Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Rought Start for Flyers at ToC

As I posted last week, the Quyon Flyers are currently taking part in the ISC II Tournament of Champions in Kitchener. Yesterday was the first day of action, with Quyon playing 2 games, and it's fair to say they had a rough start.

Luke reported back to us after both games. Their first game was at 1:30 PM vs. Wilkes-Barre, PA, the 4th-ranked team in the standings (Quyon is ranked 30th). They lost the game 11-2, and while Luke said they actually played quite well and made no field errors, the other team was just hitting them really well. There were three pitcher changes in the game for the Flyers. Pitching will, perhaps, be the greatest problem for Quyon in the tournament. I mentioned last week that one of their pitchers, Joran Graham, was unable to attend the tournament due to his commitments to another team. Well, last week, their ace pitcher Matt Greer was playing with another team at the Junior Championships in PEI when he was hit with a line drive and broke his orbital bone, so Matt was also unable to join them in Kitchener. That left the Flyers scrambling last-minute for pitching help, which arrived in the form of Bud Hanlon, who plays for the West Carleton Electric fastball team. Bud has also pitched with the Flyers in several tournaments, so he stepped in to fill the gap left by Matt. However, in that first game yesterday, they had to use Hanlon, Lenny Burger, and Gord Flannery.

The Flyers were still looking forward to their 8:30 PM game, feeling they had a better chance against the team from Shakespeare, ON, who were only ranked 27th. According to Luke's report, they were leading through most of the game, until the bottom of the 7th. With the score 2-1, they had 2 outs and only 1 man on base, a Shakespeare player hit an in-the-park homerun to win the game. From what I gather, Bud Hanlon pitched the entire game for Quyon.

So today they play Alvinston, ON at 6:30 PM. I'm not sure where this team is ranked by the ISC II. Hopefully the Flyers can build off their close game last night and get a win today. Tomorrow's game is at 10:30 AM vs. Oswego, NY, and it will be broadcast live on the Internet at the link I provided last week.



Sharon said...

Good Recap Jill. Sorry the boys are having a bit of a rough time out in Kitchener but I am sure things will turn around.

Any word on our games to be played?

Jill said...

Hey Sharon...Hope you're right and things turn around for the boys! :)

Still not sure what's going on with our ball...I'm thinking of going to watch the game tonight though so maybe I'll find out then.

Sharon said...

Well keep me posted!