Monday, August 13, 2007

Power Shift

I don't think I've done on a Blog on Big Brother since before Nick was voted out (Boooooo!!), so it's time to catch everyone back up to speed!

So yes...It's been a bad couple of weeks for me & Reality TV. Not only was Greg Neulfed booted off of Canadian Idol, but I also lost my favourite player in the Big Brother house - Nick, the former pro football player. Then, following him out last week, was Kail, who had become a complete basketcase in the house thanks to Dick's constant harrassment of her. That leaves the orginal Mrs. Robinson Alliance completely decimated with Mike, Nick & Kail all gone, and only Zach remaining in the game. And unless Zach can make some friends pretty darned quick, his chances of surviving to the end are extremely bleak - he's literally all alone in there.

Following Nick's eviction last week, his "girl" in the house, Daniele, won HoH, and she originally targeted the house's favourite nominees, Jen & Kail. However, at some point, Daniele and her father came to the realization that America's Player, Eric, had been manipulating everyone else to get out Mike & Nick, all the while setting other people up to take the blame. They got it partially right - Eric was the one who voted for Kail the week before, making it look like Nick did it, and he was also the one who voted for Nick, making it look like Daniele gave him a sympathy vote. However, the part that nobody realizes is that while Eric did make those votes, he didn't necessarily want to - he was just following the orders of the crazy people of the U.S of A.

So Jen won the Power of Veto, removed herself from the block, and Daniele replaced her with Eric in an attempt to backdoor him as revenge for his part in Nick's eviction. However, Daniele & Dick underestimated how tight Eric's alliance was, and they all stuck by him. This resulted in a major powershift in the house after Jessica won the next HoH, pitting her group including Eric, Jameka, Amber, and Dustin against Dick, Daniele, Jen and Zach.

The most interesting aspect of the game taking place right now is the America's Player twist. Eric is trying to work with his group, but his obligations to the American public are really throwing a monkeywrench into his game. Twice now he has had to vote against his alliance, and then he ends up having to set someone else up for the fall. Then, an outsider sent a banner over during last week's HoH competition declaring that Amber and Eric were liars, which sort of made everyone suspicious of him. Now, this week, America has asked him to try and get Dustin, one of his closest allies in the house, nominated. I think somewhere along the way people have either taken a dislike for him and are trying to do their best to get him out, or they just think it's funny to make things a little more challenging in there for him. It'll be interesting to see how Eric can spin it, and whether or not all of his little secret motives start catching up to him.

Other than that, the show has become almost painful to watch with all the bickering that's going on. Dick's constantly harrassing people, and at first, I thought it was funny, but now it's just ridiculous. Then we have Jameka and Amber, constantly praying and preaching to the rest of the house, while there's church organ music playing in the background all the time. Oh, and the crying. Everybody's crying. Amber's the leader, or course, but Jameka cries too. Daniele cries. Dustin cries. Jessica cries. Even Jen and Dick cry on occasion. The only ones who I can honestly say I have not seen shed one tear yet are Eric and Zach. There's not a whole lot of fun stuff going on in there. They're constantly at each other's throats. Nobody is particularly funny, and the BB execs' lame attempts to incite laughter (ie: getting people to run around in bunny suits for a week) - have been pretty pathetic.

The scary part: There's still more than a month left to go!!

Have a great week, everyone!


Rachel said...

Hey Jill, I have to agree with you a bit. At first, I thought it was funny that Dick was constantly after Jen and yelling at her, but now, especially after last nights episode, its getting to be a bit much. And the PRAYING! FRIG! I understand that they pray but do you really have to show it?? I don't need to see Jemeka and Amber praying, enough is enough!!! Although I still love Big Brother, I think they really need to cut out on the crying and praying. I can handle Dick....heck if he wasn't there the show would be extremely boring, but he's starting to get on my nerves, you can only take so much.

Sharon said...

Well... I don't watch Big Brother... but oh well.

Jill any word on the ball schedule. How will we know, will our coach call us?

Jill said...

I believe our coach will be calling us to let us know, Sharon. Definitely nothing for us this week though, and maybe not next week either. Once our series starts, I've heard they may have us playing 2 nights a week to get it done quicker, though.

Rachel: I know what you mean about Dick. He's a little much, but he's about the only entertaining thing left in there. As for Amber & Jameka - like you, I have nothing against their religious beliefs or prayer, but it's definitely getting wayyyy too much airtime, and I agreed with Dick last night when he called them hypocritical. They're crazy...and it's driving me insane!

Sharon said...

Well that's kind of sucky. I hope it's not Thursday the other night because I won't be able to. I have a class that I will be taking on Thursday nights... why don't they just hve double headers...