Friday, August 17, 2007

Dick's Big Coup...And Long Live the King

My predictions yesterday for Big Brother were bang-on! There was nothing more satisfying than seeing the look of shock on Dustin's face when the results came in, and the votes were 4-2 in favour of Dick. Dick definitely did accomplish one of the biggest "shocks" in BB history; however, he probably couldn't have done it with the "America's Player" twist. If Eric hadn't been ordered by the viewing public to vote out Dustin, he certainly would have evicted Dick. However, once Eric learned that he had to vote out his ally Dustin, he got HoH Jessica on-board, and made sure that Jen & Zach were voting his way as well.

The move pretty much cuts his ties with Amber and Jameka, but they're weaklings anyways, and without Dustin & Eric holding them up, the two of them are destined to flounder (especially Jameka, as she gave up the right to partake in 5 HoH competitions in a past Veto competition). Strangely enough, I think we're now going to see Dick, Daniele, Eric and Jessica working together to wipe out the rest of the house. Things definitely went in their favour last night, with Daniele defeating Amber in the HoH competition to become the first player this season to hold the power for a second time. It's amazing how quickly momentum and power can shift in this game from one week to the next. Last week, it looked like Dick & Daniele were doomed, and now they're the King & Princess once again. I love it!!

Now, while I was watching Big Brother, I was switching over on commercials to a special on Much More Music - it was an E! True Hollywood Story: Elvis' Final Days. Of course, with yesterday marking the 30th Anniversary of Elvis Presley's death, there were a few programs on commemorating the man and the legend. Everyone knows how much I love the King, but I did not enjoy this documentary. I like thinking of Elvis as young and vibrant, full of life, energetic, loving and care-free. Because this show was documenting the final days of his life, it was depicting the depressed Elvis, the man who lay in bed, who was so drugged up he didn't know who or where he was, who was bloated and sick and dying. It disturbed me to see how this man who had everything allowed himself to spiral downward into oblivion. I don't like thinking of the Elvis who decided to have target practice in the Presidential Suite at Caesar's Palace in Vegas and almost shot his girlfriend in the head. Or the Elvis who hired a hitman to kill Priscilla's new lover, but then chickened out at the last minute. Or the Elvis who almost drowned one day in a bowl of chicken soup, and would have if his girlfriend hadn't pulled his head back and given him CPR.

Watching all of this kind of made me feel sick. And sad. That's not my Elvis. That's not my King.

So after BB was over, I tuned into Elvis Lives: The 25th Anniversay Concert Special. Now this was more like what I wanted to see. Elvis on-stage again, digitally re-mastered and belting out hit after hit on a big screen, while his actual band and back-up singers played live before him. I've seen a lot of Elvis movies and specials, but I had never seen this one before. It really was like having Elvis alive and on-stage again, 25 years after his death. It gave me back my Elvis Warm & Fuzzies, and reminded me of why I adore him and his music so much. For a few hours, it was almost like he had never died.

Long live THE KING!!


Rachel said...

WOW--I didn't know he actually tried to kill.

I can't believe they showed that. USUALLY when people have tributes or remember someone (I can't think of the word or expression) they show the good. Anyways I find that almost a little rude. I don't know. I'm glad though that you found a show that showed the best side of him.
Sorry, I can't think of words right now! lol

And for BB. WOW. I have watched every season and I have never seen the whole house fight like they have and also people switching aliances so much. Americas player has played a huge role in deciding the game lately!! I'm loving it too!

Rachel said...

Also, I hope Dick sticks to his word about not putting up Jessica and Eric. I think he would since he's so 'honest' like he says. But you NEVER know!!

I really think it will be Amber and Jameka. I wouldn't mind seeing Amber go.....She needs to let loose! Give he a drink! man!

Jill said...

Hey Rachel:
On the Elvis stuff - I guess because it was documenting his final days, it showed a side of Elvis that most people would rather ignore. He was a drug addict, but he didn't think he was, and drugs caused him to do a lot of things that he didn't even realize he was doing. (Like firing a gun in his hotel room, narrowly missing his girlfriend - he didn't mean to shoot at her, he was in a drug-induced haze). It's really sad to think of what he had become. But as I said, I prefer to remember the Elvis who held the world in his hands - that guy was amazing!!

BB - It's a good thing the "America's Player" twist has been such a huge aspect of the show, because the other "twist" of people who knew each other from before hasn't really panned out, other than Dick & Daniele. Last night's episode was the best of the season...Can't wait to see what comes next!!

Sharon said...

Hey Jill,

Good Blog, I enjoyed it for the end of my Friday blas.

I am so glad today's over.

Kathleen said...

hey Jill I keep forgetting my password so this is about the fifth time I've signed up for your blog.
Anyway about Elvis, even though I am only 23 I find it so hard to deal with the fact that he has been gone for 30 years. Its so long. I can deal with the late Elvis stuff, I think I understand what happened and why and don't kid yourself, he had problems even when he was much younger. He started taking speed when he was in the army, and the colonel keeping him confined and off the road in Graceland really did a number on him. Overall with all the bad behaviour (shooting the tv set was good though...haha) I still think he was an angel. I've read several Elvis books and I always cry when he dies at the end. I feel like I've lost a very special friend. My favourite Elvis Era is Comeback Special. I just love the 3 disc dvd and the two albums that he cut soon after that , From Elvis in Memphis and Elvis Back in Memphis. Probably his best work ever. I've been listening a lot to him and it never ceases to blow my mind how much other singers I like, like Bruce Springsteen and the Jewish Elvis, Neil Diamond really owe to him.

Jill said...

Hey Kathleen:
Glad to see you back on the Blog, I thought after our "disagreement" over Ray Emery's suspension for whacking that Habs player way back when, maybe you had "disowned" me.
I know how you feel about Elvis - it makes me sad to think it's been 30 years; makes me even more sad that I have to "experience" Elvis so long after his death, and that I'll never live through the hype and excitement he brought to the world. I just know if I'd been around back then, I would have been his biggest fan. I'm almost jealous of my parents when they get to sit around and play, "Where were you when you heard Elvis had died?" There'll never be another one like him...I just wish I'd been alive to absorb the Elvis Years first-hand.

Sorry guys - too busy for a real Blog today, but hopefully I'll get one up tomorrow! :)