hopefully, Sharon, you're out there reading, and won't have to lecture me at ball tonight. ;)

Have a great day, gang!!


Rachel said...

Hey! Good to hear that The Simpsons movie is good! I so want to go see it!!!

Sharon said...

Hey Jill! I will not be lecturing but applauding that the blog is back. I checked it out even sick at home with dial up! GREAT JOB. I am kind of wanting to see the Simpsons, although knowing the amount of movies I go to see... it is unlikely that I will get to see it in theaters... maybe on PPV or a rental.

Well I am ready for ball tonight! BATTER-UP

Rachel said...

Jill, any word on the Grey's Anatomy season 3 dvd? the season premiere?

Jill said...

Hey Rachel:

Haven't checked on when the season premiere will be, but Season 3 DVD is in stores Sept. 11!! Yay!! :)

sue said...

Hey Jill...interesting reading...ever thought about writing for the Equity? Something to think about.
Take care.