Monday, August 27, 2007

My Introduction to UFC

Saturday night was my first "UFC Experience", as I joined the gang at Stacy and Ricky's to watch the fights. I have to admit, I wasn't really looking forward to the actual fighting - I was just going to hang out with the girls and chat. But as it turns out, I actually kind of enjoyed the fighting too!

I completely expected it to be like wrestling - and I detest wrestling. It's so stupid and...sooooo fake. UFC's not like that at all. There's no crazy performances, just two guys who come out to loud music and wild cheering, then they get in the big pen thing, and they go at it. Of course, I didn't really understand the process at first. I didn't realize that there were a series of fights, and that there were amateur fights before the "real deal". So in the first fight, I picked this handsome boy named Patrick Cote from Rimouski, Quebec to be my "favourite". He won his fight in the first round, and I thought he was awesome. Of course, later on, I realized he was a nobody compared to Georges St-Pierre and Randy Couture - but the good news was they all won, and now the next time the guys are all talking about UFC, I might actually sorta understand!!

The only part that kind of grossed me out was during Couture's fight against Gonzaga (or something like that) - the guy's nose was busted up and he was bleeding all over the place. Most of the time, they seemed to be doing some kind of bear hug, with Couture pushing him up against the fence (probably not the right terminology, but you get what I mean), and the dude's nose was dripping blood all down his back. And every now and then he'd spit blood, and it would land on Couture's back or shouler. If that were me, I would have stopped the whole fight and said, "Excuse me, but homeboy's bleeding all over me. I quit!!" Very yucky.

But overall, I enjoyed the whole experience, and while I don't think I'm going to become a huge UFC fan or anything, it was definitely more interesting and entertaining than I expected. Oh, and I loved that Joe Rogan was the host. I remember him from his Fear Factor days, loved him back then, and still love him now!

Other than that, it was a pretty tame weekend, with not a whole lot going on, but that's OK - with the fair coming up, there's bound to me some excitement this weekend! Oh, and I play ball tonight - Game #2 of the playoffs - so look forward to a recap of that tomorrow.



priscilla said...

Ha ha, the big pen thing aka the octagon. Glad you enjoyed your first UFC experience. We almost drove down to Quyon because Chad was sure his dish would go out because it was flickering, but it didn't. And he would have enjoyed it a lot more if he was with some guys and not just me. I was poor company, I kept falling asleep and I went to bed before the Couture and Gonzaga fight. I have trouble staying awake during UFC, but I think if there would have been more people around I would have been fine. If we would have come to Quyon we only would have got home around 2, and I had to get up after 6 to make it for church. Maybe next time, or we could have everyone over to our house. The next one is free on Spike since it is in the UK. I don't know about the guys you watched it with, but Chad's gang doesn't like Patrick Cote or Georges St.Pierre since they are french. Even though they are Canadian. What did you think of the octagon girls? They are pointless I think.

Jill said...

Nobody really seemed to care about Patrick Cote - if anything, they thought it was funny that he was my favourite, because he wasn't one of the big-names I guess. But I think they were all cheering for Georges St. Pierre - Graham definitely was, because he was Canadian, I remember him saying that. The octagon girls were definitely pointless, but because they were only on for a few seconds each round, it didn't really bother me!

priscilla said...

Chad watches too much UFC, it's rubbing off on him. He's all into his weight lifting again. I had to put my hand around his muscle so I can check in a month to see how much bigger it gets. And he always wants to try out these moves on me. You had said you thought it might be like wrestling. Chad's mom calls it wrestling just to tease him, and he always corrects her, it's funny. Joe Rogan bothers me. I can't stand him. And if you ever watch it again, notice how the other guy always checks him out when he is talking. We think he 'likes' Joe.

Sharon said...

UFC Jill Jill Jill Jill... I can't believe it. I will never watch that stuff... Waynes dad watches it and I leave the room.

I am getting pretty stoked for ball tonight... I am feeling quite hyper and hoping I do good and that the team does good and that we wrap it up in 2 games! Show the other team who rules!