Wednesday, August 29, 2007

YAY for Eric & Jess!

If you recall, yesterday I mentioned that I'd really like to see Eric and Jessica finally hook up on Big Brother, even if it meant that America had to tell Eric to kiss her. Well, America did choose Jessica for Eric to kiss (clearly, people are more sentimental than I thought - I was sure they'd make him kiss Dick!) - but unbelievably, Eric stepped up to the plate even before he received his orders from the viewing public!

Jess & Eric have easily become one of my all-time favourite in-house couples. They seem so opposite, yet their bond is so tight, and there has definitely been some romantic tension between them for the past few weeks. Lots of snuggling in bed, back-rubbing, and so on... So last night, when Eric finally made the move and kissed Jess while they were lying in bed together, I did a little victory dance for them. I was possibly the cutest moment in BB History!

So the next day, Eric gets his marching orders from the good people of the USA, and promptly went to the bathroom to gargle with mouthwash, then went to smooch Jess. But apparently Jess wasn't in a big-time kissy mood, as she just gave him a quick peck on the lips - far less romantic, and on the screen where they check off the "Task Completed" box, they even added an extra line that said "Barely". Too funny!

Now, in the Veto competition, Eric finally got to play for the first time, and he actually won the coveted power. Amber and Zach both worked hard to get Eric to veto their nominations, and to a certain degree, I think even Jessica wanted him to use it so she could back-door Daniele. However, Eric is more true to his word, and he decided to stick with his alliance with Dick and Daniele and let the current nominations stand. Surely to God, this means Amber will be out the door this week. I can't take anymore of her tearful chats with God, or her visions, or her silly little prayers. She's driving me insane!

Big ball game tonight, so hopefully I'll be glowing after a win tonight...Fingers crossed!

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