Thursday, August 16, 2007

America's Player About to Get Busted??

An update on the Quyon Flyers: The Flyers lost their game yesterday at the Tournament of Champions, going down 7-0 to Alvinston, ON. I haven't got a whole lot of info on this one, other than once again the Flyers played strong defensively, but couldn't get the bats going. Luke was named Player of the Game (I'm assuming a player is named from each team - there's no way a player on the losing side of a 7-0 game could be named sole Player of the Game.) So it appears, with only one game left, the Flyers will be heading for home sooner rather than later. Today's game is vs. Oswego, NY at 10:30 AM and can be heard live at

Now to my own 3-pitch ball league. Last night was supposed to be a double-header between the 4th and 5th ranked teams to determine who will play the first-place L&J Towing squad. However, the Fire Department didn't have enough players, so I'm not sure if they forfeited or what the deal is, but there were no games played last night. According to Ricky, though, our team will definitely be getting started next Wednesday night. (Sharon, this info is pretty much just for you!)

As for Canadian Idol - I taped the elimination episode and watched it last night. The bottom 3 included Carly Rae Jepsen, Dwight D'Eon, and Tara Oram. Of the three, Dwight was the only one I would've removed. Jaydee Bixby should have been there, and he should have been sent home. But Canada continues their love affair with the 16-year-old blonde Elvis impersonator, while Tara Oram was sent packing. Kudos to Tara for keeping her elimination light-hearted (not hard to do, I guess, when you're swan song is "Walking on Sunshine") - she didn't shed any tears, smiled for the cameras, danced, sang, and seemed to have a ball up there for her last 15 seconds of fame.

Last but not least is Big Brother, which I also taped from Tuesday night. The America's Player twist is starting to play a big, BIG role in the game. Eric's task was to give the silent treatment to one player, and of course, America chose his closest friend in the house, HoH Jessica. Eric did his best to ignore Jessica; however, he chose to do so right after Jen put the bug in her ear that she thinks Dick and Dustin have a deal going. This put Jessica on high alert, as Dustin had offered to go up on the block as a pawn after Dick won the Power of Veto, and they assumed he would use it to either save his daughter, Daniele, or himself. When Jessica went to discuss the scenario with Eric, he played sick and sort of brushed her off. (He did speak, however, so he failed his task). Nevertheless, Jessica huffed off to her HoH room, where she came to her own conclusions that Dick, Dustin & Eric are all in a secret alliance.

When Dick used the PoV to remove Daniele from the block, Jessica decided to go with Dustin's request to be the pawn, and made him the replacement nominee. Now here's where things get really interesting. Dustin's convinced he is safe, expecting a landslide vote in his favour, and even if it's a tie, Jessica gets the final say, and naturally, she'd keep him over the vile Dick. But once again, the America's Player aspect is going to be huge. I wouldn't doubt for one second that the American public will get Eric to vote Dustin out. (They wanted him nominated, and I think they probably enjoy Dick's crazy behaviour in the house, so they'll want to keep Dick in). So if Eric votes Dustin out, and so does Daniele, Jen, and Zach, that leaves only Jameka and Amber in his favour. Then watch the proverbial shit hit the fan! It's gonna be a down-right witch-hunt in the Big Brother house to find out who's casting these "mystery votes". Of course, this all depends on Jen & Zach. Daniele will vote to keep her dad in the game; hopefully Jen & Zach deem it beneficial to keep him as well, or else Eric's vote won't even matter. It's gonna be a wild episode tonight!!

Have a great day, everyone!

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Sharon said...

Thanks for that special info
Jill! Just will have to wait on the time we are playing at... Let me know when you know Jo!

Wayne and I watched So You Think You Can Dance last night. Quite entertaining as usual. The finale is tonight.